It’s over – Biden won fair and square

Get over it – Trump lost easily because of his own misbehaviour and incompetence. While I think he did a few good things for the country, he has managed to offend enough people enough of the time that they voted overwhelmingly to oust him from the presidency.

There has been no conspiracy or voter fraud – that is clear – even Trump appointees in the various Courts have found no significant examples of voter fraud. Whether you like it or not, Trump lost in a landslide (much more than the margin between him and Hillary Clinton in 2016).

His behaviour since the election has been nothing short of scandalous. trying to tear the country apart and grossly mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic, leading to massive deaths and human misery.

The man is an absolute con artist who has beguiled too many people with a tale of draining the swamp when he actually added to the swamp and used the presidency to advance his own family’s interests just like the many petty dictators around the world. Trump is no different to Marcos, Ceaușescu and many other tyrants who have lined their own pockets at the expense of the public.

That the Cat is full of conspiracy theorists is deeply concerning. There is much to be worried about in society today, including wokeism, climate changer paranoia and the like, but latching onto the like of Trump was always going to be a false dawn. Instead he has destroyed the Republicans and their sensible policy framework and helped entrench the democrats which are increasingly populated by the nutty leftists.

The GoP needs a new figure to unite them, build their political capital and promote the virtues of capitalism and the market economy and democracy so that the US can once again be a beacon to the world. Instead the era of Trumpism has destroyed

It is time to forget Trump and hope that he is soon seen by everyone as the angry old sore loser that he is. And it is time that the Cat contributors accepted his fate and  opened their eyes to his incompetence and corruption.

Persisting in fantasies of stolen elections is not going to help your own mental health, will accomplish nothing and just cause you too to be angry, disillusioned and ignored. Don’t be a conspiracy theorist, please, otherwise people will start seeing you as deranged.

About Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.
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  1. Crossie says:

    #3681459, posted on December 6, 2020 at 3:36 pm
    The premise of this article (that Trump has been bad for America and the GOP) is fundamentally flawed.
    Trump can survive (maybe not as president) without the Republican Party, but I seriously doubt that the Republican Party can survive without him.
    Sucking up to and surrendering to their bitter enemies, the Democrats, which people like LQC seem to advocate, will ultimately destroy the Republicans.
    And could well result in a new right wing party in the long run.

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Trump started the new party on 20th January as the dementia patient is being sworn in as president? Republicans have chosen Biden and will regret is bitterly, 75 million Americans gave Trump their votes because they liked what he was doing not because he is Republican.

  2. Crossie says:

    That case is now I think docketed for SCOTUS. When a similar hearing was sought before the election, they threw the case out on the grounds of lack of standing, because the plaintiffs had not yet suffered harm.

    I have no faith in the Supreme Court, six swamp creatures and Amy Coney Barrett still an unknown quantity. They are probably right now negotiating who will be on the losing side of a 5:4 decision.

  3. dover_beach says:

    It’s quite amusing that Cruz is defending Trump contesting the election in PA, WI, and the like while LQC is saying he should just surrender:

  4. Dot says:

    Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus
    #3681453, posted on December 6, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    Oh come on, there is no systematic electoral fraud

    Why are you lying about this? There is documentary evidence. There is multiple CCTV accounts. There are thousands of eyewitnesses. There are tens of thousands of dead voters in MI.

    This sort of stuff requires a level of organised criminality. Why lie?

    Do you honestly think Biden is better than Trump?

    Sniffing kids
    Crackhead son on tape banging hookers

    Terrible policies like shutting down US coal and oil.

    How on earth does anyone who describes themselves as conservative or libertarian prefer Biden over Trump?

    It’s as bad as the idea to support Putin over Obama.

  5. m0nty says:

    Trump is not going to start a new party. He controls the GOP already. He has skimmed $200M in profit since the election going through Republican channels to fill his coffers with donations from small-donor suckers. Why would he give that cash spigot up?

    LQC’s OP is prosaic, setting out the truth in boring but effective fashion. Of course you lot won’t accept it. Reality has a left-wing bias.

  6. Albatross says:

    Well, now we have official confirmation that Lucy is wrong. A mUnt endorsement is the kiss of death.

