Music Maestro: November 20, 2020

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Here’s one for all those lobbyists and corporate weenies that Biden has recruited into his team. You can never have too much pork.

  2. Rex Anger

    @ Bruce-

    You naughty man!

    I have had to resist extremely hard the temptation to spam this thread with more earworms from Mr Weebl…

    I have managed to restrain myself to just one– Of all the Weebl’s Stuff creations consider it has the best mix of sweet beats, innuendos (Italian elegance and engineering. For the discerning suppository fan…) and visual humour. And unicorns.

    Who doesn’t like Unicorns?

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Rex – Yes, I would’ve put up the original from Mr Weebl but it’s too short to properly reflect the sheer depth of the Biden swamp.

    Biden appoints two former lobbyists to senior staff (18 Nov)
    Biden turns to corporate America for top staffers. Where else would he look? | Power Line (18 Nov)

  4. thefrollickingmole

    Sinc please ban Rex Anger.

    He made me post this in retaliation.

  5. Dot

    As Knowlesy would say, “yeah fuck yeah”….

    Metallica demo tape…



  6. Rex Anger

    Be inspired!

    Royal Navy-style

    (Top Ender will appreciate 😁)

    And musically:

  7. Rex Anger

    Sinc please ban Rex Anger.

    He made me post this in retaliation.

    Shun the nonbeliver!



    * I will confess that one of my Cavalry Scouts once got me with “We’re on a bridge, Chaarlieeee!”

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Get on the train!

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    Big hair time.

  10. Rex Anger

    @ Bruce of Newcastle-



    +++ #Chuglife+++

    [/Thumpy, crashy relay and telex noises]

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    KLF are fun. The Tammy Wynette one is glorious, but I haven’t seen a video of it that didn’t look like it was buried in amber for an era. Ah well, here’s more train.

  12. Professor Fred Lenin

    Listened to Nicolai Rimsky Korsakov symphonies today ,great music ,Russia produced some wonderfull composers ,my taste in music was aquired from our music master at school many many years ago .
    Back in the days when kids went to school to be educated to be usefull members of society ,not like today when they are indoctriated into brainless Narxist snowflakes .

  13. Rex Anger

    Moar #Chuglife

    (Coincidentally, moar 80s!)

    (Time for a switchup to Manic Monday?)

  14. Epicurious

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #3665968, posted on November 20, 2020 at 7:50 pm
    Get on the train!

    Love/ love ELO but they really needed a baritone in there, too many soprano’s or just tight jeans.

  15. Back Burn

    Metal – Japanese Style

  16. Back Burn

    Meta – Japanses Style

  17. Sinclair Davidson

    Catlady – never heard that before. Really good.

  18. thefrollickingmole

    There can be only escalation.

  19. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Nothing changes in my ‘oose …

  20. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    King of Vice …

  21. Rex Anger

    @ thefrollickingmole-

    Hip-hop! Weebl-style:

    (With pastry…)

    Also: Pre-emptive Christmas carol!*

    * If the Department Stores started force-feeding Christmassy muzaks into their PA systems on November 1st, them an Anger is equally entitled… 🧐

  22. Steve trickler

    Algo manipulation. I am having fun.

  23. Steve trickler

    A Windows 10 update….great. Will I survive?

    Here we go!

  24. Steve trickler

    She’s good! The dog agrees.

  25. Catlady

    Steve – that was so beautiful. Thank you.

  26. Steve trickler

    Not a fan of Adele.

    However, credit is due here.

  27. Catlady

    Awesome music, Spurgeon. 🙏

  28. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Thanks, Catlady …

  29. Steve trickler

    Greetings, Catlady.

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