Too soon?

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  1. nb says:

    Great. The right does the left’s work for it to bring about a Harris presidency.
    Anyhow, not to worry, Trump is and will be president.

  2. Ben says:

    This would be Kamala Harris’ second thought every morning when she wakes up.

    Her first thought would be, “I hope they stop counting soon”… 🤣

  3. her second thought is “I hope they don’t notice I’m not really black”.

  4. Amused says:

    It appears they have spelled ‘execute’ incorrectly.

  5. covid ate my homework says:

    Kamala Harris can never be President as neither of her parents were subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. Both sides know this and it is part of the plan all along. Dems loses in the house have upset the plan somewhat but they will most likely still hold on to the balance of power. Of course there will be a smattering of Rino’s who’ll call for calm and insist that the “peoples” business will justify their treachery.

    Constitutional Crisis……perfect! All the rules change in a crisis let alone multiple crises.

    Not a problem in AU, we already have a one party political system and we’re all in the shit together.

  6. Andre Lewis says:

    The Dems do not care if its Biden and Harris in the White House or Pelosi as speaker of the house because none of them really make decisions. They are just meat puppets for the corrupt swamp of career politicians and bureaucrats that run everything for their own benefit. Most people do not know who they are as they hide in the shadows of government pulling strings, blackmailing and bribing with everyone else’s money.

  7. candy says:

    Never too soon.
    After what happened to Trump and he did not cheat and there was no Russian interference or corrupt dealings with the Ukraine.

  8. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    That foul syphilitic geriatric kiddy fiddling corruptocrat and Head Job Harris need to spend the rest of their pointless existences languishing in gaol.

    The scale of this monstrous fraud demands it.

  9. Knuckle Dragger says:

    Exactly as the article puts it. Good for the goose, good for the gander. But in greater orders of magnitude.

    As the man said, ‘They don’t like it up ’em’.

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