  7. Nato says:

    I have developed a deep appreciation for the concept of catallaxy since reading this blog and these outgrowths of diverse and disparate goals keep the catallaxyfiles fresh (and well seasoned with salt in the comments). Love it.

  8. LBLoveday says:

    Kneel wrote:

    No democrat candidate has been able to win with less than 90% of the black vote, but Trump got 15+% of the black vote and still lost.

    How can the %age of classes of voters be calculated? The ballot papers do not identify the voter’s race, colour, sex…., people who answer polls lie and polls are notoriously inaccurate.

  9. LQC, you are I think, intelligent. You are also, it seems, totally and utterly blind. Either than or on someone’s payroll. I hope it is that you are blind.

  10. 2dogs says:

    Monty, how do you expect the supreme court to rule next week?

    Consider the evidence that will be presented before it, and who the justices are.

  11. Crossie says:

    Oh come on, there is no systematic electoral fraud

    How much more “systematic” can it get than the mass COVID-19 mail votes?

  12. Rex Anger says:

    . Of course you lot won’t accept it. Reality has a left-wing bias.

  13. Kneel says:

    “Why would he give that cash spigot up?”


    Trump is the only President for the last 30+ years to end up poorer than when he started. He was a billionaire and could easily have lived a life of luxury in any one of his hotels worldwide.

    Instead he ran for President, because, he said, he loves his country. He also said he only ran (and won) because the previous lot didn’t do their job properly (sounds believable to me).

    As others have noted, he either did what he promised or at least created media outrage for his attempt to keep a promise, and he did it while facing a hostile house that impeached him and a hostile FBI that investigated him for 5 years (yes, from when he was a candidate!)

    He still managed to:
    Cut taxes.
    Reduce regulations.
    Got US companies actually HQ’ed (and paying tax) in the US.
    Raised pay for lower and middle income earners.
    Economy booming.
    Did not start any new wars.
    Building the wall (still – it’s a big job!)
    Made the USA energy independent.
    Renegotiated trade deals to US advantage (ie, actually made them fair)
    Created first new peace deals in the ME for 30 years.
    Got nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (twice).

    Staid in the face of a pandemic, trying to give hope to the population and the only “big player” (pretty much globally, really – with the obvious exception) to state the bleeding obvious: the cure can’t be worse than the disease! We must prepare for the worst, but life goes on. MUST go on.

    Even after months of COVID financial stress, polling says most Americans feel better off than 4 years ago.

    Dems came close to losing the house, lost several state houses, lost every single “toss up” and “lean Dem” district. If R’s win GA senate vote, that’s 52(R):48(D) in the senate.

    And yet, I am to believe that despite the above, and the questionable actions I’ve previously posted re the election, you expect me to believe that it’s all above board, no investigation needed or wanted?

    Hey, I’m reasonable – if you have a simple face-palmingly simple explanation for all that stuff, I’m all ears.

    It’s funny, in 2016:
    First they laughed at him.
    Then they ignored him.
    Then they fought him.
    Then they lost.

    In 2020, they’ve already tried the first 2, now they’re on to number 3.

    I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I do know this: they said Trump was paranoid when he said they were bugging him – but he was right about that, wasn’t he?
    Do you think he wouldn’t prepare for what he said was coming?
    Do you think maybe he’s distracting you with talk about fraud, while he goes for civil case improprieties?
    Meanwhile, Sidney Powell is “releasing the Kraken” – saying she’s actually “furious”, which sounds dangerous given how things played out with Flynn when she was just “angry”.

    I duuno what will happen, other than much popcorn consumption – not much else I can do about it, eh?

  14. HD says:

    Reading this, erm, is 5th December the new April fools’ or something(?)

