I guess “the psychosis of white supremacy” has its advantages

If known-in-Melbourne Heritier Lumumba reveres Africa, why didn’t he move there instead of Los Angeles?

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24 Responses to I guess “the psychosis of white supremacy” has its advantages

  1. jock

    What a pile of it. US policy has lead Congolese to kill each other?? Yes blame someone else, Its a bit like the Arabs on the West Bank. (they are NOT Palestinians….they cant be. ) They all hate America but will grab a Green card in a trice.

  2. thefrollickingmole

    The only way he can claim to be a victim is to assume a collective identity.

    One of the 1% feeling a need to wallow in imaginary “oppression”.
    No better than white supremacists or other varieties of race pimps.

  3. old bloke

    “LU-MUM-BA. It’s rhythmic. It has a powerful vibration. No matter where I am in the world, I stand taller when people of African descent say it. I feel empowered knowing that my name can connect them to their indigenous tongue’s natural intonation. It means something to people here. They’re proud to pronounce it.

  4. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    I read:

    “Harry O’Brien, an AFL star”

    Never heard of him.

    He chooses to live on the streets of Los Angeles with 70,000 other squatters or something and, with his mates from the Belgian Congo, he sings La Bamba and is unhappy about everything.

    Gees that’s interesting. I imagine he has a race card too.

  5. Roger

    Life is short.

    Going through it with a chip on your shoulder is not recommended.

  6. a happy little debunker

    Born in South America – raised in South America, but thinks it is congruent to his ‘culture’ to live in North America where he is ‘re-connecting’ with his African Homeland.

    Bad ABC, Blind ABC, Ignorant ABC….

  7. Patrick Kelly

    So. His maternal ancestors were native Americans and his father was an asylum seeker from Angola in Brazil (from the link). Sounds like a victimhood claimant in desperate search of a someone to blame. Recommended remedy; a solid dose of Jordan Peterson.

  8. H B Bear

    2nd biggest self-absorbed individual to emerge from the Collingwood football club.

  9. Epicurious

    Wow the ABC farticle went longer than most short novels around today. Oh hang on, maybe it was a short novel. We the Oz tax payers pay some likely rotund turd to write this crap. Defund the police, oops, ABC. This guy needs a chip on the other shoulder to help him balance.

  10. thefrollickingmole

    I have fond memories of mocking Ant Lowenstein over on the gruinaid (before i was banned again) for referring to an Australian of African background as “African American”…

    Which was great, considering his whole article was on identity and racism.

  11. Pedro the Loafer

    I made it about two paragraphs into that tedious PC drivel.

    Short analysis; I don’t give a rat’s ring about what that bozo thinks.

  12. Professor Fred Lenin

    Mist of the “opressed “groups dont have a helluva lot to be proud of in thei history ,,they are quite eager to live in white countries where “civilisation “protects them . Australian “aborigines “couldnt even boil water before the white people arrived ,but Papuans could .

  13. H B Bear

    When you hold the race card and it doesn’t come up trumps.

  14. Reagent

    Is this the biggest ABC News item of all time? It’s about 40 screen pages long and well over 10,000 words.

  15. Suburban Boy

    It must come as a relief for Irish Australians (and Irish people everywhere) that the whining fool isn’t actually Harry O’Brien at all, at all.

  16. David Brewer

    If this ridiculously long, disorganised and one-sided article has been paid at AJA rates, it has cost us taxpayers nearly $8000. Why should we be paying for this? It’s tendentious, divisive, and it’s not “news”, despite appearing under that banner. It’s not even broadcasting. Get the ABC the hell out of this stuff.

  17. PK

    Suburban Boy. Well said. I wish I had thought of it first. Though come to think of it, I can’t recall meeting any Irishmen called ‘Harry’!

  18. theleftfootkick

    Yep as one loyal Collingwood supporter, I think you comment is about 100% correct.

  19. H B Bear

    Is he related to that other well known Irishman, Adam Goodes?

  20. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From H B Bear at 10:51 pm:

    “Is he related to that other well known Irishman, Adam Goodes?”

    Now, now, don’t be noggardly!

  21. yarpos

    To be fair California is rapidly moving to 3rd world hell hole status so it may be comforting, however when ones revered roots are just a different plane ticket away, you have to wonder.

  22. H B Bear

    Africa has always been better experienced in the abstract.

  23. Andre Lewis

    So where he was born in Brazil was racist, Oz gave him a career, fame and money but again was racist. Now lives in LA which he finds is also racist. He thinks of himself as African even though not born or brought up there so why not live in Angola where his family came from? Don’t tell me his own ‘people’ would be racist to him too.

  24. Major Elvis Newton

    The author describes himself as a “self-taught journalist”.

    This is self-evident in the verbose and cloying hagiography scribbled at taxpayer expense on a subject who was little more than an average footballer and who now wants to play the race card to account for his failure to make a life for himself beyond regurgitating race-baiting slogans and co-opting a narrative from those who succeeded where he has not.

    Pure sludge.

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