Alexandria Ocasio-Kohler

He’s “one of Australia’s most experienced commentators”

THE Democrat Party of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden spent every single day of the past four years refusing to concede the 2016 election. They illegally paid Russian spies for forged documents alleging an incoming President was a compromised sexual pervert; they illegally lied to the FISA court; they illegally spied on the opposition party’s leader and his advisers; they lied to prosecute General Mike Flynn; they lied about a Supreme Court nominee being a gang rapist. These are not claims. They’re historical facts. During the northern summer, Democrats went even further: they deliberately stoked a rolling wave of domestic terrorism that has left dozens dead – men, women and children – and billions of dollars of property destroyed. Throughout this season of treason without precedent (at least since a Democrat celebrity shot Abraham Lincoln in 1865), Alan Kohler didn’t notice anything was awry. But today he’s filled with rage:

But the other American tragedy – the President’s sedition – is likely to be more corrosive and longer-lasting.

That’s right: sedition. It’s defined as conduct designed to incite rebellion against the constitution and established authority, which is precisely what he is doing…

The worst thing is the fact that one of the parties in this two-party state – the Republican Party – has given up all pretense of acting in the national interest and is openly interested in power for its own sake, and that of its donors…

The Republican party is basically saying they want the taxation (of everyone but their donors of course) but not the democracy that goes with it.

They are setting a new low bar for right-wing parties around the world, and for future would-be American despots who could well be more competent and smarter than Trump and are causing immense damage to institutions that could take years to fix.

For example, Trump has decapitated the Defence Department and installed sycophants, presumably with the idea that as things get ugly, he can deploy troops in the street to quell dissent.

Without evidence, the business “editor-at-large” of The Australian is saying Donald Trump plans to mobilise troops to kill Americans in coming weeks. This is the deranged rhetoric of an ANTIFA loon. The truth is more admirable – which is why Kohler preferred the big lie. Trump was elected on a platform of bringing US troops home from failed, lost wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. This policy – the democratically expressed will of Americans – has been stymied by the Endless War lobby that bankrolls so many members of the senatorial class in Washington. This is what real sedition looks like. This is what “right-wing” donor-driven fascism looks like. Kohler’s more general argument is no less batty. Pursuing his rights at law to ensure every vote counts is the President’s lawful prerogative; to call this sedition is to assert the courts are now illegitimate and their place in governance now suspended. Formerly a middling quality broadsheet but now collapsing under the weight of its crowded opinion penthouse, is The Australian so bereft of a collegiate ethos that nobody thought to counsel Kohler not to publish something this wacko and embarrassing?

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  1. stackja

    Wacko is the new normal.

  2. Karabar

    The ditz ovbviously has no clue as to the American constiution.
    The electoral system designed by Madison and others intentionally spells out remedies for exactly this sort of situation.
    I among others have notice a deterioration in the quality of garbage spilling out from the Australian.
    Something is terribly amiss. Maybe it’s journalistic “sedition”.

  3. Damon

    Why get in bed with the devil if you only want to cuddle?
    h/t to whoever thought of this. Almost universally applicable.

  4. Uber

    Does anybody still read that leftie rag?

  5. Mother Lode

    He has taken a few of the slogans the Democrats have taken to throwing around to try to frighten people from looking closely at Joe’s ‘win’ – the absurdity of which being the fact that what they accuse Trump of they have done themselves in their quest for power except with no proof other than that which they manufactured – and Kohler is treating it like insight.

    I have no doubt that there are ideas he heard 20 years ago that are still falling in darkness, ever downward toward his understanding.

  6. areff

    Maybe it’s journalistic “sedition”.

    nah, Lachlan

  7. the deep state is in panic mode. the deep state is global. their only tactic now is to try and incite civil war. the msm is deep state. this is becoming more and more obvious. the people are rising up. msm doesnt show it, but in europe tens of thousands are fighting back. once it gets to hundreds of thousands its game over for the deep state. we need to keep cool heads. the next two weeks are crucial. trump won in a landslide. justice will prevail.
    real time evidence of vote switching

  8. stevem

    Don’t forget that for the last 6 weeks the Australian has had a new editor. Gay Alcorn, previously editor of the Guardian, has clearly had an influence already. The shift of the Australian has been happening for a long time but seemed to have accelerated of late.