  15. Fang says:

    LQC I believe is one of Cat Admin’s That has been developed to throw in a “different” perspective to get the Cats talking! And boy are they talking! Clever Admin’s. 😉

    Now! With what we now know with USA (and world wide!) Election fraud!
    Trump and republicans would have easily smashed my 100 million+ votes I predicted all year!😁
    Its taken longer than we wanted, but uncovering the steal has been a process to get very reluctant witnesses to come forward! Which gathers momentum for lots more witnesses to come forward as well.
    This USA election must be legal and above board, otherwise there be no trust in election there and abroad! I do think there will be major conflict if Trump is Scotus elected! But I do believe the National Guard would be deployed for domestic purposes!
    I also believe that there will be multiple attempts on the Trumps! If he’s re elected!😪
    If Biden get through! All hell will break loose, and that leaves us in Oz, vulnerable to Chinas wants! USA will be to busy busting lefty heads to worry about anybody else in the world!😢

  16. stackja says:

    LQC reminds me of another poster when Trump first emerged.
    Never Trump then never Trump now.
    I didn’t believe was genuine then.
    Not genuine now.
    Biden disaster will probably have war. Dems have always created wars.
    Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK LBJ…

  17. Oh come on says:

    While I think he did a few good things for the country


  18. 2dogs says:


    Proving actual fraud is not necessary.

    It’s like getting audited by the tax office. You may have been truthful with your claims, but if you don’t have the receipts, your deductions are disallowed.

  19. Exit Stage Right says:

    “There has been no conspiracy or voter fraud – that is clear.”

    Lucy, had another read of your piffle and am even more convinced that you have your head up your arse.
    No conspiracy or voter fraud! I guess not if you are only getting your information from the ABC and Guardian, those so called purveyors of “news”.
    I agree with some other commenter’s that your article was put on this blog solely to increase site traffic. It worked!

  20. Grip says:

    Has anyone else pointed out the irony that the site which was 100% certain that witnesses cannot always be believed when it came to Pell are now 100% sure about believing the string of dubious, primed-to-believe- by-Trump-even-before-the-election-that-if-he-lost-it-would-be-fraud, “witnesses” who have given evidence on the election?

    Just wondering.

    The claims of fraud amount to either hypotheticals, misinterpretations of innocent behaviour, claims repeated by extremely partisan “media” or internet commentators who have clearly done no investigation as to their veracity, and are being rejected by courts for these reasons.

    The mainstream media is calling it correctly, as are the internet giants – and you’re getting upset that your partisan blindness to what constitutes credible evidence is causing you to close off into your own hermetically sealed conspiracy belief world.

    The ongoing effect to the Republicans will depend on:
    a. how many have genuinely bought into conspiracy world themselves; and
    b. how many are not calling out Trump yet, but will as soon as the electoral college has confirmed Biden.

    This is difficult to judge at the moment. But I strongly suspect that the party will have to turn on Trump try to recover his “base”.

  21. Kneel says:

    “Has anyone else pointed out the irony that the site which was 100% certain that witnesses cannot always be believed when it came to Pell are now 100% sure about believing the string of dubious, primed-to-believe- by-Trump-even-before-the-election-that-if-he-lost-it-would-be-fraud, “witnesses” who have given evidence on the election?”

    There is a difference of scale here – in the Pell trial, it was one persons word against another, in this case, there are >10,000 sworn statements, in many cases multiple witnesses to the same event.

    “…conspiracy belief world.”

    I don’t know what happened, I don’t know there was a conspiracy, but I do know there are enough eyewitness accounts of at best questionable practices that a thorough investigation is warranted.

    Fraud will be hard to prove, as it requires intent to be shown. Plus, if HRC is in any way involved or implicated, in one of those coincidences that makes you suspect foul play, people have a habit of dying unexpectedly if it adversely affect her.

    However, the civil case of mis/mal-feasance is currently being tried – let’s wait for the process to complete, shall we? Results can (and should) be nullified if process was significantly ignored, willfully or accidentally.

    As I’ve said before, there are indications of a coordinated effort, but that is actually secondary at this point – right now, we need to know if the results are reliable. We can chase why not later.

  22. Rex Anger says:

    Getting a little desperate there with the demoralisation, Grip?

    “The more you tighten your Grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers…”

    These aren’t the Gulags, you know. Black is not white, Up is not Down. And I do not love Big Brother.

    Now get get your fingers off the gas light controls before I bite them, bugman!

  23. Ozman says:

    #3681108, posted on December 6, 2020 at 9:44 am

    That was a worthwhile read. Great summation.

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