Australia on the lamb, 2021

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  1. Mak Siccar says:

    Love it!

  2. C.L. says:

    Best Australian ad for a long, long time.
    The Morrison finale is hilarious.

  3. Captain Katzenjammer says:

    Like lambs to the laughter.

  4. 132andBush says:

    That is fantastic!!

    Morro at the end was a real lol.

  5. Speedbox says:

    Fantastic. Bloody clever and funny. Scotty at the end is a great touch.

  6. hzhousewife says:

    Very clever and amusing – lamb for us on OzDay

  7. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    Don’t give up yet, WA, you’ll secede one day.

  8. Walter Plinge says:

    I like lamb and would eat a lot more of it if it weren’t so fearfully expensive. I bought a couple of piece of lamb backstrap this morning at $46 a kilo. Granted, this was a premium stand-alone butcher and not Woolworths. Even lamb chops at Aldi are more expensive that I want to pay.

  9. Biota says:

    As I eat my lamb salad for lunch….great ad, so much humour and ripping off jammed in.

  10. calli says:

    It’s perfect.

    Not all the joy has been ripped out of the place.

  11. calli says:

    Compare and contrast with the pathetic scold that is the Australia Day ad.

  12. Megan says:

    Compare and contrast with the pathetic scold that is the Australia Day ad.

    Gives my OFF button the best workout since Gillard.

  13. John64 says:

    The security guard is a racial stereotype surely?

    Will be banned by the end of the week.

  14. Lee says:

    Love it.
    Wonder how long it will be before it is banned by our authoritarian premiers.

  15. Chris M says:

    Haha great! Imagine if such a good sized bunch of people actually did exist in Australia.

  16. Dave in Marybrook says:

    Eat more lamb you bastards
    If that Morrison gag was twelve months ago, it would have been fresh and edgy
    Should we be concerned that there were more Maoris than Aboriginals visible?

  17. Snotball says:

    Wonder how long until some woke wanker gets it banned?

  18. Struth says:

    Stevanovic is disgusted.

  19. Struth says:

    I laughed and cried when I saw that add.
    With sadness and also relief that people are still out there to make adds like that.
    What the woman popping up from the tunnel says,and the bloke saying, No not the united states of Australia, just Australia, to the little girl, I lost it.
    Glad no one was home.

  20. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha says:

    Compare and contrast with the pathetic scold that is the Australia Day ad.

    “Pathetic scold” – well said!

  21. Snotball says:

    The official Australia Day add is nothing but a sad attempt at woke wankery. Every minority group depicted has a veiled crack at the system and the message and pretence is that we could be one big and diverse happy family if whitey would just wake up to himself.

  22. Albatross says:

    Wow. A television advertisment that doesn’t make me feel alienated.

  23. Lee says:

    Stevanovic is disgusted.

    Well, he knows what he can do with himself.

  24. Bela Bartok says:

    Wil Anderson is tweeting his denunciation of the ad as we speak….
    (Actually, I just made that up, but he’s a dick so fair-game.)

  25. pbw says:

    This is extraordinary. Bless the lamb marketers.

  26. calli says:

    Mmmm. Lamb loin chops on the barbie tonight too. I think I’ll be cheffie and serve them with some mint sauce.

  27. mundi says:

    Scomo still PM in 2031!

  28. Tintarella di Luna says:

    I had never eaten lamb in my whole life until the night I went home to be introduced to the Sunbather’s parents. We had lamb roast with crispy roasted potatoes and veggies and mint sauce and gravy. What a revelation.

    I went home to my Italian mamma and asked why we’d never eaten lamb before and was told it was because all she could smell at the butcher shop was mutton and didn’t think she’d ever be sold lamb. It became ur most favoured meat for mamma, God rest her soul, and all my family.

    We had slow-roasted boned lamb shoulder on Christmas day as well as the other food groups, chicken, pork beef and prawns. Lamb on all festive occasions, though.

  29. duncanm says:

    I’d eat more lamb, too, if it wasn’t so damn expensive.

  30. Lee says:

    Love roast lamb, not so much lamb chops.
    But living by myself makes it unfeasible to cook.

  31. pbw says:


    The Morrison finale is hilarious.

    Did you notice Palaszczuk sitting on a bench when the breakthrough happened?

  32. Mr Johnson says:

    Ahh, it’s great to see an awesome Ad that makes me laugh and feel proud at the same time! Well done Aussie Lamb.

  33. covid ate my homework says:

    I had never eaten lamb in my whole life

    Likewise, I also once told my mum that all the other kids at school talked about lamb dinners and asked why we never had it? She replied “we had sheep too but we’d shear them for the wool until they keeled over then we’d chop them up and feed it to the pigs”. I still steer clear of anything sheep-like.

