Election fraud, what election fraud?

You can read the entire set of infographics here: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia. And this is the final overhead:

Go to the link for the ones in between. The only bit I disagree with is where it says, “So easy to consume, even Democrats can understand…”.

AND IN ADDITION: If these things interest you, and they should if you care at all about democracy, you should also look at this: Nine useful articles and data points showcasing 2020’s election theft. This is just a small bit of what you will see at the link.

This is a one-time-only fight to keep our political system alive. If it dies here now, it does here forever.

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8 Responses to Election fraud, what election fraud?

  1. Terry says:

    Leftards are losing their minds (can you lose something you already lost?)
    Defcon 5: No Evidence
    Defcon 4: Baseless Claims
    Defcon 3: Not enough to change the result;
    Defcon 2: The courts and State Legislatures won’t change “the result”
    Defcon 1: Trump stole the election.

  2. Ozman says:

    Patrick Byrne says he has been in contact with Sidney Powell. He has been working with teams of hackers monitoring the voting machines before and during the elections. He explains what they found.

  3. Judge Dredd says:

    The irony is that the Democrats themselves launched a case in court after the 2016 election that the Dominion machines were hackable and used for fraudulent voting. I believe their case reached court in October 2020.
    It would be the sweetest and saltiest of victories if the Trump campaign used the Democrats own case against Dominion to prove their case.

    Epstien didn’t kill himself and Biden lost.

  4. 2dogs says:

    I think that slide deck has missed one of the allegations.

    To ensure that voting machines are not tampered with, they are supposed to arrive in a sealed container and have a serial number that matches documentation that had been sent in advance.

    Apparently, a poll-watcher had observed, and lodged an affidavit in support, that some voting machines had arrived late, in an unsealed container, and with serial numbers that did not match documentation.

    Even if Dominion systems is clean, it seems someone may have messed with the voting machines on route.

  5. calli says:

    Yes, 2dogs. I noticed that too. Would it fall under “chain of custody”?

  6. 2dogs says:

    Yes, Calli, you’re right on that. The slide deck didn’t make it explicit how bad that was.

  7. Dot says:

    Trump won the popular vote in 2016 and 2020.

  8. Andre Lewis says:

    Corrupt Dems control their state courts hence the judgements that there is nothing to see here so far. The GOP and Trump’s lawyers knew this would be the case so banking on an appeal to the Supreme Court to get their vote fraud evidence properly considered. The problem with that is the time it will take and the Dems and their media lapdogs, while possibly worried that the Court will find there was election fraud, are counting on being well ensconced in the White House with all their socialist mates heading up the federal bureaucracy so that the result cannot be overturned.
    Its doubtful that the Supreme Court would go as far as declaring the election void so at best it can decree that future elections have lots of safeguards to prevent this happening again. Biden and his cabal of political scum won’t care about that of course given how much damage they can do in four years.

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