Biden’s Term

Killing coronavirus, paying huge leftist debts and pretending not to live in the Age of Trump

HAVING essayed the broad themes for a second Trump term – more efficacious disruption in economic and foreign policy, the righteous pursuit of Russia Hoax criminals and cutting loose the “pandemic” anchor from commerce and freedom – let’s now consider the alternative scenario. In la cosa nostra parlance, the first order of business for the people around Joe Biden would be to allow his extremist backers to wet their beaks. “This thing of ours” – or, more aptly for present purposes, this ding-a-ling of ours – would, after all, be the President himself. Masks and iso circles have served their purpose – which was to keep America’s seven or eight prickly reporters away and literally muzzle a gaffe-prone gibberer who even in his prime was a blatherskite. Expect a Vice-President Harris to handle these sit-downs; putting feet in her mouth was never Kamala’s problem. The topics will include how to repay left-wing terrorists for a summer of sterling service to the party and how to re-cast a boom-demolishing COVID-19 as a newly manageable ‘flu that should no longer worry households and business owners. By simply publicising the non-scary case fatality rate that was obvious several months ago, Democrats have a chance of going into the 2022 mid-terms and 2024 presidential race with an economy whose indices are saleable. The virus has to go.

For the loyalist black-shirts, there will be scores of ‘diversity’ hires as well as hearings or commissions about ‘reparations,’ ‘white supremacy’ and ‘defunding’ the police. This, needless to say, would be theatre. The gangs pretended to have a genuine moral cause – George Floyd; LOL – and a Biden-Harris administration would have to pretend to honour it. Yes, the baseball bats and bricks will be put in storage until a future ‘racist’ GOP president seeks re-election – remember Occupy Wall Street – but getting the balance right between distancing and propitiation will still be crucial. That’s because Biden will quickly be seen – if he isn’t now – as a hindrance that many in his larger circle will either go around or just casually ignore. It will take a lot of red tofu to convince them that old Joe is worth rallying around in his own right. Others likely to come visiting include climateers, abortion industrialists, cross-dressers and miscellaneous culture war issue peddlers. None of them will have anything approximating the clout of Big Tech. For their carpet-bombing of non-leftist lines of communication, they expect some goodies. Not some, actually. Lots.

In foreign affairs, ‘President’ Biden would be hamstrung by two things: first, his mental condition. It would not be possible for Biden to conceive of, represent and promote an eponymous doctrine governing trade, human rights, global security and long-range geo-strategy. At best, he will be the tele-prompted spokesman for a wish-list emanating from the party platform. Second: the Age of Trump. Re-invigorating Iran, reviving ISIS, spoiling for war with Russia, daring North Korea to start firing missiles in Japan’s direction again, returning in force to Afghanistan, re-negotiating trade deals that benefit China and other nations, dismantling Middle Eastern peace deals and abandoning Israel? Er, no. These might be priorities for Pentagon cowboys and the Democrats they triangulated into an oddball, my-enemy’s-enemy alliance to stymie Trump. But that old Great Game worldview is now dead. The renovated Pax Americana is too successful, morally and economically, to be cancelled. What’s more, criminally disenfranchising patriotic stalwarts and then asking them to die literally or vocationally in new wars, terror attacks or industry offshoring would ignite a powder trail leading directly to the magazine at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s not to say it won’t be tried. The hubris born of surviving unpunished an illegal coup d’etat, a fake impeachment and a stolen election will embolden like cocaine.

Finally, given the continued power of Republicans in Congress, it is inevitable that any and all policy initiatives from a Biden White House will be overwhelmed by investigations into the man himself: specifically, his role in the Russia Hoax and the many impeachable offences he may have committed as the “Big Guy” on the take from foreign powers through the good – albeit drugs-strewn – offices of his bagman son, Hunter. Jack Dorsey won’t be able to stop congressional subpoenas. The word that comes to mind for a Biden presidency is coping. Coping with his deteriorating mind, coping with an impatient Harris wing, coping with his predecessor’s immovable legacy, coping with Congress. That’s before we even consider a de-liberalised Supreme Court. “Decent” Biden’s commitment to go to war again with the Little Sisters of the Poor is over before it began. A President Biden – a one-termer himself, he says – will never really be able to escape Donald Trump.

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  1. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    Geriatric Joe will never be President.

  2. Chris M says:

    What is this CL?

    You missed the prior article about the months of legal then civil war triggered by mass election fraud. Rather important one would think, especially with Joe declining by the month it’s going to change your predictive essay somewhat.

  3. Can impeachment be launched from the Senate?

  4. C.L. says:

    It’s not a “predictive essay.”
    It’s a thematic sketch of a Biden term – a companion piece to my earlier post on what a second Trump term would look like.

