Democrats: A Brief History

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11 Responses to Democrats: A Brief History

  1. Catfeesh?

    Well she’s half honest. She would kill a child but she ain’t a ‘hot girl’.

    Good enough for the dems, I guess.

  2. Catfeesh?

    Oh right, she is a fat ugly chick responding to hot girls, makes perfect sense now. Still good enough for Dems.
    Where’s my coffee?

  3. Entropy

    Purple hair colour is a tell for mental instability.

  4. bronson

    Shy Ted i think she ate them by the look of her.

  5. Zatara

    “I would curb-stomp a child if I had a chance”

    And then the child’s parents would intervene and kinetically adjust your views on things like pain, fragility of the human body, the sad shortness of life, did I say pain yet?

    You’ll have plenty of time to consider those while you are in the hospital ward of the prison in which you will reside for your foreseeable future.

  6. Roger

    On the bright side, these people won’t be reproducing.

  7. Old School Conservative

    Ah ha. Now I understand the photos. When I looked late last night the Kennedy photo appeared twice and I was at a loss to make sense of it.
    Honestly – no grog involved!

  8. Nob

    Is she a Kennedy descendant?

  9. Nob

    Actually Australia needs a Bobby Kennedy to take on criminal union practices.
    That includes a lot of the criminal stuff they do that is legal.

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