This is my own version of the “I Stand with Dan” meme. The other contra-version I have played with is “I WITHSTAND DAN” which uses the same words but in a different order.

We live in a society in which a large majority have no idea how the wealth we consume is generated and place their trust in the hands of a people who if given power will only make their lives worse. And the aim of the left has been to make the more superstitiously stupid amongst us grateful to political leaders who have done little to improve our lives or make us anything more than marginally safer through their political decisions in relation to Covid.

It’s depressing. These people will steal our freedoms if they can and depress our standard of living. And there are millions amongst us who will not only be grateful but will think they somehow being made better off.

Meanwhile, while we are being robbed blind by our political class and those who live off the spoils, what gets people worked up are four Cartier watches being distributed to some of the top executives at Australia Post.

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11 Responses to I CAN’T STAND DAN

  1. I have that feeling that Andrews will slither out from under his COVID mess and get on with his belt and road mates. Victorians, at least ABC listeners, are already lauding him as our savior. Just sick!

  2. Steve

    And who said the era of the robber barons was over?

  3. Rex Anger

    @ Steve-

    I don’t think it ever ended.

    I think the biggest players just figured out the trick was to suborn and buy out the politicians and bureaucrats, or become the politicians amd bureaucrats themselves rather than try to fight or trick them…

  4. nb

    The political class is now smeared all over big business. Small business, independent people and independent minds, are the enemy, to be crushed.

  5. Albatross

    Now you’re getting it. Take the black-pill.

  6. duncanm

    Forget just the political class,

    all arms and legs in Victoria are rotten: police, judiciary, media

    The recent lack of action on the Vatican cash, laughable hotel quarantine inquiry, and complete lack of any journalistic probing demonstrate this all so clearly.

  7. duncanm

    You’ve got to laugh, really. There is no other option.

    The hotel inquiry has delayed its final report a month — to a few days before xmas.

    Bury it as deep as you can, boys and girls.

  8. covid ate my homework

    Trump has locked out the lobbyists so now “interested parties” are offering Trump family members millions just to raise the subject with the President. Billions of fake dollars swilling around chasing the inside track.

    What hope do we have?

  9. Squirrel

    “We live in a society in which a large majority have no idea how the wealth we consume is generated”

    That issue is absolutely at the heart of so much of the toxic idiocy which afflicts our politics.

    As a starter to correcting this, the ABC and SBS should be made to run a banner along the top of the screen for all of their programs announcing “paid for by mining and agriculture”

  10. Up The Workers!


    It would have been fitting if those eye-wateringly expensive Cartier watches had been posted out by snail-mail to the recipients, so that those members of the ‘elite’ could have a similar experience to the members of the taxpaying peasantry who are the long-suffering victims of the tardy or wrongly-delivered, or missing-goods postal service.

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