    However I loved the ad and am amazed there were no idiot men with the obligatory scornful super genius wife laughing off their husbands shortcomings.

  34. Arky says:

    What a load of shit.
    Advertising people. Horrendous wankers.
    You are assuming the ad is teeing off on the lockdowns and border closures. Because you’re on the right and still hypnotised by the Australian brand, despite having it well and truly demonstrated to you it was only ever to manipulate you.
    Progressives, meanwhile, are assuming it’s teeing off on Trump’s wall. “Timely, maybe Biden will pull it down”.
    Meanwhile both sides have a little titter at the anti- American “It’s just Australia” after the girl says “United States of Australia”.
    You all make me sick.

  35. Arky says:

    Eat your lamb and go fuck yourselves.

  36. calli says:

    Thanks Sunshine!

  37. covid ate my homework says:

    Whatever you do Arky, don’t ever change. Priceless!

  38. Arky says:

    At this point you are so pathetic and lost that you cheer an advert merely because it isn’t openly contemptuous of you.
    Do you not see how pathetic that is?

  39. covid ate my homework says:

    The Cadbury ad had me hurling up my lunch, bugger it now I’m hungry.

  40. calli says:

    Here, have some more food. You look hungry. And cranky.

  41. Arky says:

    I’ll write my own damn lamb advert, because that was so stupid:
    – Camera pans over a brilliant Taranaki or some other North Island sunrise over stunning provincial pasture land.
    Cut to gambolling lambs.
    We slowly become aware of a rhythmic slapping sound and discordant bleating.
    Camera pans and zooms in on a kiwi with his pants around his ankles rooting the hell out of a sheep.
    Camera pulls back to dischordant jangling disruption of sound track, like a needle scraping across a record.
    Aussie walks into frame scratching his arse and swigging from a VB stubby.
    “Can I have that when you’re finished fella? I’m fucking starving”.

  42. calli says:

    Stop frightening the kiddies Arky.

    Here. Have a chop.

  43. covid ate my homework says:

    Easy Arky, I’ve heard of tenderising meat but you’ve gone a step too far.

  44. Michel Lasouris says:


  45. Roger says:

    Compare and contrast with the pathetic scold that is the Australia Day ad.

    Haven’t seen it as I don’t watch much TV these days.

    But let me guess…it’s a mini-lecture on multikulti?

  46. cuckoo says:

    The “I [heart] wall” merchandise is a brilliant touch. Unmistakable dig at the “I stand with Dan” zombies.

    And the headlines: Further delays in NBN, and Sydney votes itself best city again.

  47. Arky says:

    “That’s why I’m wearing a mint flavoured condom bro”.

  48. Saltwater says:

    A gloryhole with bits of sheep sticking out of it?

    Nobody tell New Zealand.

  49. Dave in Marybrook says:

    And for the record, WA is where all the lambs is at, after youx eastern state types burnt and biltong’d yours in all of those droughts and fires.
    At Christmas, hogget ewes heading east from Katanning at $270/head.
    Katanning. F.M.D.

  50. Jannie says:

    There is a State in Australia with no sheep?

  51. Ed Case says:

    ***strong>Progressives, meanwhile, are assuming it’s teeing off on Trump’s wall. “Timely, maybe Biden will pull it down”.***
    You mean the 80 miles of chain link fence, 1,874 miles still to complete.
    No wall, tho.

  52. Ed Case says:

    Not a bad Ad, it would be safe to say that less than 1% of Lamb eaten in Qld originates in Qld.

  53. billie says:

    now to help all those poor and unhappy lobster fishemen in WA

    I have a steamer and a pot of butter right here

  54. Old School Conservative says:

    You mean the 80 miles of chain link fence, 1,874 miles still to complete.

    “According to a CBP status report, the U.S. has constructed 438 miles of “border wall system” under Trump, as of Dec. 18. Most of that, 365 miles of it, as we said, is replacement for primary or secondary fencing that was dilapidated or of outdated design. In addition, 40 miles of new primary wall and 33 miles of secondary wall have been built in locations where there were no barriers before.” Dec 2020.
    More detail:
    “the Trump administration has built hundreds of miles of border fencing, more than under any other president in American history.”
    “Other border experts warn not to minimize the impact of the replacement fencing. In some cases, the new barriers erected replaced fencing made from Vietnam-era landing mats. U.S. Customs and Border Protection also has replaced nearly 200 miles of vehicle barriers — the type that people could walk right through — with 30-foot-high steel bollards, lighting and other technology.”

