As an aside. Just sharing.

This is not the normal type of content on the Cat, but having just stumbled upon, TAFKAS thought he would share – International Table Tennis Match Fixing Scandal Exposed.

TAFKAS’ familiarity with table tennis is limited to playing at a friends house well before the interest, and possibly colour television.  Notwithstanding this surprised and slightly amused.

After a lengthy investigation, Police have laid proceeds of crime charges against an Australian table tennis player and brought down an international match fixing syndicate.

Adam Green, a world-renowned former professional player is alleged to be the mastermind behind predetermined table tennis matches in the Ukraine.

NSW detectives say they tracked betting trails tied to money remittance involving approximately $500,000 to Mr Green’s Newcastle home.

Perhaps if this occurred in Victoria, VicPol would have pepper sprayed and tasered the alleged mastermind for not wearing a mask.

This line in the article also caught TAFKAS’ eye:

Suspicions were raised and the agencies referred their analysis to Sports Integrity Australia – the country’s corruption watchdog. The NSW Organised Crime Squad were also notified.

Now that is interesting.  Sports Integrity Australia is Australia’s corruption watchdog.  If so, why do we need a Federal ICAC?

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  1. Daily llama says:

    I beg to differ, TAFKAS.
    Table tennis is indeed one of the most dangerous sports ever conceived.
    Some years ago, during my stint in the outback, to ease the boredom I organised a weekend of TT.
    We found 2 tables, set things up at the basketball court, which had lighting, got the bbq going, all good.
    At issue was that everyone- about 40 people, some from over 100km away, with their swags etc., also bought approximately 700 gallons of beer per person, along with that most loved of all outback beverages, Bundy Rum.
    Friday night wasn’t too bad. By lunchtime Saturday the riot police had been choppered in, but they were chased off with a barrage of empty VB cans. It went downhill after that.

  2. duncanm says:

    the only ping-pong worth watching..

  3. max says:

    Just reading this:

    peak prosperity
    WTF Happened in 2020?
    David B. Collum
Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Cornell University

    I was inadvertently ready for the pandemic in some odd ways. I love medieval history, had just finished a book on the Black Death in the fall of 2019, and was pondering immunology when Covid-19 struck. Ah, the first contention: I refuse to capitalize the whole thing because COVID- 19 makes no sense linguistically—it’s not correct for an acronym or proper name—and using all caps is shouting and distracts from other attempts at emphasis. SHOULD I TYPE LIKE THIS? I
    don’t care what everybody else on the planet does. They are wrong. Screw ‘em. I appear to have gotten Covid-19 at birth; I have been tasteless and urged by friends and family to social distance since childhood. Obviously I should wax philosophically about the Covid-19, right? But what do you say to 350 million basement-dwelling bunker monkeys who are now expert epidemiologists and virologists with rock-solid opinions of what parts of the pandemic sucked the saltiest balls? I dedicate far less page space to the pandemic or the elections than you might expect.

  4. max says:

    The YIR poses risk—possibly considerable risk—every year, but this year is special. No guff no glory I guess. There are a ton of social justice crazies (SJCs) out there. In the 65th year of my personal sitcom, the writers keep hurling absurdities to keep the series running, but I got canceled anyway. No, not by Covid-19 (unless this is The Sixth Sense) but by the diversity- industrial complex otherwise known as the Klan of the Kancel Kulture (KKK), virtuously broadcasting to the world that I am a seriously twisted bastard. It is hard to argue with that. However, if people in visible positions feel they cannot speak up right now, when will they speak up? On their deathbeds? If a 65-year-old tenured professor can’t express unpopular ideas, who can? A 9-to-5-er who could be fired in a heartbeat has no voice. I will keep spewing drivel because somebody has to do it.

  5. Daily llama says:

    Max sounds like someone who came to our TT competition!

  6. H B Bear says:

    These table tennis players. Do they play for Essendon or Carlton?

  7. Bruce says:

    Llama; if you ever organize a bush polo competition, take loots of photos and post them here.

    Something about the spectre of the Geebung Polo Club.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    If so, why do we need a Federal ICAC?

    The alphabet agencies love batting balls from agency to agency. It’s like Dan and the decision about security guards which mysteriously made itself. You can’t just have one alphabet agency, they might be held to account. Much better if they can say it was THEM’s responsibility, so that the them at THEM can then deny they were told anything about it.

  9. Tony Taylor says:


    Those Rooskies love a good scam. Cheating is in their DNA.

  10. RobK says:

    I posit that gambling preceded sport.
    It’s arguable that matches were made to fix.

  11. ACTOldFart says:

    “Perhaps if this occurred in Victoria, VicPol would have pepper sprayed and tasered the alleged mastermind … ”

    May I perhaps amplify on that?

    “Perhaps if this occurred in Victoria, VicPol would have asked the perpetrator for a kick back, or asked him if he had any dirt on George Pell, and if he answered no, pepper sprayed and tasered the alleged mastermind … “

  12. Warwick Townsend says:

    Nobody considered the man may actually be a successful punter.

  13. grumpy says:

    This is the only ping pong worth watching. The YouTube version is blocked.

  14. grumpy says:

    I wish I could get this link thingy to work consisently.

  15. Dot says:

    They can catch this obscure crime but can’t look for 2.3 of funny money used to attack Pell?

  16. Dot says:


    Alleged crime; I’ve met a few pro gamblers outside of corporate finance so yes, he’s not condemned yet.

  17. a reader says:

    Sport Integrity Australia is some bureaucrat wet dream. Take ASADA with all its flaws and then give them even more power

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