  9. Jock

    Never read Van onselen or Kohler or saavva. All leftists who left their brains at the door. Can sometimes barely read bramston, but he is reasonable.

  10. Mother Lode

    Gay Alcorn, previously editor of the Guardian


    They picked up an editor from the financial powerhouse that is Teh Gruniad?

  11. Roger

    …is The Australian so bereft of a collegiate ethos that nobody thought to counsel Kohler not to publish something this wacko and embarrassing?

    But…he’s an “editor at large”.

  12. Roger

    Gay Alcorn, previously editor of the Guardian

    The Oz really is going for woke.

    Or should that be going for broke?

  13. Zyconoclast

    How many of “these” people have been arrested, assets frozen, investigated by the FBI and alphabet soup of other agencies, had the taxes/financial activities audited and harassed by by any legal means possible?

    Trump had 4 years to do this but didn’t.
    He spent a lot of time pandering to people who don’t/won’t vote for him.
    Mean tweets, 4D chess and owning the libs doesn’t cut it.

    Hard to sympathise for Trump.

  14. Lee

    The worst thing is the fact that one of the parties in this two-party state – the Republican Party – has given up all pretense of acting in the national interest and is openly interested in power for its own sake, and that of its donors…

    Replace two words in that sentence – “Republican Party” – with Democrat Party, then this idiot, Kohler, would be 100% right.
    Kohler’s whole article reeks of staggering hypocrisy and wilful blindness to facts.
    Isn’t Kohler a former ABC drone?
    If so, why am I not surprised?

  15. Roger

    Fact check:

    The Australian’s editor is Michelle Gunn.

    Alcorn went to The Age in September, not The Oz.

  16. Roger

    Isn’t Kohler a former ABC drone?

    He still has a gig on the ABC, I believe.

  17. stevem

    Alcorn went to The Age in September, not The Oz.

    Sorry, my apologies. Alcorn would be a much more logical choice for the Age than the Australian

  18. Roger

    Alcorn would be a much more logical choice for the Age than the Australian

    I don’t know about that. The Kohler piece is a shocker.

  19. Mother Lode

    Alcorn went to The Age in September, not The Oz.

    Now that makes sense.

    A Gruniad editor going to The Oz seemed incredible.

    Much more believable is a Gruniad editor being snapped up by The Age to replace the Age Editor snapped up by The Oz.

  20. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    Scanned the headlines in the Oz this morning, saw the usual Trump Syndrome articles and didn’t read a single article, the cartoon was excellent though.

  21. John A

    Damon #3668425, posted on November 23, 2020, at 12:22 pm

    Why get in bed with the devil if you only want to cuddle?
    h/t to whoever thought of this. Almost universally applicable.

    Yes, but those kinds of people forget that the devil NEVER wants a cuddle – he dominates.

    The previous adage was “too many people believe that they can play with hellfire and not get burned”.

  22. candy

    This Kohler fellow sounds very aggressive.

  23. Mother Lode

    What are the comments like under the article?

  24. C.L.

    About 70 percent contemptuous, ML.
    And I dare say that would be more like 85 to 90 percent if somebody wasn’t ‘managing’ the thread.

  25. JC

    Murdoch paid a rumored $30 million for Kohler’s news letter. Think about that.

  26. C.L.

    That ‘Eureka’ thing?
    Seriously? FMD.

  27. Reagent

    Kohler is a former editor of The Age.

  28. Mr Kohler must have tired of reading some of the comments on his past stories.

    He’s now reduced to trolling his commenters with glowing apologies to money printing and trade union ‘reform’ laundering.

  29. Fess

    I cancelled my AUS subscription last year ago. The ratio between good and bad articles has degraded too far to tolerate. Too many opinions, not enough real knowledge and research.