    You missed the prior article about the months of legal then civil war triggered by mass election fraud.

    I did, yes. Where is it?

  5. Infidel Tiger says:

    Biden his time until Harris 25th Amendment’s him.

    In all seriousness, if a Biden is President, the GOP holding the Senate may just be enough save the Republic.

  6. Infidel Tiger says:

    The scariest part of the last debate wasn’t what Biden said about fossil fuels, it was his plan to grant mass amnesty to illegals.

    You can’t recover from that.

  7. covid ate my homework says:

    Trump will be the President, forget Biden.

  8. covid ate my homework says:

    Ask yourself, why haven’t the left pushed it over the line? None of them want to hang!!

  9. Speedbox says:

    Good post CL.

    That Biden is a ‘one termer’ is a given and I very much doubt he will go the full term. I have commented on this aspect previously in various posts.

    From a strategic perspective, the Dems brains trust will not want a doddering old man at the helm for too long and the public must be ‘acclimatized’ to President Harris. As for Biden, there are a raft of issues, not least of which is his actual health, that will be impossible to conceal as time passes, even with a compliant MSM.

    The Dem leadership will want to put as much distance between Biden and Trump as soon as possible lest President Biden will always be seen in contrast to President Trump.

    In the meantime, every piper will want to be paid. Business as usual for the Democrats. Having achieved the Presidency in this manner will be…..intoxicating. You can imagine the adrenalin rush – “we are invincible, nothing can touch us”.

    That Donald Trump is in serious trouble and his re-election shaky is obvious. I wish it wasn’t so (I believed in his vision of America and also had money on him, like lots of Cats) and despite the certainty of court challenges, it seems the die is cast. We can only dream what another Trump term would have looked like and think the world will be a more dangerous place with him gone. Globally, I think we will see any number of ‘bad actors’ emerging from the shadows.

    That China, at the very least, will be emboldened by a Biden Presidency is certain. Now would not be the time to move to Taiwan.

    The old Chinese proverb of “May you live in interesting times” is actually a curse and how very apt for a Biden Presidency.

  10. covid ate my homework says:

    There will not be a President Biden.

  11. woolfe says:

    They will also not tighten up the voting system and broaden postal votes ensuring that the Democrats will rule forever. Why do you need to import voters when you can just make them up from the people that never vote?

  12. Chris M says:

    I did, yes. Where is it?

    As in you missed writing it haha.

    Hopefully Trump has enough mechanism in place to catch all these cheats and upend the fraud, there was certainly months of prior warning, even from Biden boasting about “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization”. Maybe Nancy and Kameluh were wiretapped.

  13. harrys on the boat says:

    Great piece again, CL. Sinc must be stoked having you now as regular poster.

  14. Entropy says:

    I would not say Trump’s legacy is immovable. Most of it was by Executive Order.
    A stroke of a pen on a new Order can nix those.

  15. Cynic of A says:

    1. Biden wanted to be POTUS, a prize he long sought.
    2. Biden’s wife wanted to be FLOTUS, a prize she long sought.
    3. They made a deal with the DNC during the primaries. Make me President, Biden said, and I’ll do whatever you want, even resign, and you can put up whoever you want as VP.
    4. Part of the deal was no prosecutions for the Clintons, nor anyone else. All DNC crimes were to be buried.
    5. All policy would be made by the DNC, and Biden would go along.
    That deal was made, because as we now know for sure, Biden has no morals, honesty, or decency. He is for Biden only.
    The DNC saw the writing on the wall, that they would all go to jail, if Donald was re-elected. So, the fraud was planned months and months before the election.
    Why Biden? Well, firstly, Biden was marginally electable, the others were not. Secondly, I really wonder if the others were as totally corrupt as Biden. Thirdly, they had the goods on Biden, and blackmail was far more feasible with Biden than any of the other nitwits. Biden would do as he was told.
    Then Biden Jr’s laptop came along, and Biden want back to the DNC, and asked to change the deal so the Bidens were never prosecuted. No prob, said the DNC, that’s part of the first deal, remember? No Democrats to be prosecuted. Oh, yes, I forgot.
    6. Now, of course, we know for sure, that the DNC is as corrupt and self serving as Biden.
    Never forget, the new Democrat’s purpose is the enrichment of the Democrat hierarchy. The well being of the USA is a distant second.
    The really hard to believe thing about all this is the thousands of people in the USA that see nothing wrong with being dishonest, immoral, or corrupt to the extent that is now obvious.
    The sad thing is that the others who had the means to prevent it, didn’t believe it ewither.

