Laura’s Shapely But

But there is a difference between an assault from outside the system and one encouraged by the man at its very heart.”

– Labor apologist and Jurassic nark Laura Tingle explains to ABC supremacists why the Kim Beazley-fuelled terrorist attack on Parliament House in 1996 wasn’t such a big deal.
Quoted in an excellent piece by Tony Thomas.

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20 Responses to Laura’s Shapely But

  1. stackja

    Leftists don’t have to accept consequences.

  2. Cassie of Sydney

    It’s pretty simple…..there’s one rule for conservatives, Libertarians and anyone on the right and no rules for progressives and the rest of the leftist scum. Those on the left get a free pass.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    But there is a difference between an assault from outside the system and one encouraged by the man at its very heart.

    Who, someone like Barack Obama?

    FLASHBACK: Democrat Leaders Have Encouraged Political Violence, Beginning With Barack Obama (29 Aug)

    Ms Tingle has a curious blindness, or perhaps more accurately an incurious blindness.

  4. candy

    Ms Tingle is a wealthy “socialist” supremacist.

    You seem them on TV news programs, the ABC and commercial e g. The Project, the morning shows.

  5. H B Bear

    Australia’s (former) most politically astute pumpkin masher rarely hits the mark.

  6. Cassie of Sydney

    It’s why I call her “Laura Shingle”. Apt…very apt. She’s nasty. And she can dish it out but she certainly can’t take it.

  7. a happy little debunker

    Nancy Pelosi encouraged Democrats to be prepared to punch Republicans…
    ‘3 separate, but equal’ tranches of government…

    But only one, unequal – coverage from their ‘ABC’.

  8. Old School Conservative

    Good heavens, the photo of JG in Tony’s Quadrant article show a woman who really hates the patriarchy – except when she needs men to protect her.

  9. Daily llama

    I find her rather boring. But it was enjoyable watching her and her mates trying to make sense out of defeat on election night in May 2019.

  10. Bad Samaritan

    Let’s cut to the chase….

    The Oz left recognized very early on the original Trump when Howard arrived. That the unions knew instinctively what was about to go down is made crystal clear by the attack on Parliament House, is it not?

    Within months the Aboriginal Industry dismantled…then the unions torn apart by Ripper Reith and Dollar Sweets Pete. Followed up by the Indos being put back in their East-Timor-issue box; the country shoppers sent on their way by the SAS back to Norway. Etc Etc…

    And all the while the hundred billion dollar ALP black hole filled in and $60 billion put in the bank to collect tens of billions in interest for the Commonwealth. What a guy!

    No wonder Laura was afraid. With a steel-balled fella like Little Johnny to set things right, every dingbat frightbat for miles around could do nothing else but snivel and snipe from the cheap seats. Why would Loopy Laura be any different, eh Catsters?

    BTW: For those unaware….

    2nd BTW; Any leftists care to tell us yet again that taxpayers getting some of their own money back once JWH and Sweet Pete had balanced the books, were receiving Middle. Class. Welfare. ?

  11. Cassie of Sydney

    “But it was enjoyable watching her and her mates trying to make sense out of defeat on election night in May 2019.”

    Yes it was. We agree again!

  12. Roger

    But there is a difference between an assault from outside the system and one encouraged by the man at its very heart.

    In the interest of the facts, just how did Trump encourage the 6th January rioters to storm the Capitol building? He specifically requeted that the march be peaceful and patriotic.

  13. Bruce

    This is just another monumental, billion-dollar fraud being foisted on the unknowing peasantry.

    “Batteries are, by definition, Direct Current devices. The REAL world runs on Alternating Current, for reasons obvious to Nikola Tesla in the 19th century.

    Bulk DC is a total blind alley for anything but specific, short-range, distribution. Once you get over 700 Thousand volts, things get really weird and DC has a place, but there are constraints.

    Yes, they cry, but what about inverters! Well, just because you may have one in your Gucci off-road rig or vanity rooftop solar display, doesn’t mean that you can pull TerraWatts out of a shoe-box

    Your basic inverter is just a glorified audio power amplifier fed by a sinewave generator producing a MOSTLY clean-ish 50 Hz 230V (this week) There are several variations on this theme..

    As some folks have found out, unless the sine-wave oscillator / synthesizer produces a genuine, pure sinewave, things can get VERY ugly down stream.

    Inject bent or non-synchronous power into a grid that is required to deliver thousands of amps of CLEAN juice and the nasty brown smells will not be far away.

    And then, there is the requirement for bulk distribution in three phases; high-voltage in “delta” configuration, low (“domestic”) in star configuration. NONE of this is possible with Direct Current, hence the need for HUGE inverters. And if you have a “national grid”, if ANY of the contributing inverters goes feral, the cascading, self-protective shutdowns will kicks off MUCH faster than a Parlous Chook lockdown decree.

    As always: FOLLOW THE MONEY!! And the actual Science; as opposed to the Lysenkoism with which we are increasingly bombarded.

  14. Daily llama

    They’re starting to talk about us!

  15. nb

    Just about anything can be excused by creating a fine distinction. Expect a leftist to be well-practiced in the art. After all, leftists must distinguish their 150 million murders from other murders so theirs fall on the side of good.

  16. Roger W

    Anyone know what happened to Tim Mathieson? Wikipedia says he is still Gillard’s partner – but the reference to support it is dated 2010!

  17. Geriatric Mayfly

    Two names shook my data base in that Thomas article. R. Crowley who once said that MEN need a map to get around a supermarket. And that Greens gem D. Margetts who on one of her jaunts with the resistance was arrested for fertilising a tree. Cruelty to plants on the charge sheet.

  18. Squirrel

    The loss of power and influence by a man who was seen at the time as a de facto cabinet minister (some would say de facto deputy PM) in Australia is not quite on quite the same scale as the loss of power by a US President, but implying that the former was an outsider looks like the work of a journo who seems to have forgotten (or wants her audience to do so) how many times she has been 39.

    Last night’s piece was, of course, part of the guilt-by-association campaign which the ABC is running against the Morrison government on behalf of the lamentable ALP.

  19. Old Lefty

    The ALP is in a lamentable state, Squirrel – I agree entirely. But the ABC is not its mouthpiece. Rather, the ABC is a shrieking, sectarian propaganda organ for the Lee Rhiannon Stalinst wing of the Greens.

  20. Covid Dapperfield

    Last I heard Tim Mathieson had transitioned and joined Hairdressers Sans Frontiers.

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