  30. Cassie of Sydney

    I cancelled my Oz sub two days after the US election….it had been hanging by a thread for years actually due to the unhinged censorship by the moderators but the straw that broke the camel’s back was the unhinged rants of Mavis Bramston, Caroline Overington, Paul Kelly and PV Arselen and so just became too much. There are writers I like to read….Albrechtsen, Oriel, Henderson, Kenny, Mitchell etc but I just can’t justify paying money for a progressive sewer…the tone of the newspaper has changed in the last year and it is now rather unpleasant…there’s a stench about it. I reckon I still have a few days left so every now and then I pop over the read the headlines. I just can’t believe the viciousness directed at Trump and also now, Trump’s family.

    I thought I would miss the Oz….I’m not. It is now a progressive rag.

  31. StrayanDrongo

    The Australian is fast becoming another trash rag for the aussie market. All their Trump coverage through that Muppet Cameron is complete trash democrat talking points. The Australian doesn’t even publish negative comments about their coverage. Seems the kids are winning the Murdock civil war

  32. miltonf

    Murdoch was a member of New America iirc. Anyone who thought he was a conservative patriotic lover of western civ was kidding himself. Posh radical is best description. Also Bush globalist.

    The spite direct at Trump and his family by the meja is worse than despicable.

  33. Snoopy

    How is Alan Kohler allowed to highlight his Twitter address, which links to his private business, on ABC News?

  34. Miksa

    Try reading The Age on a daily basis as I do (because my wife likes the crossword) – you will be grateful for The Oz, believe me. And unless you are prepared to do without any daily paper, what is the alternative? It may not be all we would like but it’s a hell of a lot better than the other choices in front of us.

  35. garry b

    I get the Intelligent Investor, and bundled in the package is the Eureka Report. Early this year when the US Senate “impeachment” was underway, I read an article in the Eureka Report, by Kohler criticising one of Trumps lawyers. As I had already seen the presentation by Mr Dershowitz in the Senate, I had another look. I do not know if Kohler actually saw the tape. Maybe he just watched some leftist rant on MSNBC. I made a comment on their website pointing out what I saw as Kohler’s inaccurate reporting. I got no apology-comment not published-nothing to see here.
    Kohler reminds me of another loquacious chap named Turnbull, who was also very presentable on ABCTV, and suave, and neither of whom I intend taking investment advice from, or any other advice from. Lesson for Alan. If you are trying to promote a business newsletter, gratuitous political views may offend the customers.

  36. Boambee John

    #3668650, posted on November 23, 2020 at 4:30 pm
    How is Alan Kohler allowed to highlight his Twitter address, which links to his private business, on ABC News?

    One law for the nomenklatura, another law for the proles. Look at the ABC “stars” who seem able to write books, run lecture businesses and generally enrich themselves in a way that would bring hostile coverage on 7:30 and 4 Corners if done by normal public servants.

  37. Bushkid

    #3668566, posted on November 23, 2020 at 2:10 pm
    About 70 percent contemptuous, ML.
    And I dare say that would be more like 85 to 90 percent if somebody wasn’t ‘managing’ the thread.

    Yes, mostly canning Kohler. My own offering got canned, despite saying exactly what others have since. Maybe there was a change of shift censor.. oops, moderator, from early this morning.

