“My own mudder won’t let me go to the pub”

She sold out Daddy along the way but, hey, whatever it takes for this noble cause. In the end, I was convinced.

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  1. Daily llama

    That’s gold. I’ve got a 5 yo granddaughter and apart from the accent she’s the spitting image!

  2. Delta

    Priceless – much the same as my five year old granddaughter! Some light relief with all the other posts flying this way and that. Thanks.

  3. pbw

    The secret is, get Mum laughing.

  4. Some History

    What is a pob? 🙂

  5. a happy little debunker

    Dad’s hearts are being broken every day…

  6. Leigh Lowe

    The kid has a fantastic command of language for a six year old.

  7. Pedro the Loafer

    Lovely ray of sunshine amongst all the doom and gloom posting elsewhere at the Cat.

    Brought a smile to my cranky old face.

  8. MatrixTransform

    what a cherub.

    word to the wise … don’t try word games wit’ the Oirish

  9. She never said ‘like’ once. There is hope for the future after all.

  10. Biota

    Love that the kid is passionately arguing her case and not blubbering that she can’t go.

  11. Fair Shake

    Why wont she letter?

  12. calli

    In the end, I was convinced.

    Me too. I was in a time machine watching my own daughter arguing her case.

    No guesses what she went on to be. This one probably will as well.

  13. Up The Workers!


    Just give her just one small nip of scotch whisky and hopefully it may put off all her ambitions for a debauched, drunken life for about the next 12 years!

    The art of compromise.

    That’s a future Prime Minister of Ireland, right there.

  14. Maman

    So, the mum is basically baiting the kid, the kid is playing along, the mum is videoing it on her phone and putting it up on youtube.

    A generation of kids whose relationship with their parents/adults is constantly mediated through a “screen”. Cool.

    Cranky Granny

  15. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Maman, not really. This is just modern parenting. You have to fully explain it to the child and listen to their justifications. My own mother would have said you’re not going, and that’s that, and my dad would have clouted me one if I’d taken it any further, but I hardly had an ideal upbringing. So having received that treatment, I mostly listened to my kids, and yes, their explanations were hilarious and their intensity in argumentation was similar to the above.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this clip and that little girl reminded me so much of my grand daughters, one in particular who takes after me a lot.

  16. bollux

    Girls learning to be wives.

  17. C.L.

    A generation of kids whose relationship with their parents/adults is constantly mediated through a “screen”.

    Maman, you make a valid point but, to me, it’s to be judged case by case.

    Plus, parents have been posing, baiting and showing off their children with cameras and home videos for a long, long time – well before the advent of iPhones.

    I follow Irish news and affairs quite a bit which is why YouTube ‘recommended’ this video, I guess. I thought it was pretty funny.

  18. Old School Conservative

    Mum didn’t once use “because I said so”.
    Trouble lies ahead.

  19. Epicurious

    Talking of the Irish

    The Final Word…

    A Greek and an Irishman were sitting in a Starbucks one day comparing their two cultures.

    Over a double latte, the Greek mentions “We built the Parthenon, you may recall, along with the Temple of Apollo.”

    “Well, it was the Irish that discovered the Summer and Winter Solstices.”

    “But it was the Greeks who gave birth to advanced mathematics.”

    “Granted, but it was the Irish who built the first timepieces.”

    Knowing that he’s about to deliver the coup de grace, the son of Athens points out with a note of finality: “Keep in mind that it was the ancient Greeks who invented the notion of sex as a pleasurable activity!”

    “True enough, but it was the Irish who got women involved.”

    There is no vaccine against stupidity.

    ~ Albert Einstein

  20. covid ate my homework

    Epicurios, Nois!

  21. covid ate my homework

    Warning Mummy, narcissism ALERT!

    The removal of all hardship creates weakness. No sure? Just turn on your telly.

  22. covid ate my homework


    UN Convention on the Rights of Children – guaranteed no more physical abuse or sexual exploitation, the right and freedom of education and the “best interests” of the child be the top priority, just to mention a few.

    How has that worked?

    Article 5 (parental guidance and a child’s evolving capacities) Governments must respect the rights and responsibilities of parents and carers to provide guidance and direction to their child as they grow up, so that they fully enjoy their rights. This must be done in a way that recognises the child’s increasing capacity to make their own choices.

    A lot of parents have failed miserably with this one.

  23. Entropy

    Good on Dad for ignoring her.

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