  16. Geoff Pahoff says:

    ‘Donald Trump makes unsubstantiated claims over election ”

    ABC sub line reporting right now on “USA VOTES” in its usual non-partisan way for which it is famous.

  17. C.L. says:

    I would not say Trump’s legacy is immovable. Most of it was by Executive Order.
    A stroke of a pen on a new Order can nix those.

    Entropy, I was really talking about realpolitic rather than legally.
    Maybe I should have made that clear.

    What I mean is that Biden can’t really get away with jettisoning the good things Trump did; and when he no longer has to pretend, he wouldn’t really want to anyway. Like, for example, in relation to much of what Trump achieved in foreign relations and trade policy.

  18. Rex Anger says:

    I would not say Trump’s legacy is immovable. Most of it was by Executive Order.
    A stroke of a pen on a new Order can nix those

    Not quite, Entropy.

    If I have recalled correctly, a Cat said on the Election thread yesterday, that one of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last supported decisions at SCOTUS was: Executive Orders can only be undone by Legislation.

    If this is the case, it was originally enacted to protect an Obama legacy. Keep in mind that he faced a hostile House and Senate late in his second term, and primarily ruled by Executive Order
    This I believe is why the leftwits all started howling and raging the first!time Donld Trump pucked up a pen and started doing same- It’s only OK if my side does it. Not yours!

    To undo each Trump EO would require an Act of Congress, each requiring full debate in House and then Senate if approved. And so forth. I believe the idea would be to frustrate the other side with process- Acts can be rendered stillborn and disappear if you argue something hard enough in a Parliamentary system…

    So, Democrat Congressmen could try on Joe Bifen and their Party’s behalf to undo all Trumpian EOs, but without a large and clear majority in House and Senate it is a fool’s errand.

  19. m0nty says:

    LOL at the Currency Lad expecting to be taken seriously after he spent so many pixels describing the glory of what he was assuring us would be a Trump second term, words that were invalidated by reality before he finished writing them.

    There is no Trump Era. He has no legacy that won’t swiftly disappear.

  20. Bear Necessities says:

    Another couple of things.

    The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives will take a beating of about 15 seats. So expect to see more independence from the less progressive members of the Democratic caucus. That will probably gut the Green New Deal and other extreme policies from getting passed and making it to the Senate. Anything extreme passing will hopefully die in the Senate.

    If the republicans run the Senate they will run the Biden Family relationships through hearings just like the House of Reps did with Trump. They will string it out as much as possible.

  21. notafan says:

    What monty?

    The deals in the Middle East will be overturned?

    To what end?

    You should have made no comment
    , yes really.

    Thank you CL

  22. Rex Anger says:

    There is no Trump Era. He has no legacy that won’t swiftly disappear.

    Dammit mUnty! I was about to use that rake!

  23. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV) says:

    This I believe is why the leftwits all started howling and raging the first!time Donld Trump pucked up a pen and started doing same- It’s only OK if my side does it. Not yours!

    leftoids are so puerile…. look at the trolls

  24. Infidel Tiger says:

    Trump shifted the Overton window.

    Establishment GOP is dead. Thank God.

    He is the most influential man since Churchill

  25. pbw says:

    Assuming for the moment the premiss of this post, I asked on another thread; what happens to the Barr and Durham investigation – the one which, we were assured, would result in more indictments?

    Let’s say that the news about Hunter’s laptop and the dirty deals the family was involved in starts to gain some traction. The dems can recover the “moral high ground” by rolling Biden over. They express concern at the accusations arising from the laptop. Then a handful of concerned dems can cooperate with the House republicans to initiate impeachment proceedings against Biden, expressing shock! that this could have happened. A better deal for Joe would be voluntary resignation because of failing health, and a deal about Hunter and himself being cut with prosecutors such as to stymie any further investigation.

    It’s awkward for him. It’s unlikely that the laptop story can be suppressed for the next 4 years. What if an uncooperative republican president (maybe even Trump) is elected? He is not likely to look favourably on either Joe or Hunter. And then there’s Joe’s role in the conspiracy against Trump from late 2016.

    However, the dems are probably so confident of being able to completely control the public space in the USA that they simply may not be bothered. And who knows – Tucker Carlson could get killed by some burglar.

    Most Americans don’t want to believe that things have deteriorated as far as they clearly have. They don’t want this term to be characterised by the unrelenting attacks on the President. They may be prepared to pay a high price for that calm. Antifa and BLM will either do what they’re told, or their funding will dry up. Some calm returns to the streets, demonstrating that the unrest was all Trump’s fault.