  55. Roger says:


    Ed Case was wrong…who’d have thought it possible?

  56. pbw says:

    For Arky: why it matters.

    Ridicule: the scourge of tyrants everywhere. I love the ad because it ridicules the shutdowns, and because advertisers don’t spend money unless they’re confident it will be well-received (last year’s ad notwithstanding.) That indicates that Cats are not the only ones who are fed up with this garbage. That’s a message that won’t be lost on the windvanes who circulate in our Parliaments.

  57. Ed Case says:

    Buy a $35 angle grinder from WalMart and you can walk right thru that fence.
    Angle Grinders don’ work on walls but Trump hasn’t built any.
    Back to the subject, Lamb is Southern European/Middle Eastern peasant tucker.
    Australia’s national food is Beef

  58. hzhousewife says:

    Back to the subject, Lamb is Southern European/Middle Eastern peasant tucker.
    Australia’s national food is Beef

    Not on my planet.

  59. Nob says:

    Dave in Marybrook
    #3721468, posted on January 12, 2021 at 2:17 pm
    Should we be concerned that there were more Maoris than Aboriginals visible?

    Well, that’s the reality in most Australian cities.

    Maori emigrated to Australia at twice the rate of white NZers and haven’t superboosted their numbers with mostly-white academics like Aboriginals have.

  60. Snotball says:

    Well it lasted one day! Have seen the add twice today and the Scomo bit at the end has been dropped. Weak as piss! Now just watch the rest of it be neutered. The woke ones have prevailed again.

  61. Arky says:

    I love the ad because it ridicules the shutdowns

    No, it didn’t.
    You just think it does.
    Progressives will think it ridicules Trump’s wall.
    It’s a rorschach test, you see what you want to see.
    that’s why clever dick advertising gurus make money.

  62. There is a State in Australia with no sheep?

    Technically yes.
    Sheep are illegal in the NT.

  63. pbw says:


    No, it didn’t.
    You just think it does.

    What’s the difference betwen it’s really ridiculing the lockdowns, and viewers thinking (with me) it ridicules them? Serious question.

    What matters is what people think it says. If sufficent numbers of people think it’s ridicule, then it’s ridicule, no?

  64. Arky says:

    If sufficent numbers of people think it’s ridicule, then it’s ridicule, no?

    What matters is the intent.
    The intent is to sell lamb.
    It’s progressivism to think that it’s the way the message is received that counts.
    That’s the reasoning used to drag a thousand innocent men in front of hate speech regulators.
    It’s the intent that counts.
    Other than the fact that the advert is designed to sell lamb, I think all of you are reading into not just something that isn’t there, but something not intended.
    Unless the agency comes out and says: “We wanted to ridicule lockdowns”, I think you are reading into the wall motif something that you shouldn’t.

  65. What matters is the intent.
    The intent is to sell lamb.

    It sorta does that.
    Certainly it’ll sell more than the last few Australia Day Lamb ads have.

    Used to be the ads would sell tonnes of the stuff, the lamb section in Woolies here would look like the the IRA had bombed it. Debris everywhere.

    The past few years… pah… almost zero lamb sold. The lamb section at Woolies barely touched & appears tidy and manicured.
    (I know, coz I buy the lamb pelvis bones from Woolies, the past few years the Meat Manager has said “Sorry mate, there’s almost none, nobody is buying lamb”)

    The ads were great, up until the dumbarses gave in to the perpetually offended & stopped making ads that… sold lamb.

  66. Rex Anger says:

    I dunno about you Arky, but I personally think that your line of argument has been over the Rack enough. You certainly did not mince your words

    I think it is time to give it the Chop, and we get on with Roasting those who truly deserve it.

    With mint sauce…

  67. Ed Case says:

    The ad is AgitProp, someone got in big trouble for the funny Scotty bit at the end.
    The message is that White Australians are stupid, like every other meat Ad ever made.
    How that sells more Lamb beats me.

  68. Ed Case says:

    I buy Lamb from the supermarket, it’s always feedlotted [in Qld] so a little bitter, but probably just as nutritious as the pasture raised stuff.
    I buy Beef at the bulk shop, 4 out of 5 customers there at any time would be Pacific Islanders,
    the rest Aussies.

  69. Snotball says:

    People don’t buy lamb because it’s too expensive. Simple! People also always say they will buy Australian made over an import but when faced with the big difference in price on the shelf this resolve somehow seems to slide. Consumers only have so much money to spend and they probably have better ways to spend it than subsidising local producers at the expense of their own circumstances.

  70. Derp says:

    Was that really a dildo being used by a Sydney resident to hammer at the wall?

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