Shrink wrapped political loonies

In a world of square pegs and round holes, the fact of human unhappiness and dissatisfaction is just the way it is and always will be. The left has been taking aim for more than a century at the two most important forms of refuge in this heartless world: the family and religion. I think of socialist thought as the most hideous of all of the psychological traumas of the modern world. It is a replacement of sorts for religion but offers no consolations that I can think of whatsoever. This has all come to mind having run across this: Trump history and behavior suggest destructive mental processes that put America at risk. I thought it was against the professional ethics of a psychiatrist to be diagnosing without actually knowing the patient, but ethics are for other people. Having read their stuff, I can plainly see they are a couple of screwballs. This is what they said:

Since President Donald Trump’s election, the psychiatric community has debated calling out his illness(es). The American Psychiatric Association says we should remain silent out of fear that we would violate the Goldwater Rule — an APA rule adopted largely to prevent the partisan misuse of psychiatric diagnoses to unduly influence an election. But it is clear what many psychiatrists know privately, and a few have said publicly. The threat to our democracy is too great to remain silent.

They said quite a bit more but you get the idea. Having been reading quite a bit of psychology lately having just run across this ferocious scam – see The Therapeutic State for a previous discussion – it is quite clear that the diagnoses of most psychologist’s is based on the moral and political beliefs of the therapist and has virtually no objective value. These shrinks have even less to contribute to public debate than Keynesian economists, and that really is rock bottom. How much does the conclusion look like psychology rather than a political judgement which, of course, is just what it is?

Whatever President Trump does leading up to Jan. 20 — whether it is reckless actions abroad or lawless and destructive acts of commission or omission at home — it should be clear that these are not normal nor acceptable actions by an American president.

They are miseducated in every known falsehood found across the social sciences. It really is a disgrace but eventually you just have to get used to it.

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  1. Geriatric Mayfly

    From the link. The first sentence says it all. What a team!

    One of us is a psychiatrist, the other a political scientist. We have watched the fiasco since the election with mounting trepidation, from two very different perspectives. But we have a common bond: For more than a decade, each of us has worked to advocate for people with serious mental illness to get treatment. We are coming together now to advocate for immediate intervention for our president.

  2. Steve

    Huh…..a bit like old joke about economists……if you laid all of them end on end they would still never reach a conclusion….

    In this case, I have my doubts about psychiatry anyway….when doctors associations start pushing climate chnage, you can tell everything has been politicized and a joke.

  3. grazza

    Trump now 39 failed cases at court alleging voting fraud – the failure must be affecting his psychiatric health and well being judging by the rambling deranged interview he gave yesterday to a sympathetic interviewer. What a national embarrassment!

  4. Geriatric Mayfly

    Masks ON folks. Another virus has escaped.

  5. Splatacrobat

    Perhaps the geriatric association should organise an intervention for Biden.

    Whose more dangerous, a pussy grabber or someone with a finger on a nuke button thinking he’s putting the roller door up on his garage?

  6. Bronson

    Most pyschs are more deranged than their patients. Grazia is good evidence of that.

  7. min

    Quite right Steve ,ethically psychiatrists or psychologists should not make a diagnosis without an interview . It is possible though to recognise traits or characteristics that can be linked to a description of traits in DSMV however checked out in interview . Then there are tests like the Millon which gives you a guideline to check out also . But here is something for you, I was doing a course in the States and a psychologist for the American airforcec told the group that to become a pilot you had to score high on Narcissistic ,sadistic aggressive in the Millon and that the higher up the hierarchy the worse they were . Even trying to diagnose someone from speeches on TV unless one studied the whole event over many times is a bit risky.
    Anyway let’s compare Trump to Turnbull and Rudd have I made my point .
    Guess wha I am saying many at the top have personality disorders however outcomes should be the measure .

  8. min

    Thanks Bronson seems like you have had a bad experience with psychs
    What illness is Trump supposed to have ? Bipolar Histrionic , paranoia , depression Etc PDO is not an illness and cannot be cured with medication or therapy

  9. min

    There are other groups taking out law suit- on constitiional matters as well as fraud not only Trump team not all have been rejected . Trump will outsmart them

  10. candy

    We are coming together now to advocate for immediate intervention for our president.

    Okay, so what diagnosis to they give to Biden who fondles little girls and does weird things to them? I’m guessing none – because they are Democrat voters. That’s all it is.

