So are they all, all honourable men

UPDATE: Donald Trump’s 2:00 am speech. The President begins 21:00 minutes in.

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The question is whether Donald Trump is ahead beyond the possibility of fraud. As I noted at the start of the day, and have discussed for a long time, the election will come down to whether the President can win on the day beyond the reach of the ability for the Democrats to cheat their way to victory. If you watched the day’s play, then you will know that Joe Biden spoke at around half past midnight his time and the President did not respond until after 2:00 am in the morning. And the conversation that must then have gone was that the Republican high command told the President the he must follow along the lines laid out by Joe Biden, that the Republicans must show that we trust the system since the Democrats are all honourable men. To which the President said:

For Biden is an honourable man;
So are they all, all honourable men.

And then came out and said to the rest of us what he no doubt personally believes, that the Democrats are trying to win the election based on fraud and deceit and that he does not trust them a single inch.

The video above was from just this morning and it relates to the crucial state of Pennsylvania. And maybe they really are honourable men. But for various reasons that have developed over the past four years the President does not believe they are and thinks that the Dems, if given a chance, will cheat their way to the presidency.


I don’t want to hear a word about Trump’s tone. I don’t want to hear a word about how he crossed a line.
Listen to me: On one side we have the left, who is running a barely alive candidate, and a woman with all the appeal of week-old fish and no accomplishments she can point to.
Add to this they almost didn’t run a campaign, AND went to the point of not having offices in most cities.
For months now, I’ve been looking at this and going “They have a coup planned. The fix is in.” And everyone told me oh, no, I was seeing things.
Tonight we watched states called for Biden before votes were counted, while states that Trump has a solid lead in, stop counting.
And if you need help seeing what’s before your eyes, the left has for weeks now claimed Trump was going to attempt a coup. How many years have you known they accuse you of what they’re doing? What are you? Stupid?
Look, they are tainted by the previous failed coups, tainted by (most if not all of them) accepting money from Xi, and FYI China ALWAYS arranges for extra compromise for security, honeypots being their favorite, tainted even by association with Epstein. A second Trump term means a good chance that they go down hard and don’t get up again.
ALL OF THEM from the left politicians to the so called “tech lords” are fighting for their lives.
They’re cornered rats. There’s nothing they won’t do.
And all we have against them is Trump.
Stop calling Trump names. Put on your big boy or girl pants.
They’re fighting for their lives. And we are too. Because — look at Venezuela — socialism kills.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Some related observations from Bill Whittle:

  2. mundi says:

    If the mail in ballots are a scam, then this will be the end of republicans in America. Every state will fall to CA and WashDC dem counts.

    You know something is extremely fishy when even respectable sites are saying the count is “85% to 99.9% done”. The reason this is BS is because mail ballots are stacked and counted by letter count machines before they are even opened – the USPS even delivers them with a count of how many there are. They know exactly how many mail ballots there are in advance. But somehow these numbers are not being released and not being used to judge the total ballots. Ballots just keep appearing.

  3. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV) says:

    They’re fighting for their lives. And we are too. Because — look at Venezuela — socialism kills.

    Our Freedoms and Liberties are on the line in this election, that is what the stakes are. The Globalist Socialists will not be denied their One World Socialist Government by any means.

    Trump is all that stands int their way.

  4. Marcus Decius Cornelious says:

    Why did Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn all stop vote counting at the exact same time (11.15pm), in what looks co-ordinated?

    Where did the circa 100k votes in Wiscosin that tipped the state back in Bidens favour magically appear from at 3.30am as a block?

    While everyone is focusing on the hotspots of Philly/ Penn (which should be beyond the ‘margin for fraud’), Wayne County/ Detroit in Michigan (which is not….)…. what are they cooking up in far-left Atlanta to flip Georgia..??

    The path to Biden Victory appears to be major Atlanta shenangians that flips Georgia, with relatively minor shenangians in Wiscosin and Michigan = 285…. he can afford to concede Penn as beyond reach.

    Atlanta is the spot to watch in fear right now….

