“Not rational, not reasonable”

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has bluntly contradicted President Donald Trump’s suggestion that a coronavirus vaccine may be only weeks away, warning Americans they cannot trust the president’s word.

“The idea that there’s going to be a vaccine and everything’s gonna be fine tomorrow – it’s just not rational, not reasonable,” Mr Biden said during a CNN town hall in Moosic, Pennsylvania.

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21 Responses to “Not rational, not reasonable”

  1. stackja

    Biden wants USA in virus crisis control? Suspend Bill of Rights?

  2. Ed Case

    Biden victory = Fake pandemic over
    Trump victory = 4 more years of Fake Pandem ic
    Trump is clearly powerless to stop the bullshit, so it might as well be Joe, no matter how much stealin’
    the old Son of Erin be doin’.
    Makes you wonder- was the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic a scam as well?
    Sure, lots of people died, but lots of people die every day, you only notice it if every single one gets reported on in a Scare Campaign..

  3. calli

    It’s a Miracle!

    Joe has healed the world!


  4. notafan

    There is nothing Joe can’t do.

    An electric car in every garage!

  5. Docket62

    The ‘vaccine’ was always going to be available shortly after November 3rd. The expectation that the dems would have pulled off the greatest voting fraud in History to achieve this was factored in. The Australian government as an example not only budgeted for it, but have set production despite no TGA approval. They simply forgot to tell creepy joe, because he wouldn’t have been president for long anyway so why would he need to know!

    The beauty of this is Trumps presidency. He is almost certain to be sworn in on January 20 and with the vaccine being distributed the ‘plandemic’ evaporates overnight.

    Once the literal genie is out of the Pfizer bottle, no more Wuflu.

  6. Bruce

    It is well known that “Politics is show-business for ugly people”.

    Also well known, but MUCH less acknowledged is: “Show-biz is politics for the “beautiful” people”.

    Also well understood in both “fields of endeavour” is that: “Timing is everything”.




    This is Pfizer on the time-line a while back
    “We are operating at the speed of science.” There it is, the magic worship word.

    “Since we must wait for a certain number of cases to occur, this data may come earlier or later based on changes in the infection rates.”


    Then look at this article about the process

    At that time, the companies decided to stop having their lab confirm cases of Covid-19 in the study, instead leaving samples in storage. The FDA was aware of this decision. Discussions between the agency and the companies concluded, and testing began this past Wednesday [Day after the election]. When the samples were tested, there were 94 cases of Covid in the trial.


    Imagine that. As soon as the voting was over, 94 cases magically appeared! It’s *science*!

    ” Mirabile dictu”, on high rotation. Res miranda, as well.

  7. Up The Workers!

    If decent people are pee’d off about Rock Spider Joe/Beijing Biden’s characteristic dishonesty, corruption, lies, fraud, election-cheating, ballot-rigging, trough-snouting, wallet-stuffing, pocket-lining and purse-padding, etc., then maybe they should write a sternly-worded letter of complaint to Joe’s employers – Xi Jinping of China, Vlad Putin of Russia, and also the Iranian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani Leaders and chastise their shabby personnel-management practices!

    After all, his name is Joe Biden – NOT Dan Andrews.

  8. NuThink

    Joe in his campaign was saying that he had a plan for the pandemic implying that he had a solution.
    Now he says he will get together a team to advise him about the pandemic. Some plan. He plans to make a plan. Then that plan will be to make another plan and so on ad infinitum. Sounds recursive to me.

    If he really had had an effective solution and not released it for political reasons or given it to democrat states then what does that say about his claim about healing the soul of America. Let many people die.
    Why do people still believe him?
    And Kackle Harris in a speech recently said that she and Joe would fix climate change and also get rid of systemic racism in the USA. Hear no evil, see no evil.
    Why do people believe her? Or any career politician.
    After all in 2009 did Obama not say at his inauguration that that was the day the seas stop rising.

    PS Maybe their plan is to stop Covid being put as a reason for the deaths in death certificates. Or to change the death certificate later. That will fix it.

    Surely the democrat ruling elite was in control of the states, just like Andrews was in charge (which he cannot remember) of Victoria, and not the feds.

    As a start to fix the political system is to not allow career politicians. Joe has been a senator for 47 years as AFAIK, and what has he done?
    I forgot – He has a plan to do something! He does not yet know what it is – but at least it is a plan to make a plan to do something.

