Erdogans Everywhere

                    Charlie Hebdo cartoon mocking Erdogan enrages Turkey.

“Erdogan: in private it is very funny,” the literally cheeky cover declares. The suggestion seems to be that the Turkish President is a two-faced phony, a deluded Ottoman revivalist playacting Islam’s beefiest bodyguard only to impress nationalist dreamers and pious extremists – this in narcissistic furtherance of self-preservation. Away from the glare of those judges, however, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a Westernised rule-breaker with all the conventional appetites, not excluding booze, slap and tickle. That is a devastating critique – especially because it is almost certainly at least two-thirds true.
I’m not a big fan of Charlie Hebdo’s garish house style. Nor, as a rule, is it the height of editorial sophistication to go after a man using sex and religion as cudgels. That said, I fully accept Erdogan’s uppity commentaries on France’s militancy against Islamic extremism make him a licit target for merciless demolition. This swaggering blowhard made it personal by questioning the mental health of Emmanuel Macron.

But just as I support the right of its cartoonists to draw what they like, it’s my right to say Hebdo’s boilerplate atheism is part of the reason France was overwhelmed by jihadists in the first place. Rabelaisian iconoclasm always becomes as unctuous as the religiosity it abhors. But it’s a lot more dangerous for nations.

An interesting thing about this new battle between Western Freedoms and Islamic Outrage in the Francophone context is its contemporaneity with the new battle between Western Freedoms and Big Tech in the Anglophone. Twitter, Facebook and Google are the Erdogans in a terrible cum terrifying – if not terrorist – campaign against the US President and his supporters. As usual, the (non-French) left is in the vanguard of the new censors even if they do pay perfunctory respect to free speech as they advance on the citadel. Their old hero Manning Clarke might call them – with the Zuckerbergs and Dorseys – the “punishers and straighteners” of our time (provided he wasn’t told beforehand they were his descendants).

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  1. BrettW

    I note the Malaysian PM Mahatir has indicated it is Ok for ROP’s to kill Frenchmen.

  2. nb
    ‘Manning used to say that Australian public life broke into two groups: the enlargers, and the punishers and straighteners.’ ‘Cruel physical punishments degrade the punishers as well as the punished.’ ‘Great managers are enlargers and enhancers, not punishers and straighteners.’
    Dear Manning was a fan of the heroic leader to lift the people from their state of degradation, pallidly following in the intellectual footsteps of Thomas Carlyle, and, I suppose, Nietzsche. Think Gough as hero. Or think of one or two other well-known Socialist heroes.
    Now, I suppose, he would be looking up to Dear Leader Biden, or lament the loss of Mrs Clinton, or find those heroic qualities of leadership in Danny or Billy S. Or maybe AOC. How about Meghan Merkel. There is an abundance of candidates these days. His dizzy head might spin.

  3. Papachango

    France is about the only Western nation left that is prepared to stand up for Western liberal values like free speech and freedom of religion. Allez Charlie Hebdo, Allez Monsieur Macron, et allez-vous faire enculer Erdogan et ces fils des putains des terroristes musulmanes…

  4. Iain Russell

    #nb, I misread ‘Socialist heroes’ as ‘herpes’. Reads better that way, I think.

  5. Up The Workers!

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…

    Hugh Grant has descended from picking up a sleazy hooker named “Divine Brown” for oral sex in his car, to picking up a mouthful of Krudd from a sleazy website.

    Seek help, man.

    You need it!

  6. Sean

    Apparently Trump is the crazy one for suggesting travel bans from countries that won’t quash terrorism at home…

  7. win

    Whats going on. Trump bans countries exporting terror
    but has a ME peace deal between Arabs and Israelis. Malaysia supported by Australia lays its cards on the table and has the right to kill any one they choose lFrenchmen today who will offend them tomorrow.
    Does Malaysia still refuse Israeli passport holders to enter the country.

  8. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Hopefully erdogan will end up departing this earth in a gaddafi style contretemps.

  9. A Lurker

    I wrote the following as a comment to The Australian newspaper’s (online version) report on the recent Islamic attack on Christians in Nice, France. Needless to say, the newspaper rejected the comment.

    It is not hard to imagine the worldwide firestorm if Muslims were murdered by Christians. Yet the persecution of Christians continues unabated, and the reaction to this and other recent atrocities remains subdued. Has the world become desensitised to Islamic violence, or is it a case of paying the modern equivalent of ‘Danegeld’ to Islam in order not to be attacked within our own borders? If so, we have damned not only the present generation but also future generations by our collective cowardice.

  10. Bad Samaritan

    Something of interest maybe?…..

    “Speaking at Kanal D TV”s Arena program, (Turkish)PM Erdogan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP and said, “˜These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”
    Source: Milliyet, Turkey, August 21, 2007

  11. Bad Samaritan

    And another snippet illustrating the total cluelessness of trendy Aussie youth….Paris 2016 when hundreds were killed and wounded in 2016…..

    “This isn’t a tourist area, this is young, hipsters,” he said. “Le Carillon is the hipster ground zero of Paris.
    For me, it’s an incongruous attack. It’s a friendly, vibrant area of young people where all the cafes and bars are opening up.
    “It’s the only place in Paris where you can get a good coffee. It’s like Fitzroy in Melbourne.

  12. John A

    win #3637340, posted on October 30, 2020, at 8:17 am

    Whats going on. Trump bans countries exporting terror but has a ME peace deal between Arabs and Israelis.

    Yes, the strategy is to isolate the source of the terror – Iran – by picking the moderates, signing them up to peace deals with Israel and drying up the financial support for terrorism.

    I call it the Eliot Ness strategy (used against Al Capone in Chicago to defund the graft and corruption of the Prohibition era).

  13. Judge Dredd

    If you let them in, expect death and destruction. There’s a reason why tribes are separated into nations, yet here we go repeating history again with unfettered immigration.
    Even the most low IQ of us can recognize the problem, but it’s the intellectuals who think we can all live peacefully side by side. You have all the evidence you need to sink the boats, expel the non-natives and find peace for all tribes.

  14. David Brewer

    I think it means “Erdogan – in private, he’s a barrel of laughs.”

  15. Tel

    Even the most low IQ of us can recognize the problem, but it’s the intellectuals who think we can all live peacefully side by side.

    They don’t think that … war is the health of the state … they think they can rule over people who are afraid.

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