Music maestro: December 5, 2020

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  1. thefrollickingmole

    God bless her and all who sail in her.

  2. thefrollickingmole

    Cover, but a good one.

  3. thefrollickingmole

    Bit of tori never hurt anyone

  4. thefrollickingmole

    oh no Im going batty

  5. thefrollickingmole

    10 years already

  6. thefrollickingmole

    Not a bad year

  7. thefrollickingmole

    I hope this isnt overkill.

  8. thefrollickingmole

    Bit of Graham

  9. thefrollickingmole

    An amusing story behind these 2.

  10. thefrollickingmole

    Me and another roustabout had a music “duel” every morning with Sandman and Kelly St.
    I set him up one morning by ringing in and requesting sandman followed by Kelly St.

    He crowed when Sandman came on then I rubbed his nose in it when this one was played.

  11. thefrollickingmole

    Ive done the top ten…

    Another cover.

  12. thefrollickingmole

    Cant stop or wont stop??

  13. thefrollickingmole

    Oh no hes gone full Floyd

  14. thefrollickingmole

    Kateophiles will crucify…

  15. thefrollickingmole

    Lastly a peace offering.

  16. Rohan

    Van, John and Booker. Awesome.

  17. a happy little debunker

    When it comes to crossing the Styx – I plan to be very polite…Domo Arigato

  18. a happy little debunker

    Wrong copy and paste

  19. A piss-take by Holger Czukay (of Can fame) on the Chinese National anthem, musically speaking

  20. Turtle

    Tantalized – The Church.

    Hey, what’s the coding to embed a vid? I’m a dunce at such things.

  21. thefrollickingmole


    Go to youtube for the vid.
    Once you have the song up left click the address.

    Then go to the cat and paste the address to the comments section, you dont need the link button unless you are wanting to look like your last comment did.

    Also for some reason if you type anything under it seems to disable the player so any commentary do above the link.

    On your screen you should just have the clean youtube link (minus the spacing Ive put in to stop it. com/watch?v=r8v0ieYJLfE&

  22. Steve trickler

    Kringsatt av fiender. 😉

  23. Turtle

    Thanks Thefrollickingmole.

  24. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    I remember what I said about the Raygun

    93.1% of the registered voters …

    voted for that foul syphilitic ol’ geriatric corruptocrat …

    Shining city on a hill. Yeah, grate, Hollyweird …

  25. Steve trickler

    A lot of love from Mexico. Polish youth having a ball.

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