  38. JohnL

    Something is going on.
    Some of us see it.
    Some of us feel it.
    It’s time to expand your thinking.
    You will need to reset everything you thought you knew about the world.
    About the people you trust.
    About history.
    About yourself.
    Let me tell you a story.
    For a very long time, our world has been under the growing influence of a vast trans-generational criminal mafia that was able to rise up to the highest levels of power.
    We didn’t know because they talked and acted just like you and me.
    We thought we could recognize true criminals by their words and actions, but were deceived by their sophisticated speech, wealth, education, beauty and power.
    Through a system of threats, blackmail and bribery, they would come to occupy the highest levels of power in government, corporations and education.
    You may know them the Deep State, or cabal.
    Most dangerously of all, they achieved almost total influence over the media – their primary means of controlling the good people of the world who were just trying to get on with living.
    They used this power to slowly convince us that WE were the problem, that we were a threat to each other.
    They used the race, gender and religion to set us apart, and rewrote history to validate these false claims.
    They funded both sides of wars just to crush our potential to prosper and succeed as a peace-loving and creative force of good for the world.
    Now, with a firm grasp on the media, we drank in their entertainment and lies as they began their final phase – the total takedown of America.
    We were the brightest remaining beacon of freedom and humanity’s last hope.
    They knew that if they could take America, the rest of the world would follow.
    They cut deals that led us to hand over total control of the money system to a private central bank, the Federal Reserve.
    This made it possible to influence Washington D.C, and most of our presidents since then were beholden to the criminals in one way or another.
    Things took a really bad turn when they concentrated vast power into the hands of the many intelligence agencies throughout the world.
    They said they were there to protect us.
    Instead, these agencies were catastrophically weaponized to boost drug and human trafficking cartels, assassinate political opponents, undermine the military and change regimes of foreign governments who did not want to adopt this centralized system of money control.
    You might think they would choose simply to remain in the shadows running their criminal activities while we carried on with our lives – but as long as there was freedom for the people to prosper, the cabal was always at risk of being discovered and shut down.
    There was no way to continue without a plan to eliminate all threats to their survival,
    even if it meant imposing a single world government under their jurisdiction – where no national identity, police force or military could stop them.
    They called it Globalism.
    Exploiting our emotions, and our instincts of compassion, they found a way to justify dismantling cultures, borders and national identity under the guise of social justice – creating false narratives of racism, colonialism and capitalism to destabilize and ultimately collapse societies so that they were no longer secure enough to reject this dark plan for the world.
    Where there was no history to distort, they would use wars to force catastrophic mass migration of peoples across borders to destabilize and weaken cultural identity.
    When we didn’t accept this, they called us intolerant and shamed us into silence.
    By 2008, America was in advanced stages of economic decline, with disastrous trade deals leading to widespread loss of jobs, and a devastating financial crisis.
    The cabal had now absorbed another extensive criminal empire that was aligned with a twisted and radical form of Islam.
    Realizing the competition could threaten their goals, they decided to cooperate and agree to mutual terms.
    Now, a hostile foreign enemy was able to insert a subordinate into the US political system who would become the president.
    Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talaal funded Obama’s Harvard education and took power by proxy, picking his entire cabinet while buying vast quantities of control in our largest media companies.
    The Western faction of the cabal was different.
    It was another kind of sick altogether.
    A dark and deeply sinister death cult with a strong reliance on symbolism and numerology with levels of cruelty unimaginable to all right-thinking people.
    The reach and scale this secret society had achieved would have sent destabilizing shockwaves across the world were it ever to be publicly exposed.
    They were highly skilled at living just below the surface as they worked their way into the United States presidency.
    With both factions of the global mafia now in control, are you ready to hear what they had planned?
    Make sure you’re sitting down.
    They installed rogue operators in government.
    They opened back doors to leak highly classified military intel and top-secret special access programs (SAPs).
    They cut military funding and weakened the command of generals with irrational new rules of engagement.
    They worked to dismantle NASA and end our supremacy in space.
    They infiltrated and exposed defensive military intelligence programs that reduced our ability to detect foreign and domestic threats.
    They used our trusted agencies to target and weaken political opponents.
    They relaxed our borders and enabled passage of millions of illegals and violent criminal gangs.
    They moved money to fund global terrorism, resulting in groups like ISIS moving to capture vast territories throughout the world.
    In 2016, the cabal alliance had hoped to retain power.
    If you are not yet chilled to the bone by the picture that is forming about their intentions for us all, let me tell you what was to come next.
    Through international climate change scams, they would have syphoned trillions of remaining wealth, eliminate the last good guys in government and withdraw total funding from the U.S military, handing over the responsibility of our defence to the United Nations.
    They would revise the constitution to weaken our ability to fight back, ban the sale of firearms to eliminate our self-defence, insert their people into the Supreme Court, remove the electoral college system to neuter our voting power and totally eliminate alternative media to shield them from exposure.
    They instigated a covert deal to move large quantities of our uranium to their captured states in North Korea and Iran to build up a nuclear arsenal that would threaten the world.
    For this, they blamed Russia, a growing force of opposition to their ambitions of global control.
    By casting Putin as an enemy, and blaming him for this illegal uranium deal, they had planned a devastating nuclear world war between America and Russia that would have exhausted the last two remaining pillars of freedom for the world, accelerating the horrific endgame that had become inevitable.
    This cabal miraculously lost power in 2016 when a brave operation, led by a US military alliance and their global partners, were able to return power legitimately over to the light.
    They had a plan of their very own, one that was many decades in the making.
    With Donald Trump selected for the role of president, the people of America were slowly awakened to the reality of the world they live in.
    With so much hidden and lied about in the media channels we had come to trust for our news and entertainment, this alliance of good set into a motion a sophisticated strategy of dismantling the vast network of corruption that had almost completely overcome every level of government, industry and the legal system.
    They knew they had to follow the laws of the land as they were originally intended otherwise they themselves would be delegitimized, even though they were just trying to free us from the silent stranglehold of tyranny that we had come to accept as normal.
    The panicking Deep State used any remaining power they had left to try to save themselves
    Each day for two years was a careful and meticulously planned balancing act between public perception and the job that needed to be done.
    Moving too fast would shock and scare a sleeping public still living in the prison of the mind that was created for them.
    But, after all this, it appears now that not only are we winning, but we have WON!
    The trajectory of this great storm is now radiantly clear.
    Now we look forward to a new future, thanks to the brave patriots who risked everything to save our world – this time FOR GOOD.
    There is not a person alive who has experienced what a world without this darkness could be like.
    A world of free energy that was kept from us to force our dependency on their fossil fuel monopolies.
    Abolishment of income tax that was illegally imposed to pay back interest on loans taken from the cabal banking system.
    Released cures for our most deadly diseases.
    Unleashed space technologies to open frontiers we never dreamed possible.
    New technologies creating millions of jobs and yielding a global human renaissance the likes of which we have never seen.
    Fellow Americans, and citizens of the world.
    Now it’s OUR turn to shine.
    Wherever we are, we will become the PLAN when we choose to reject what they called GLOBALISM.
    We recognize the words they used to bend us to their will, and we say no more.
    It’s time to turn off the media, follow your instincts, trust yourself and BE THE PLAN!
    May God bless America, and the world.

