The central question asked about Covid: am I dead?

Watching the economy over the years, the only crisis is the period in which the unemployment rate increases. During the say six months when the rate rises from 5% to 9%, there really is major concern everywhere. Then the rate plateaus and everyone relaxes, or at least among those who still have jobs which is the vast majority.

Same about Covid. The “I stand for Dan” types ask only one question, am I still alive? Following that, there is the ancillary question: is the government doing everything it can to protect me? Hardly anyone asks when will business open or when will the lockdown end? And if there is no vaccine till the end of 2021, they will patiently wait till then. And so will the rest of us, whether patiently or not.

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  1. dasher

    Unutterable stupid when one considers that 99.9% recover from the virus.

  2. EllenG

    Have you checked the deaths in the US lately? And do you think people will go to crowded workplaces and stores when they are at risk?
    Fake economists often mistake data for reality. Don’t they Kates?

  3. Steve

    It appears masks dont work…..

    That will shatter the globalist control grid rather badly…Dan old son, are we payaing attention?

  4. Boxcar

    A perspective on the vaccine.

    Almost everyone who has died from with Wuflu had co-morbidities. but the Wuflu was the killer.
    When the first person with co-morbidities dies after taking a vaccine, the vaccine will be the killer.
    The vaccine will be withdrawn immediately.
    This will happen, so the political clown show will have to make some sort of a plan to move along without it, or lose their precious majorities.
    Remember, Dan, if you’re not saving us, you are killing us.

  5. Fat Tony

    #3639934, posted on November 1, 2020 at 12:44 pm
    Fake economists often mistake data for reality. Don’t they Kates?

    And fakers (socks) don’t have any manners – that’s Mr Kates to you.
    I would have thought that even a well-worn sock would know that COVID “deaths” around the world are fudged, especially the US ones.

    The upside to COVID1984 is that nobody has died of old age since March this year. And it appears to have cured the normal flu – cases down to less than 10% of normal.

    And that’s your “reality” – fuck off dickhead.

  6. RobK

    How long can an economy tread water before it sinks?
    Does it sink in productive capacity first or debt burden, or a simple combination.

  7. miltonf

    Yes quite a rude, vicious individual. Learn some manners.

  8. John Bayley

    Watching the economy over the years, the only crisis is the period in which the unemployment rate increases.

    The good news is that these days such crises have been solved for good.
    All you need is JobKeeper, JobMaker and a few other such programs.
    Then you ’employ’ the rest in the public sector.
    Bingo: Crises no longer exist and voters reward you with re-election.
    See QLD for recent examples.

  9. Steve

    And another thing worth watching – “Songbird”-

    This is where its planned to go – note “COVID 23” ( seems to imply 4 years of a new virus each year ) and extreme high tech control grid and FEMA-like camps for those infected.

    From David Bay of Transformers fame.

  10. Rob MW

    Have you checked the deaths in the US lately?

    That depends largely on how much Federal financing is needed to bail out an indebted Democrat run State. Moron. – can you jump through hoops as well ?

    Who controls the States health system and what health system does the executive branch of the U.S administration Control ?

    You really, really should fuck off with this !

  11. Tom

    The Chinese Communist Party’s chief ally in spreading hysteria about Kung Flu around the world — apart from the CCP bureaucracy, which ensured the bug was prolferated globally, but not in China — was the Western media.

    The Western media isn’t just the enemy of the people, its actions this year have amounted to pure moral evil.

  12. Tintarella di Luna

    The Western media isn’t just the enemy of the people, its actions this year have amounted to pure moral evil.

    Trump said it best – the enemy of the people — heard the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon, has totally wiped from his invitation list anyone who supports the Republican party and Donald Trump. – what a chump –

  13. Fair Shake

    The biggest hit we took this year was when our Liberal Government, you know the ones who are supposed to be better economic managers than Labor, set a new high water mark for the country’s debt , over $1 trillion. This is our new normal and our new noose. If labor ever return to power they will set this debt level as something to better, why not $10 trillion? I could barely handle the lockdowns but when ole Joshie-boy and Scomo announced the spend a thon i was gutted.

  14. Megan

    #3639934, posted on November 1, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    Have you checked road deaths in Australia lately? And do you think people will be driving on crowded highways and busy roads when they are at risk?
    Dumb commenters often mistake reality for data. Don’t they, G?

  15. Albatross

    Great post. Depressing.

  16. Steve

    Does this allow UN foreign troops to be called in to legally shoot Australians, under the guise of “peacekeeping”?

    This appears to be setting things up for a UN-driven take over?
    Or CCP sourced troops/police?

    “As lawyer and activist Kellie Trantor points out:

    “This bill fails to properly define ‘other emergencies’, delegates too much responsibility for the call out to a single minister, permits foreign armies and police forces to be called in, does not restrict the use of force for defence forces and extends an unreasonable level of immunity for the defence force from criminal and civil penalties.

  17. Steve

    Link to above previous comment:

    Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020

  18. Bad Samaritan

    EllenG (12.44pm). 96% of deaths from covid19 have been residents of nursing home set-ups, nearly all at death’s door.

    I’m not sure why any of these would be working, or bothering with visits to crowded stores. So the answer to your question is “no”…..they will not be at work and not waiting outside Walmart in the snow for the New Year sales.

    Is this a trick question/.

  19. Leo G

    Have you checked the deaths in the US lately? … Fake economists often mistake data for reality.

    New cases are now at four times the rate during the first stage of the epidemic but the death rate is at one-half. Moreover, PCR testing now involves multiple tests from multiple samples allowing much higher precision and detection at much lower viral loads.

  20. covid ate my homework

    The PCR test (though remarkable) cannot be used to detect infectious diseases…full stop!!! You can test as often as you like but the results are erroneous and useless. This test cannot quantify, imagine being pulled over by the police and booked for speeding, you politely ask the prick how fast he clocked you at? To which he replies “I don’t know, but you were definitely speeding”

    Send them a basket of fresh fruit and veg and the results will show false positives and negatives.

    I’ll say it again, it’s not about the cooties! What we are going through is GFC-2 not Cov-2. The masks are just a sick and twisted joke by the globalists to keep us obedient or defiant, take your pick they don’t give a shit. They’re busy clearing out what little we have left.

  21. mareeS

    I seem to have had it or the flu in July, stayed in bed for two days, didn’t get myself tested as I refuse to be a statistic. None of our large family, none of our wide circle of friendsfr seem to have been infected in our hometown of Newcastle NSW (though some are showing signs of the Biden disorder).

    Anyway, if what I had, was indeed WuFlu, 1: don’t get tested, it only inflates the numbers to no benefit; 2 : enjoy a few days in bed, call it the flu or anything you like, and 3: don’t spread it around, good advice for all viri.

  22. Rob

    When Victoria’s pigeons come home to roost, the horrendous damage will be clearly visible to all.
    Who to blame?
    With two more years of Labor to suffer, as it struggles to rebuild our ruined state, it’s hard to see how the #istandwithdan sycophants will have anything to cheer about.
    All this and more for those poor Queenslanders who will suffer Palaszskuk for another 4 more years.
    Reality will arrive with a crashing thud.

  23. Gavin R Putland

    Dear conservatives and libertarians,

    I’ll believe that you’re genuinely concerned about job losses when you come up with a plan for eliminating public and private tax wedges between employers and employees. Here’s a start: .

  24. RobK

    Thanks Gavin.
    Some interesting ideas. I enjoy your comments. This is not my area of expertise. It will take me a bit to digest but I can see where you are coming from. I can imagine some inertia from the fear of change.

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