    In any case, the Senate will be the greatest tool that the dems have in moderating the crazies in the party. Two years of calm, with the media trumpeting that the unrest was all Trump’s fault (a perception that is already widely held) could set the dems up to take the Senate in the mid-terms. The Republicans have just 18 months to turn the story around, and lay out the corruption in the Biden and Obama WH. The American public won’t want to hear it, but the issue has to be forced. Who, though, can take up the fight? Trump?

  26. Squirrel says:

    When the pressure comes on to “increase our commitment to the Paris agreement” (or blather to that effect), the Australian government should politely tell the US government that we are looking forward to the massive technological breakthroughs in electricity storage which will doubtless come from the Green New Deal, and which will allow us to keep the lights on when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing – and will also allow us to have the sort of economy required for a useful US ally.

    In the meantime, we will be happy to keep selling uranium to other Paris signatories that aren’t yet ready to commit to 100% renewables…..

  27. Lee says:

    ‘Donald Trump makes unsubstantiated claims over election ”

    ABC sub line reporting right now on “USA VOTES” in its usual non-partisan way for which it is famous.

    The ABC and other Trump-haters have been making “unsubstantiated claims over [Trump’s] election” since 2016.
    All of a sudden/em> they very concerned about substantiation!
    Hypocrites to the last man and women.

  28. Nighthawk the Elder says:

    Some of the crap I’ve heard by fools who are just happy Trump may be gone. When you ask them about Biden or Harris they absolutely don’t have a clue. Many have not even heard about Hunter Biden’s laptop and you get blank stares if you mention Willie Brown. They’re shocked when I ask if they are happy if an alleged kiddy fiddler occupies the White House. They’ve never seen the weird and creepy hair sniffing videos. And apparently only Trump was on Epstein’s island

    No, they are happy because Trump was a bully, he was mean and nasty and did not say nice things. He said horrible things to those nice people at the EU, in NATO and even dear sweet Justin in Canada. They really want someone who will tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. They want someone who will take care of them, just like big daddy government should.

    The point they totally miss is that the USA is not a nation of mild and meek, it’s a warrior nation. They don’t need soft and cuddly, they need a mean motherfucker who will stand up for the country and values they hold dear. And occasionally that includes telling the other piss weak pussies, who hide behind his protection, to pull their fucking weight.

    The US over the last 100 plus years has sacrificed a shit load of lives and treasury trying to keep the rest of the ungrateful western society safe from the real things that kill. They’re more than entitled to remind others it’s their round to shout.

  29. mem says:

    What I find amazing is that I haven’t heard one commentator or lefty acquaintance come out and say “Isn’t it great Joe Biden’s going to be US President”. Not a single one. It is like they are all ashamed.

  30. Catfeesh? says:

    Amen, Nighthawk.

  31. Catfeesh? says:

    mem, I don’t think any lefties and NeverTrumpers have considered what would happen next. Just getting rid of the Orangeman was enough. I expect some buyer’s remorse in the coming 18 months or so.

  32. mundi says:

    If you look at what happened this election:
    Black vote (both male and female) swung toward Trump.
    Lainto vote (both male and female) swung toward Trump.

    It was only the white vote that went to Biden, and its obvious why: The KKK remnants are still of course in the deep core of the democratic party. They have been subdued and refusing to come out to vote, with no white male candidate since Kerry in 2004.

    Remember its been 16 years since the Democrats didn’t have a ‘diversity’ candidate. This is why the real ‘white lash’ wasn’t 2016 – it was 2020.

  33. mareeS says:

    It has only taken a couple of days to be bored with the USA election. A senile old man and a demented witch, an utterly corrupt polity, but business will go on as usual.

  34. Damon says:

    Not even the Democrats want a Harris Presidency. The real question is how do they get rid of her?

  35. Catfeesh? says:

    Wave something six inches long in front of her face then throw it off a cliff?

  36. Speedbox says:

    #3648654, posted on November 6, 2020 at 11:02 pm
    Not even the Democrats want a Harris Presidency. The real question is how do they get rid of her?

    Assuming Biden resigns ‘for health reasons’, he will do so after January 21st, 2022. That will allow Harris to stand for two election cycles (2024 and ’28). In 2024, she will be relatively young at 60 years and will have two years as President under her belt. But, more importantly for the swamp and its enablers, she is a woman and she is coloured. (Unfortunately not ‘black’ but importantly, not white).

    The MSM will go nuts for her as will every lefty. Any attack on her will be cast as racist. Money will pour into her election campaign.

    She is a lock for 2024.

  37. Ed Case says:

    Susan Collins narrowly won in Maine, saving the Repub Senate Majority, and showing the wisdom of refusing to vote ACB a lifetime lurk on the SC.
    Trump has certainly left a legacy there.
    3 Appointments in 4 years, all cucks.
    Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, a total disaster

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