  39. Ozman

    JohnL it is all happening.
    If not the Cat, Kohler ought to watch real news!
    Epoch Times is enjoying more subscriptions.

  40. H B Bear

    Murdoch paid a rumored $30 million for Kohler’s news letter. Think about that.

    It’s no MySpace.

  41. Obio

    Koehler’s columns are crap.

    Most of the commentators in the Australian point this out to him each time.

  42. Bronson

    Kohler has all the insight of a blind worm. His only claim to fame is he conned Rupert into buying his pointless news letter.

  43. Squirrel

    There is no vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome, and there is (officially) no such thing as rhetorical over-reach when it comes to hyperventilating about Trump.

  44. Great article currencylad.
    Yes, The Australian is like toilet paper now.

  45. grazza

    Interesting economic analysis of the last 4 years of “Make America Great” by John Hawkins (“Is T the worst economic manager in almost the last century”, Pearls and Irritations, 4 Nov 2020) : 1. Real GDP – not much larger than 2016. (first Prez not to see an increase since Hoover). 2. Unemployment is 8% up from 5% (well, would be much worse if T had shut the economy down as happened in Victoria). 3.Slightly fewer workers in manufacturing ( the trade war with China has cost 300,000 jobs which the IMF estimates this loss at 0.6% off GDP and 4. overall trade deficit went from 43 billion under Obama to 48 billion. 5. Medically with Covid: NZ has had 5 deaths per million people while America has 700 deaths per million and rising (T arrogantly dismissing the pandemic deaths – this is supposed to be an intelligent country even if not well education). 6. The corporate tax cuts apparently have not led to a real surge in business (certainly enriched his mates).

    Notwithstanding the above points which can be easily verified, I sense that Trump would not like to face this sort of reality. He is more partial to other variations of reality. Perhaps it is a bit harsh on him in the present circumstances.

  46. Dot

    Consider the outright lying about pandemic numbers and deaths (and subsequent economic collapse), Trump’s only real failing economically is the public debt and deficit.

    Trade deficits don’t matter and Trump is plain wrong about tariffs.

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