Bless. They really believe they’re globally important figures

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  1. Gab

    Uninformed idiotic cowards.

  2. nb

    ‘Australian MPs call on Trump to respect the verdict of the voters.’
    Indeed. Exactly what Trump is doing, by going to the courts with evidence of vast fraud intended to overturn the verdict of the voters.
    What do these precious politicians fear from the rulings of a court?

  3. BrettW

    If it was Hilary Clnton doing the same they would not be expressing concern other than to say the system allows legal challenges.

    Perhaps they should express the same concerns about the fairness of elections in China and Hong Kong where the game is rigged to get the desired outcome.

  4. pbw

    Wong and Sharma. How’s that for bi-partisanship?

  5. win

    Penny Wong getting a bit worried is she. What is exposed in the US voter fraud may be the opening of a Pandora’s box world wide.

  6. calli

    ‘Australian MPs call on Trump to respect the verdict of the voters.’

    Say the pissants who are quite comfortable with muzzling, arresting and locking up their own constituents. And destroying their livelihoods in the process.

  7. yarpos

    Just virtue signalling to their local peer group. They want to be seen to be saying all the “right” things.

  8. Judith Sloan

    Yes all these people should just STFU.

  9. Mark M

    History shows that they usually are among the first ‘up against the wall’.

  10. Rossini

    Lucky for us the CIA was “known” to alter the vote in Australia
    These idiots should do as Judith suggested and STFU!

  11. stackja

    I gather the usual suspects. Was Gough asked? Did Gough vote for Joe?

  12. Twostix


    Robby Starbuck
    · 2h
    One Michigan county clerk caught a glitch in tabulation software so they hand counted votes and found the glitch caused 6,000 votes to go to Biden + Democrats that were meant for Trump and Republicans. 47 MI counties used this software. All must check now


    This is like 2016 where Australian “politicians” – thinking Hillary was a lock – were calling Trump all manner of crass and vulgar names right up until the moment he won.

    “This wasn’t meant to happen! ASIO promised they were helping the FBI stop him!!”

  13. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Ex-Quadrant editor John O’Sullivan, Chris Kenny and Gerard Henderson are the only columnists on the Australia worth reading for truth value. Adam Creighton tells us to hope that the Biden camp will be forced to rein in spending; a faint hope only. What really got me was a phrase of Greg Sheridan, and he is by no means the worst of the media commentary in my hard copy of the Oz today. He actually outlines some Trump policy successes, but qualifies them with ‘It may be the height of bad taste to say so but … ‘

    And this is why Trump has had such an uphill battle.

    Notions of ‘bad taste’ have taken over the field. Dinner party talk amongst the elites triumphs with this sort of proviso. You simply cannot say you even vaguely ‘like’ Trump. Yet we all saw on other media (not the MSM) those massive American crowds turn up and shout ‘we love you’ in repeated unison to him. They turned out in huge numbers at strange hours in sub-zero temperatures to hear him.

    That love of Trump’s entirely Presidential patriotism was totally ignored by the press.
    He is still their President. And that will not change no matter what the election heist produces.

  14. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Agree with Judith re the Australian politicians. But it’s the media who really rile me.

  15. Roger

    Pathetic, shallow creatures seeking attention.

  16. miltonf

    Media/politicians- one in the same, BloJo was a germalist. No wonder we have degenerated into an idiocracy.

  17. H B Bear

    Australian politicians carry less weight than Hollywood hypocrites – and that’s in Australia.

  18. miltonf

    Our political-media complex is vile but no less i suspect than in other countries. What makes them stand out is their over arching sense of importance and their desire to hob nob with trash like the Clinstones. Their contempt for the people who elect and pay for them is notable too but not confined to Australia.

  19. H B Bear

    But it’s the media who really rile me.

    Relax. They are going the way of the candlestick makers.

  20. Lizzie

    The election fraud in US is blatant. The media is in on it, the judiciary are in on it, the intelligence services …those perpetuating it, all who know it are telling all of those hundreds of thousands who voted for Trump whose votes weren’t counted, discarded, destroyed, thrown away, they are telling them YOU DONT MATTER, YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN DEMOCRACY. Those disgusting weasel pms in Oz are saying the same. Cowards, would be despots, filth. My anger is a lot for Barr. He needs to be dragged from his home and tarred and feathered.

  21. Dr Faustus

    “Above all else, being a democratic leader means respecting the verdict of the voters, the sanctity of the process, and facilitating a peaceful transfer of power when needed,” Sharma said. “Patience and humility are both necessary virtues”.
    [Dave Sharma]

    The sanctity of the process.

  22. Oh come on

    Don’t forget the Grauniad/ABC/Pretty Much Any news media outlet headlines that have titles like Senior Republicans Rebuke Trump Comments or Senior Republicans Urge Trump To Respect Result or Senior Republicans [insert whatever means ‘say Trump should surrender now’]. Click through and the ‘Senior Republicans’ are always Mitt Romney and John Kasich and possibly some RINO governor of a blue state.

    ‘Senior Republicans’ are the left’s new house conservatives, now that David Brooks, Ross Douthat and Andrew Sullivan and the like have essentially been accepted into the coven.

  23. Scott Osmond

    Globalist whores doing their part to demoralise those on the right who care about the opinion of so called friendly countries.

  24. Roger

    The sanctity of the process.

    Military votes for Trump found dumped in trash and by the roadside.

    A US postal worker found with a car trunk full of Trump ballots.

    And then we move on to the discrepancies in the count in numerous states where Biden unexpectedly took the lead.

    Ain’t much sanctity to be found in this process, “Dave”.

  25. Stanley

    These people will be joining an Election Monitoring organisation for USA in 2024? No, didn’t think so. All tip, no iceberg.

  26. Fat Tony

    H B Bear
    #3649066, posted on November 7, 2020 at 10:24 am
    But it’s the media who really rile me.

    Relax. They are going the way of the candlestick makers.

    Yeah – and being replaced by Silicon Valley. That really relaxes me….

  27. Squirrel

    All of a piece with the deluded “punching above our weight” vanity which apparently believes that the rest of the world will follow if we cut our economic throat in the name of climate change.

  28. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    That new ‘Lizzie’ at 10.33am is not me, but I do agree with the sentiments expressed. For years now I have commented here as ‘Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare’ and write for Quadrant as Elizabeth Beare. To avoid confusion, any new Lizzie here could perhaps differentiate her handle a little more.

    We once had so many Steve’s on here conversations became quite unnecessarily fraught.

  29. Jonesy

    ScoMo is a dunce. Now, he has a kindred spirit in the US and he now reveals his true colours. He is a warmist and proven he really is a Trumbull clone.

  30. Jonesy

    It must be clear..the great reset, ScoMo, by definition, is amenable to the argument.

  31. H B Bear

    Yeah – and being replaced by Silicon Valley. That really relaxes me….

    Fair point. Before the printing press and widespread literacy there was the local priest. There has always been someone looking to control the masses.

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