Pennsylvania is a swing state

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Plus this:

Pennsylvania Democrat AG sparks outrage
for saying Trump may have already lost
the must-win battleground state before
the votes have even been counted

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24 Responses to Pennsylvania is a swing state

  1. DK

    Not a good look at all, but perhaps it is a matter of not wearing (or refusing to wear) a mask? Everyone else in the video seems to have a mask or visor on – could it be that?

    There’s an order in PA that requires masks, save for a certain number of exceptions. The order explains what the exceptions are, but it also holds that you don’t have to show documentation that you satisfy an exception.

    Perhaps it is a couple of overly aggressive mask-enforcers who don’t understand the order telling the guy to stay out instead of a cover-up of some Democrat election malarky?

  2. jupes

    Where are the police?

    Surely they turned up and enforced the law.

  3. Infidel Tiger

    Voting machines breaking now.

  4. Infidel Tiger

    Looks like shenanigans are already starting in Philly. Hope we have eyes in the right places.

  5. jupes

    Alexander Downer endorses Trump!

    Sucking up. He’s scared of what’s coming.

  6. 2dogs

    Oh f*ck.

    In the event of a Biden victory, these actions have just given the Boogooloo movement the plausible pretext they have been waiting for.

  7. Jannie

    Alexander Downer endorses Trump!

    What? Downer was part of the scam to fit up Papadopolous and spy on the Trump 2016 campaign.

  8. Arnost

    Voting machines breaking now.

    BREAKING: Elections workers are now claiming voter machines are down in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    Worker says voters can fill out a ballot and they will scan it later when the machines are back up

  9. 2dogs

    My election prediction is looking pretty good so far.

  10. littledozer

    With positive reports about FL all over the joint for Trump, it should be a good proxy that there is a swing to Trump in battle ground states.

  11. Michel Lasouris

    What’s with the Black Leather Gloves? Better they be restricted to the Biden Bullies. Not a good look, Mr President

  12. cuckoo

    Somebody tell ABC radio, one of whose correspondents reported this morning (quote from memory): “There were real fears that militant groups, right-wing militants would show up at polling stations to intimidate voters…but so far that doesn’t seem to have happened

  13. Tel

    BREAKING: Elections workers are now claiming voter machines are down in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    The most common theme of 2020 would have to be sabotage.

  14. Tel

    Alexander Downer endorses Trump!

    The old marshmallow is eager to give evidence to the Durham probe.

  15. JohnA

    Michael L, it’s approaching winter, and they are feeling the cold. Nothing political at all

  16. Igor

    Vote rigging. Why are we surprised?

  17. Roger

    Should have called the police.

  18. tombell

    Should have called the police.

    and what would they have done?

  19. Zatara

    Funny thing about Pennsylvania delaying their final results until Friday, it won’t make any difference by then.

    Someone is going to hit 270 EC votes by midnight.

  20. Annie

    @Michel Lasouris:

    I wear black leather gloves in winter and, after all, the President also wears a proper winter overcoat, unlike some of the lefty thugs. It is a sensible thing to do in cold weather.

  21. Andre Lewis

    Anyone who thought that election rigging was purely a feature of failed states in Africa and South America must be disavowed of that idea. The left in the US is trying its utmost to tamper dramatically with this poll.

  22. 2dogs

    Trump ahead in Pennsylvania:

    Pennsylvania Results
    42% of Expected Vote Reporting
    Candidate Party Total Votes Pct.
    D. Trump* Rep. 1,692,388 56%
    J. Biden Dem. 1,279,003 42%
    J. Jorgensen Oth. 37,370 1%
    Write-ins Oth. 5,207 0%

    I think on that basis he is re-elected, on what appears to be unchanged map.

  23. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Just heard an unfortunate rationale for why Texas is changing to a Democrazy State- Californians are emigrating from the People’s Democracy of California, but taking their old attitudes with them! Even if Trump wins now, Texas might be lost in the future.

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