But what’s he done for us lately?

Donald Trump has presided over the most spectacular annualised quarterly growth in American history…

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2 Responses to But what’s he done for us lately?

  1. Danoz

    Talk about burying the lede. The page’s slug (ie its link ../us-economy-coronavirus#us-economic-growth-hit-a-quarterly-record-but-a-shortfall-remains) remains the same, but the page’s headline and its title is now “Big Tech Profits Climb as Ad Sales Pick Up”.
    I guess that even that back-handed compliment was giving too much praise to OrangeManBad.

  2. Professor Fred Lenin

    The president annpunced a gift og $990,000to each taxpayer .
    NYT presidents $10k shortfall for taxpayers ,another lie thats 123,o64 for the week .
    A free and fair press .

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