This is real

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  1. feelthebern

    This seems like a yet to be screened episode of Red Dwarf.

  2. K2

    Some compo/OHS lawyer is presently preparing a neck/back injury claim.

  3. Mother Lode

    Wish they were the old CRT TVs. Watching them being careful not to lean forward or back, not to lean to the side.

    And if they fall on their backs they can be there with arms and legs moving like an overturned tortoise.

  4. feelthebern

    This has to babylonbee-esque.

  5. C.L.

    Wish they were the old CRT TVs.


  6. duncanm

    do they have licenses for those things?

  7. Dot

    Imagine being this guy.

    It’s almost enough punishment for his participation in this foulsome manoeuvring to delete civil liberties in the West for good.

    Good money on him not doing very much interesting in his life, having job satisfaction or being a complete human being.

  8. duncanm

    #3720091, posted on January 11, 2021 at 3:05 pm
    On the Bradford Council website, there is the dibber dobber form.


    Ooops – wasn’t this a survey?

  9. This is what you get when you put the chicks in charge.

  10. shatterzzz

    Sure it’s Bradford .. that bloke looks white!

  11. Mother Lode

    It is a brilliant idea.

    There are no doubt millions of Britons who have not heard of Covid and the lockdowns and all the little rituals to imbue the panic with a participatory (even propitiatory) element.

    They will be outside, see these tottering soyboys, march right up to 1.5m from them, and say “Thank you. I thank you, and my family thanks you. I did not know until I saw your the image above your manbun like a thought bubble.”

    Seriously though, it is amazing to see how much money these councils have to waste.

  12. Captain Katzenjammer

    It’s an update of the flat earth nuts who used to roam the Domain on Sundays, with sandwich boards, with CAPital lettERS in ODD places.

  13. sfw

    On Melb freeways the signs tell you if you’re not feeling well to stay home. If wuflu is as bad as they say it is, shouldn’t the signs tell you to seek urgent medical attention.

  14. duncanm

    I suggest you all submit a response to the Bradford Karen survey.

    It only takes a couple of minutes.. just look up some postcodes in the UK, and you’re done.

    There is a free-text box to give them a what-for.

  15. Megan

    This seems like a yet to be screened episode of Red Dwarf.

    I loved that show. Till Krudd took over Rimmer.

  16. Professor FredLenin

    We used to have a tv that took two men o lift it put one on these guys and they aee going nowhere .
    Sounds like Bradford has a regressive global is socialist council only those wankers woukd dream this up bet none of the councillors wear one .tgats for the peasants not the eelites .

  17. Mark M

    Someday they won’t let you,
    Now you must agree
    The times they are a-telling,
    And the changing isn’t free
    You read it in the tea leaves,
    And the tracks are on tv
    Beware the savage lure,
    Of 1984 – David Bowie

  18. egg_

    sandwich boards, with CAPital lettERS in ODD places

    Sounds like y’ole ransom notes from Newspaper clippings.

  19. MatrixTransform

    We should all chip in and get one for Numpty

  20. covid ate my homework

    Daily Lamprey must be pissed that he didn’t come up with this one. Conservatismismism sucks!

  21. MatrixTransform

    This is what you get when you put the chicks in charge.

    like the state Premiers of VIC, NSW, and QLD

    last 24hrs in Vic.

    18,660 tests and zero cases

    the 3 crazy moles get their heads together and came up with a Traffic Light colour coding system for the emergency

  22. Epicurious

    Which country leader was it when questioned as to why they didn’t have any Covid responded with “we don’t watch TV”. This explains it all.

  23. This is how bureaucracies operate. It does no good to point out how silly this all is. THEY PROBABLY KNOW already.
    Bureaucracies only function is to create work for itself. Any excuse will do.
    The “best run” bureaucracies not only create new work, but their bureaucracy grows with it.

    I can literally hear Sir Humphrey explaining this to Bernard.

  24. Bronson

    What other stations does it get and does it play movies to?

  25. Allen

    The Covid scare is getting more like “The Skradje” Episode of The Goons every day.
    John Snagge:
    [Prerecorded] Good evening. I’m speaking to you about these boot-explosions. We, the government are doing all in our power to rectify this grave Scradje-deficiency which apparently exists. Until then, the British public must take the following precautions. To prevent yourselves exploding, remove your boots, reverse the buttons on your socks and walk backwards, holding a gas-stove above your head. I do hope this is only a temporary measure. Good night.

  26. grumpy

    Welcome to the new abnormal!

  27. Dusty

    Cyberpunk 2077 came out recently. I saved myself 80 bucks by not playing it, but living it instead.

  28. Bruce of Newcastle

    If Bradford thinks they have to do this it means the people aren’t listening to them anymore.
    Which is self-evidently likely given this bonkers stunt.

  29. The BigBlueCat

    I’d be demanding equality / affirmative action for that job … or is it only suitable for indigenous britons?

  30. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Bluddee hell – this is what collective insanity looks like.

    And we’re now all existing (evidently happily) with it. 🤬

  31. H B Bear

    Bet they wished they worked harder at school.

  32. H B Bear

    UK councils are a strong argument against devolving greater powers on local government.

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