Cancer sufferers ignored while Joe’s pals hoovered the cash

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14 Responses to Cancer sufferers ignored while Joe’s pals hoovered the cash

  1. stackja

    Joe activities continue. If he gets into the White House? Wow!

  2. Roberto

    Well, there’s a surprise.

  3. H B Bear

    Anybody see a pattern emerging? 40+ years in US politics certainly pays off. Time to clean up.

  4. miltonf

    The old bidet grub doesn’t even pretend. At least the Clinstone foundation planted a few trees in Haiti.

  5. HGS

    “Well, there’s a surprise.”

    Yes, I’m speachless.

  6. Lee

    Seeing as Biden is involved it’s very much par for the course.
    Corrupt, mean-spirited, and rotten to his core.

  7. Roger

    MSM headline:

    Biden seeks cure for cancer!

  8. Fang

    Louder with Crowder had this on one of his vid/podcasts yesterday!

  9. Amused

    Didn’t need this article to already know he’s a piece of fscking sh!t.

  10. EvilElvis

    Well worn road to fortune the charity sham. Don’t look to closely at the Australian ones you contribute to. Most of the biggies and most publicly lauded ones don’t return more than 20 cents in the dollar to their actual cause, many a lot less.

  11. Andre Lewis

    Not a patch on the Clinton crime gang Foundation though. That is REAL money laundering.

  12. Kneel

    “To reduce loss of industry,…”

    If Biden Admin:
    1) raises corporate tax rate to 39% (as promised)
    2) enacts a $15/hour minimum wage (as promised)
    3) enters in TPP (or its replacement, as promised)

    Then industry will almost unilaterally move off-shore – why not? Freight from China is considerably less for most industries than the difference between a (mandated) $15/hr labour rate in the USA, and “slave labour” rates in China or other “developing” countries (doesn’t “developing country” sound so much nicer than “3rd world shit-hole”?)

    So being worried about climate policies “costing jobs” is pretty moot.

  13. Kneel

    “MSM headline:

    Biden seeks cure for cancer!”

    Ah yes – the Biden Cancer Initiative (or whatever he called it).
    Now wound down after 2 years.
    90% of its income (tax deductible to donors) was spent on salaries, the other 10% on travel and sundry expenses.
    Not a single dollar given to cancer research – not one!
    But $400+k p.a. jobs, oh yes, we had those!
    Pretty speeches about how important cancer research is, oh yes, we had those!
    Moral authority – flushed away.

  14. Mother Lode

    Biden and his fellow cronies are a cancer.

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