  9. Shy Ted

    Luckily all the gullible idiots will be queueing up. (Save some sperm in the freezer. Ladies, save some eggs in the egg compartment).

  10. Bruce

    We are supposed to believe after Democrats spent $47 million on a 2 year investigation, with nonstop coverage on almost all major left wing broadcast networks, to convince us that election fraud/interference was a serious threat.

    But on Nov 3rd, 2020 the threat suddenly went away?

    Scamdemics? Like “standards”: So many to chose from.

  11. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    I won’t be taking it.

  12. Bad Samaritan

    Cats, you are doing this all wrong. Baseless claims that Joe is working for China and Moscow can be easily disproven by doing as the ALP’s #1 hero Doc Evatt did way back when…..

    You write letters to all concerned, asking them if they did any wrong… and then when they reply “No!”, you brandish the letters and announce it’s “case closed”.

    BTW: What % of ALP voters in 1954 really truly believed that such stuff did settle the matter? A similar % as today’s leftists around the world who believe Biden is a decent fella?


  13. NuThink

    A line from the Ghostbusters when potential ghostbusters were being interviewed for the job, one applicant was being queried about his qualifications.
    He was asked “Do you believe in ghosts?”.
    His reply (paraphrased) “As long as there is a regular pay cheque in it I will believe in anything you want me to believe in.”
    Hollyweird has always believed in the POM (Power Of Money).

  14. H B Bear

    The Prof has called. He wants his wrongology back.

  15. NuThink

    Graffiti seen on a toilet door “If it were up to me I would rule the World”

  16. Colonel Crispin Berka

    On the other election thread the Cat regulars were very subtly suggesting that the FDA was in on the whole thing and was delaying the vaccine until after Harriden had been installed. The problem with Swamp Theory is that it recognises no limit to the Swamp, as anything you don’t like can be blamed on the Swamp (similar to how the Left blames capitalism for anything they don’t like).

    On more technical matters, it might be useful for other technical professions outside of microbiology, such as engineering or architecture, to find out how Operation Warp Speed was carried out. If there is a way to get technical projects that normally operate in highly regulated environments to suddenly produce finished products faster, I’d assume everyone would like to know how to do that.

  17. Mother Lode

    Joe in his campaign was saying that he had a plan for the pandemic implying that he had a solution.
    Now he says he will get together a team to advise him about the pandemic.

    Sounds like KRudd who waltzed through an election campaign talking about how he had a plan…and as soon as he got in announced his ultimately barren 2020 Summit to give him ideas.

    It is like a comedy. “I have a plan!”
    “What is it?”
    “To devote all my energies to coming up with an actual plan!”

  18. Bad Samaritan

    The following is all that matters….

    Two days ago Donald was $25 the win on Betfair. Yesterday morning he was about $19. Now he is $14.50. All this as multiple millions continue to arrive. He was a 4% chance, now a 7% chance.

    Anybody who believes joe has won could put $100,000 on him and soon get $107,000 back. the easiest way to make money quickly, is it not?

    BTW: Anyone who was worried that Biden might die before the election result is official could simply lay (bet against) Donald. The odds are the same.

  19. Bad Samaritan

    Update. Donald now $12 with several hundred thousand dollars waiting to get on him at longer prices.

    What is moving the market so dramatically?

  20. Bad Samaritan

    Now $10. What kinda Catallaxy file is it where no-one cares to comment on the markets?

  21. Docket62

    very subtly suggesting that the FDA was in on the whole thing and was delaying the vaccine until after Harriden had been installed

    I wouldn’t even waste a breath saying it subtly – its almost unquestionable. As the Dem plot falls apart at he seams through the uncovering of major election fraud in at least 5 states the plan becomes fairly obvious. I said on a thread back in April that the Vaccine would be released within weeks after the Nov 3rd election. The threw the kitchen sink at this, and lied and cheated – and will still lose. But the bet the vaccine release on the predication that they would get away with it and install Biden

    Oops. Trump will be inaugurated Jan 20th. I’ll cash in the Gorilla at 20:1 odds, and thanks to the ‘vaccine’ the world has no option but to return to ‘normal’

    Then they can go after every single last one of them. The Dems won’t hold a presidency again in our lifetimes.

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