  5. Mick Gold Coast QLD says:

    From Steve Kates:

    “And maybe they really are honourable men”

    Sweet cheeses! With that feeble surrender little wonder the unhygeinic swill of the left finds it so easy to do what they like to fashion things as they want. Have a go at those Romanian gypsy look alikes guarding the polling place doors, taking a day off pick pocketing and shoplifting to direct how the once greatest capitalist citadel should vote.

    The language from the right needs to be monosyllabic, punctuated with cracks over the scone with short reo bars, and the dull sound of heavy boots kicking the living suitcase out of progressives’ spleens.

  6. Bushkid says:

    Mick Gold Coast QLD
    #3645350, posted on November 4, 2020 at 10:58 pm
    From Steve Kates:

    “And maybe they really are honourable men”

    If memory serves, it’s a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, from Mark Antony’s speech after Caesar’s assassination, referring to the plotters, and it’s not exactly complimentary. If the “Sarc” tag had been a thing in his day, it could well have been attached.
    So, I kind of think Sinc is hinting more at questionable honour, rather than approval.

    I’m happy to be corrected though.

  7. Scott Osmond says:

    The only principle they have is unrestricted power in their hands and no one elses. These are the people who murdered over 100 million last century. Stealing an election? Childs play. Helps when the media is all on side. We are seeing a coup in process.

  8. Ubique says:

    Truck loads of Biden votes turning up out of the blue unsigned and not in envelopes? The fix is on alright.

  9. Damon says:

    If they voted for Harris, they deserve everything they get. It will be amusing to watch the decline of a once great nation. How long till Canada closes its borders to ‘refugees’?

  10. Dot says:

    Damon – have no sympathy for them.

    Lessons must be learnt.

    These are some of the worst Democratic candidates put up in my lifetime.

    Biden is literally senile.

  11. stackja says:

    How many Dems were really elected?
    The dead voted early and often?
    MSM coverage of Hunter?
    USA hero John Paul Jones didn’t surrender. Why should Trump?

  12. mundi says:

    At this point is out is over.

    Trump will lose both WI and MI from here, so he basically has no path to victory.

  13. mareeS says:

    Monumental fraud. You expect it of communist/socialist places, not democracies.

  14. John Comnenus says:

    The USA is finished. An election that can’t be trusted due to widespread and obvious fraud to vote in a President compromised by their biggest adversary. Just unreal. Biggest winner – China. Biggest loser, The USA and the West. China will smash us on trade now. This is what the smart set wanted, this is what we will get.

  15. Herodotus says:

    BBC (and probably most of the MSM) are running the line that ballot fraud is so miniscule over the past 30 years, a disappearingly small percentage of total voting activity, that any alarmism over fraud now isn’t credible. They have fact checkers, doncha know?

  16. Vicki says:

    I suspect that “help” was given by Dems re filling out postal votes, & Trump camp knew it. And the Dems KNEW that they knew it. This is why there was so much pre-election talk by Dems about the possibility of Trump’s people tampering with mailboxes.

    It is said that Obama’s huge phone campaign largely secured his election. But this is on a completely different level.

    I have no idea if Trump can overcome a large scale caper like this one. He has control of the Supreme Court but what he can uncover and effectively prosecute is unknown.

    A Biden, & shortly following, Harris presidency is a nightmare prospect for not only America – but for the western world. China, IS, and the hordes of third world economic migrants will see this once great nation as ripe for exploitation. The rest of us will be truly on our own.

  17. Crossie says:

    #3645496, posted on November 5, 2020 at 12:08 am
    If they voted for Harris, they deserve everything they get. It will be amusing to watch the decline of a once great nation.

    Amusing ourselves to death. What makes you think we will be left standing once the US disintegrates? China is already well on the way to being the boss of us.

  18. Barry says:

    Voting looks so suss.

    They’re stealing it

  19. DrBeauGan says:

    It will be amusing to watch the decline of a once great nation.

    I’ve watched the decline of Australia. I don’t find it amusing, I find it horrifying.