  11. Splatacrobat

    bugger can’t spell

  12. Mother Lode

    So a psychiatrist informed by the biased media reports and deliberately parsed video clips. Quite a pro.

    I love the theatrical show of reluctance.

    As a professional you would think that talking about a diagnosis of which he is serious with family, with friends and so on.

    By the time he pens a column for a major lapsed I think we can safely say he has thrown all caution to the winds.

    As for the political scientist – some who thinks politics is all about politics. The rise of political science seems to have coincided with the decline in politicians. Of course, Trump is not a professional politician and has instead been pragmatic. No favours, no over sensitivity to the agenda of departments, no higher loyalty to a party and its perceived doctrines and ‘essence’.

    For the political scientist Trump is a repudiation of the structure that they and the political class have built around themselves. What if Trump’s way works? Oh, noes!

  13. Karabar

    WHO is it that needs a psychiatric examination???
    Anybody with half an eye can see that the election was rigged.

  14. WX

    Pathologising dissent.
    Remove any focus on an opponent’s message by questioning their values and motivations for such messages. Link with one of the few remaining taboos such as mental health. Reinforce with repetition, consensus, diagnosis by ‘expert.’ Your opponent now has two arguments to make – the original one, and that the same is NOT negated by their moral-cognitive state – against your one (that your opponent should not be listened to; their message is irrelevant). Emphasize the danger that such individuals – dissenters – pose to various groups & communities. Emphasize your role as guardian against these dissenters.
    Shorter version: win by changing the rules.

  15. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    “I’m roolly roolly reluctant to declare in a hugely unread fact free opinion piece based entirely on muh feelz that Fatty Trump is without doubt criminally insane, compounded by his bad orange Florida man tendencies.”

    Gee, thanks for that, you pseudo-intellectual twit.

  16. Viva

    The shrinks are simply betraying their ignorance. Basic self observation reveals we are a bundle of aspects or sub personalities if you will. Trump lets loose his inner “Off the cuff guy chewing the fat at the bar” which he uses to connect to Joe Six Pack a little too often allowing his stupid enemies to judge him on this basis alone. They fail to see the inner steel trap mind that built his billions , the inner true lover of America and its people, the inner strategist, the inner fearless warrior.

    He has a childlike Big Ego which pokes up above the waves. But that just adds colour and movement to all the rest which is sitting there.

  17. Kneel

    “Trump now 39 failed cases at court alleging voting fraud…”

    Fact check: FALSE

    Trump only had 3 (maybe 4) cases – the rest were by other people.

    Only one got tossed, and that was not a voter fraud case, it was an “irregularities” and “improprieties” type case, where Trump alleged unequal treatment of voters, and the court threw it out because those bringing the case were not directly affected (“no standing”) – how someone who is directly affected by the outcome of the election is not affected by irregularities and improprieties in the election is beyond me, but that is what the court said.

    One thing is sure – the only PA judge who has looked at the evidence itself says that PA’s Act 77 (that allowed for universal mail-in voting) appears on it’s face to be unconstitutional and that the complainant has a “good chance” of winning on the merits of the case. PA court has now thrown this out as being “too late”, however this is arguable, given the complainant claims to be unaware of the unconstitutionality of the law prior to the election and further that the same complainant would have suffered no damage prior to the election, which is apparently why SCOTUS rejected a pre-election Trump case on extended mail-in deadlines (“you haven’t suffered any damage yet, come back if and when you do”).

    We don’t know the reasons for the cases Trump is bringing – could easily be to buy time while other information can be obtained, cases against various people “filled out” and so on; a kind of “who’s part of the swamp” head counting exercise. If true, the result is irrelevant, it the process and the delays involved that matter, along with exposing who is defending the cheaters.

    The reality is that Trump doesn’t need to win his court cases, and the more trivial the reason the it being thrown out the better for Trump. All Trump needs to do is convince 3 state legislatures (PA, MI and NV or AZ) that there is a dispute over the election results so that either they do not send EC voters, or to ignore the voting and send EC electors to vote for DJT. Even if he can convince enough federal senators/congressmen of big issues, they could refuse to accept EC votes from certain states.

    This is all not only legal and constitutional, but specifically allowed for in the constitution to help prevent fraudulent voting/voting systems from changing an election. Feel free to argue the moralities and ethics, but realise that the US is largely split 50-50 on who is cheating, or trying to, and the ethics depends on your starting premises.

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