He’s the real victim

IN Victoria, one man can be sent to a supermax by the state’s highest courts without an iota of evidence. On the other hand, if there is actual video of a grievance-credentialled man dragging a terrified woman down an alley and assaulting her, losing a footy club membership is punishment enough.

Judge says Williams received ‘extra-curial’ punishment

“You have expressed shame and remorse,” Judge [Mandy] Fox said.

She said that since the security footage of the attack was released, Williams had received racial abuse and death threats.

“You have been disowned by your football club,” she said.

“Friends have abandoned or shunned you.”

Yes, really. Williams is back on your daughter’s streets. We know how this ends, right? And the victim: she was “so shaken that she moved away from Victoria.” Smart decision.

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26 Responses to He’s the real victim

  1. Eyrie

    Actual violent crime and no punishment. Great.

  2. Rex Mango

    Luv the descriptor of ‘footballer’, guess he thought she was holding the ball.

  3. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    “so shaken that she moved away from Victoria.”

    It will be interesting to quantify the extent of the permanent exodus of normal people from Disasterstan over the next twelve months or so, given what a dangerous and dysfunctional totalitarian third world shithole the place now so clearly is.

    Why anyone would willingly live there is beyond me.

  4. candy

    Judge Fox is frightened of being called racist so she could not put him in jail, so looking out for herself I guess.

  5. cuckoo

    The 21-year-old, whose IQ borders on impaired

    ALP preselection now practically guaranteed.

  6. cuckoo

    Footballer? Funny, I thought they were always “aspiring rappers”.

  7. Bela Bartok

    I think you’re all being perfectly mean.
    Imagine, not knowing what the court-case will bring, worrying about ‘extra-curial’ activity, struggling against the oppressive white system…
    The poor guy, the stress must be unbearable, not knowing if he was going to be treated like a real human (aka white person) and punished, or given his – um – sunburnt disposition, whether he was going to get off scot free for attacking an innocent woman and scaring the daylights out of her.
    How dare she not understand her privilege in being attacked.
    Black Louts Matter!

  8. Lee

    It seems justice in Victoria is not adjudicated impartially based on the merits and evidence of the case (or lack of), but on who, or what you are.
    As a Victorian I am disgusted with, and ashamed of our legal system and police force.

  9. H B Bear

    Anyone who has not left Victoriastan has only themselves to blame.

    Vote with your feet. It’s the only one that counts.

  10. Slim Cognito

    If you have some spare time and want to know how far out of touch the Victorian judiciary are from what normal people think, have a look at the case of Joss v Joss.

    Here is the link to the Age report (only because it is not paywalled).

    The full case can be found by searching at austlii.edu.au (link is too long).

    It’s a tragedy what can happen to people once they adopt every lefty talking point. The Plaintiff in this case seemed to live life by every aspect of identity politics on offer. That this person succeeded in the case makes depressing reading.

  11. Roger

    As a Victorian I am disgusted with, and ashamed of our legal system and police force.

    Let your local member know.

    A pseudonym might be advisable if he or she is ALP.

  12. Riversutra

    But will Brett Sutton issues an apology in two different racial dialects????

  13. PB

    “Footballer? Funny, I thought they were always “aspiring rappers”.”

    Bakkaballer. Most of America’s aspiring rappers seem to end up as expiring rappers every Chicago weekend.

  14. Lee

    Footballer? Funny, I thought they were always “aspiring rappers”.

    I had to reread the last word in your comment, as I momentarily thought you had omitted a “p”.

  15. John snowy Bowyer

    I am appalled and disgusted that you have all assumed this fine person is male? I think someone should have checked first and found his preferred pronoun? Too late! You did not and now stand accused in the Court of Human Rights for exercising your white privilege, you bastards! I plan to check with Dinah Laidlaw to discover what, if anything, you can do to make amends?

  16. C.L.

    Any cop worth his salt would tell you this was a practice run. He is rape-curious and was experimenting with the mechanics of abduction and subdual. I have little doubt he will eventually rape and/or kill somebody. If he was white, he would have been given a four year head sentence, minimum.

  17. Mother Lode

    Look, I think we can all agree that Williams is the real victim here.

  18. Old Lefty

    It’s not just race that’s a get out of gaol card in Victoria. Remember how Emma Walters (Mrs Setka) was pulled over driving above 120 kmh, blew 0.28 in a breath test (more than five times the legal limit) and got off with a suspension of her licence and no conviction recorded!!

  19. grazza

    Very funny Cuckoo! But a curious case which further shakes confidence in the Victorian legal system.

    At least a friend, falsely accused in historic case, was acquitted by a jury after 5 years torment this year albeit $180,000 poorer. Also rumour has it recently that 6 cases of alleged abuse in the recent lockdown in Melbourne before Magistrates have all been dismissed. Not sure this would have happened under the jury system.

  20. Knuckle Dragger

    ‘this was a practice run’

    Lessons learned. What time, place and circumstances works and what doesn’t. Where cameras are likely to be. How to increase my chances of not getting caught? How can I do it better next time?

    Two years. Three. Five years. Ten.

    But it’ll happen.

  21. Albatross

    #3663294, posted on November 18, 2020 at 1:47 pm
    The 21-year-old, whose IQ borders on impaired

    ALP preselection now practically guaranteed.


  22. nb

    Was it 3,ooo people leaving Victoria per week during the last days of the Kirner regime in Victoria during the early 1990s?
    After the fall of that government, I first read, in the Age, of the left’s intention to stack the public service with leftists in order to forward their program. That was also when identity politics was being touted by the left as the way forward.
    Well, here we are.

  23. mundi

    It was not a practice run, he only stopped because someone happened to come out into the alley. His next move would have been to hold his weight over her until she has no energy left, then drag her further down the alley behind some bins and rape her.

    The judge is a disgrace and also believed his nonsense story that he keeps getting attacked by people with baseball bats – despite no evidence of any of it being presented. Judge fell hook line and sinker for it and decided he had already been punished… “beyond the law”

    Judge also doesn’t believe it was attempted rape because it’s perfectly reasonable to just want to adults a women and lie on top of her for non sexual reasons apparently.

    Dan of course will see nothing wrong with how justice is being done in his state.

    Another joke decision is a joke state.

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