  20. Rabbi Putin says:

    It’s looking very much like the heist will be successful, get ready for the Harris Presidency. Meanwhile I think some of the solid-red states should consider breaking away, better that than having your wealth and freedoms stripped away by socialists.

  21. Bruce says:

    “Remember, remember,
    The Fifth of November.
    Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.”

    And, in under a week’s time, Australians will have their annual dose of “re-education”, courtesy of the “opinion shapers”.

  22. Dot says:

    Rabbi Putin

    No sympathy for Americans.

    Lessons must be learnt.

  23. Leo G says:

    If the mail in ballots are a scam, then this will be the end of republicans in America.

    I doubt that it will signal the end of the Republican Party.
    Both major parties have a history of improper ballot collection procedures, occasionally involving fraud, but it had a very limited effect on the outcome of elections.
    The coronavirus epidemic however has greatly increased the use of mail-in ballots. Democratic Party activists have been very intrusive in swing-state urban areas, prompting households to accept the involvement of activists in requesting ballot applications and in subsequently collecting ballots- possibly even in only sealing the ballots after collection.
    The effect is to increase the participation of otherwise unreliable electors and ensuring a consistent source of Democrat votes in key swing-seat electorates.

  24. Mother Lode says:

    It is strange irrelevant standard that the left have sought to persuade people to – that a President must have a certain manner.

    Pushy and brash Trump has had peace agreements in the ME that other nations have wanted to join in on – you ever seen that before? They are rushing in to sign up to agreements with Israel. The economy has picked up, rebounding astonishingly after a totalitarian lockdown regimes, jobs flooded back into the US, and choked mats of seaweed-like regulations leaving freedoms in their place, and so on.

    With his purple prose, impeccable presentation, and professionally photographed moments, Obama taxed voraciously, undercut the economy, kowtowed to every one of America’s enemies, persecuted his enemies, ignored the constitution, skirted Congress with ‘his phone and his pen’, and cultivated a corrupt culture in government agencies even spying on political opponents.

    He even empowered the EPA to assume control over puddles on people’s property and then use that as a springboard to assert control over contiguous matters from which government control had been steadfastly denied as unsupportable and preposterous.

    But Trump called shoddy nations that no one wanted to go to and everyone wanted to leave ‘shitholes’!

    Quick! Fetch me my smelling salts! I feel the vapours coming on!

  25. Rorschach says:

    Amusing ourselves to death. What makes you think we will be left standing once the US disintegrates? China is already well on the way to being the boss of us.

    Socialists tend to cower their “subjects” by making a example of someone essentially innocent to enforce obedience to the regime.

    Australia is a wealthy (mineral / agri) resource rich nation. We have tugged the dragon already (kicked them out from Vic where they were establishing their belt and road). We are an ideal candidate for “the example”.

  26. Rob MW says:

    Literally they came like thieves in the night and stole the whole State of Wisconsin. Miraculously, between 100,000 and 200,000 100% Biden ballots suddenly appeared in the early hours of the morning and after the State, miraculously, decided to stop counting at 11:30 pm on election day.

    The warning signs were not heeded, they experimented with massive ballot harvesting in Orange County in 2018, and extended that to include mail-in ballots for 2020.

    The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America appears to be in peril from within. The Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, John Roberts, sided against voter integrity and therefore against upholding his oath in supporting the Constitution as written. Anything that even has the potential to bring the Constitution unstuck should have been put down with prejudice.

    The blatant and obvious massive voter fraud happening right before their very eyes will end the U.S in its current form. The U.S is about to become a voted in fully fledged Socialist country.

  27. Terry says:

    ‘The U.S is about to become a voted in fully fledged Socialist country.’

    “You can vote yourself into socialism but you have to shoot your way out.”

    Fortunately, they have retained the means (2nd Amendment and a shit tonne of useful “tools”) to be able to achieve the latter, if and as it becomes necessary.

    Any which way this resolves, it is going to get very ugly.

  28. Catcalling Inebriate says:

    Mick would appear to be one of those nice people who give the Gold Coast such a good reputation.

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