The greatest political show on earth

This was just today, from Wisconsin. Watch at least ten minutes and if you’ve had enough then you will have seen most of what you need to see but there’s lots more later. There is never a dull moment the whole way though.

I naturally made the whole hour and ten minutes, but that’s me. More energy than any other political rally you will ever see from anyone else. I think he’s tired, but I also think he is convinced they are going to win. But the world is mad enough and there are fools enough everywhere so you never know.

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  1. Some History says:

    Good insights from a Kiwi living in America attending the Arizona rally.

    Anatomy of a Trump Rally

  2. Damon says:

    “there are fools enough everywhere”
    I agree, especially in America, but I believe their innate good sense will prevail.

  3. flyingduk says:

    amazingly, you can still get 2.75 on Sportsbet for the Donald

  4. Damon says:

    Having said that, the US is probably the only country on earth in which the whining of a failed Presidential candidate would be tolerated for a full four years.

  5. RobK says:

    The US will pretty much stand or fall on the strength of this election.
    Just see what the UN is peddling now:

    Warning that there are up to 850,000 viruses which, like the novel coronavirus, exist in animals and may be able to infect people, the panel known as IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) said pandemics represented an “existential threat” to humanity.

    Authors of the special report on biodiversity and pandemics said that habitat destruction and insatiable consumption made animal-borne diseases far more likely to make the jump to people in future.

    “There is no great mystery about the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic – or any modern pandemic,” said Peter Daszak, president of the Ecohealth Alliance and chair of the IPBES workshop that drafted the report.

    “The same human activities that drive climate change and biodiversity loss also drive pandemic risk through their impacts on our agriculture.”

    Save us.

  6. win says:

    I suppose its to simple to just clean up the filthy Chinese agricultural practices and the wet markets.

  7. duncanm says:

    The the Herald told me Trump was lazy.

    Who do I believe? The MSM or my lying eyes?

  8. GD says:

    Magnificent! The first ten minutes are good, the next ten minutes are great!

    Trump is truly a great leader.

  9. GD says:

    Damon is a troll.

  10. stackja says:

    If the CSA had won the USA Civil War? Gettysburg was close won.

  11. m0nty says:

    Low energy Trump stinks of defeat. Not long now!

  12. Rex Anger says:


    Back into the basement before the Adderall wears off!

  13. Another Ian says:

    “Maybe They’re Ahead, Maybe They’re Behind”

    “… but there’s no question the Trump side is having way more fun than the other guys.”

    “GTFO !! Team Trump Escorts Biden-Harris Out of Texas…”

  14. tombell says:

    if Trump falls it will be entirely because of the Wuflu. The hysteria whipped up over this and the level of utter incuriosity by the average punter in questioning the alarmist tosh is truly scary.

  15. Rob MW says:

    Low energy Trump stinks of defeat. Not long now!

    christ Mutt, if that is low energy then your guy is past last rights and is now being embalmed.

  16. shatterzzz says:

    If the CSA had won the USA Civil War? Gettysburg was close won.
    Getttsburg attracts the most attention Civil War battle-wise .. but the beginning of the end was the loss of Vicksburg .. The Union gained control of all the Mississippi River and cut the Confederacy in half …..

  17. duncanm says:

    I’m having quite a bit of fun baiting never-orange-man people over on an unrelated forum.

    Every time someone says ‘Trumps rednecks have guns out threatening people!”, I hit them with a video cluebat of some Biden supporters waving guns about and behaving badly.

    Its juvenile, but fun.

  18. Baa Humbug says:

    Twittwer is doing all it can to help the Biden side.
    After having over a hundred of my followers suspended or outright banned, my own account got suspended for 7 days as of last night. Reason was for targeted abusive behaviour.

    A twitterer called an Aussie army veteran a murderer. I called the low life bastard a low life bastard and wished him a fitting end.
    The low life bastard must have put in a complaint. That’s all Twatter needs, a complaint from a snowflake and out you go just before the election.

    Trump, minimum 326 electoral college votes and will go close at getting the majority national vote.

  19. Rob MW says:



  20. Damon says:

    To GD
    #3639632, posted on November 1, 2020 at 7:46 am
    Damon is a troll.

    Although I doubt you have the intelligence to cross the road unassisted, should you be able to read, go and do improbable things to your nether regions.

  21. Damon says:

    One thing that truly scares me is the prospect that Harris takes the Presidency.

  22. covid ate my homework says:

    I have a feeling that some trolls are visiting this forum to upset the rank and file here……TO FUCKING LATE WE’RE ALREADY MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!!!

    Careful what you wish for leftist scum cos it’s gonna be bare knuckles time in the not to distant future, hope you’re prepared. Oh and btw the armed mortgage slaves you want removed won’t be there to save you.

  23. Fang says:

    😁 Trump 2020 by 100 million+ votes 😀 (350 electoral collage votes)
    The dems will also turn out, but 64 million last time, they will think 80 million votes will secure the Presidential office! 😉

  24. LBLoveday says:

    I’ve seen nothing mentioned of the fact that Johnson got 3% of the vote in 2016 with Jorgensen as his running mate.

    If they had an Oz-style preference vote, I’d guess 99% of them would preference Trump ahead of Biden, so if polled on a simple Trump/Biden choice would prefer Trump but not vote for him. Jorgensen is on all 50 ballots.

  25. Helen says:

    Gd I wish I were an American so I could vote for him. It would make me feel proud, unlike the choices I have in Oz.

  26. GD says:

    #3640468, posted on November 1, 2020 at 9:58 pm
    Gd I wish I were an American so I could vote for him. It would make me feel proud, unlike the choices I have in Oz.

    That’s exactly how I feel too, Helen. At least I have been able to place a few bets on him winning. I won a tidy sum in 2016 with 5 to 1 odds.

    I despair at the Australian political scene. At least we have Morrison, but that isn’t saying much.

  27. duncanm says:

    #3640468, posted on November 1, 2020 at 9:58 pm

    Gd I wish I were an American so I could vote for him. It would make me feel proud, unlike the choices I have in Oz.

    What is missing in Australian politics is any variety. The system favours the incumbents, and we end up with the uniparty morass of below-average never-were’s we have now. When anyone with a bit of gumption steps up, they work overtime to crush them.

    I find it unfortunate that Trump is seen as a great choice. He is far from perfect. Surely we could do so much better? Did democracy always provide such a paltry choice? Do we look back at past leaders (I’m talking maybe pre-war, or 1800’s) with rose-tinted glasses?

    I like to think Trump is analagous to Churchill in wartime.

  28. duncanm says:

    (to finish that) .. he’s not perfect, but he’s the guy the West needs.

  29. duncanm says:

    #3640214, posted on November 1, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    Poll: President Trump set to win in a landslide.

    Wow, look at the majority “orange man bad” vote on the Biden side. Trumpers love Trump!

    Q. “Is your vote for Trump/Biden a positive vote for your candidate or a negative vote against his opponent?”
    Trump voters: positive vote = 89%; negative vote = 11%
    Biden voters: positive vote = 43%; negative vote = 57%​

  30. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Trump is great, win or not he’s winning now showing there is another side to Americe, a foundation to rebuild on.

  31. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Trolls can push off. No, prescriptive text monster, I said piss off not push off nor post off It’s worse than Twitter is, this invasiveness and censorship. Piss off. I can think of no more ladylike way to put it as we countdown to the vote barracking for The Donald.

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