What’s united about the United States?

What a mess! The only part that unites the Democrats is that the president is no longer Donald Trump. Let them enjoy it while they can since from here on it things will only get worse. All from Lucianne.com just now.


Don’t Call Biden’s Plan ‘Stimulus’ — It’s Just Another Keynesian Fantasy Issues & Insights, by The Editorial Board Original Article Joe Biden’s promised stimulus is meant to boost an economy devastated by the Democrats’ national shutdown by handing out more checks and imposing a $15 national minimum wage. Sorry, it won’t work. “We must act now, and we must act decisively,” Biden said. Sounds good, but do we really? What he and Congress have proposed is an incoherent mess that will do the precise opposite of what he says it will. Even worse, it’s premised on the long-discredited idea that the government can stimulate the economy by spending more. From false premises come bad policies that will hurt many low-income

Is it really “long-discredited”? I thought it was mainstream macro. Maybe this time it will be discredited, but hope springs eternal in the socialist breast.

_______________The rest were all here before

The painful symbolism of the 26,000 National Guard Troops in D.C. American Thinker, by Andrea Widburg Original Article  Those of you who are reading this post are the type of people who pay attention to things. That’s why you already know that 26,000 National Guard troops drawn from all over America and from Puerto Rico, have assembled in Washington, D.C., in advance of Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday. (That’s about three divisions worth of troops.) But have you given serious thought to what the troops’ presence means? (snip) I’m inclined to agree with Tucker Carlson’s brilliant Monday night opening monologue regarding the deeper meaning behind a massive D.C. lockdown

Joe Biden: Amnesty for Everyone Who Was Here on January 1 Breitbart Economy, by Neil Munro Original Article President-elect Joe Biden’s amnesty plan will reportedly provide the glittering prize of U.S. citizenship to everyone who can show they were in the United States illegally on January 1, if Congress passes the wage-cutting, nation-changing legislation amid a deep economic recession.“To qualify, immigrants must have been in the United States as of Jan. 1, a move meant to blunt any rush to the border,” according to a description provided “by transition officials” to the Washington Post.But the “rush to the border” is likely because migrants and the coyotes’ smuggling industry can backdate documents

Activists: Biden’s Embrace of Transgender Athletes a Blow to Women’s Rights Breitbart Sports, by Penny Starr Original Article President-Elect Joe Biden’s promise to embrace transgender ideology will likely include supporting biological men who say their gender identity is female to compete in sports against biological women. Attorneys representing transgender athletes and women athletes expect Biden’s Department of Education to reverse course in two lawsuits in Idaho and Connecticut that the Trump administration had backed to protect women’s rights. (Snip) Transgender athletes are getting an ally in the White House next week as they seek to participate as their identified gender in high school and college sports — although state legislatures, Congress and the courts are all expected to have their say this year, too.

Trump’s 1776 Commission slams schools for trying to paint the US as an ‘evil country’ with ‘distorted histories’ on slavery, defends the Founding Fathers and urges teachers to reject ‘activist propaganda’ in MLK Day report Daily Mail (UK), by Luke Kenton & Lauren Fruen * Original Article The Trump administration’s 1776 Commission has slammed what it calls ‘re-education attempts’ that re-frame the United States as ‘an evil country’ in a scathing report released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The 45-page document blasts ‘destructive scholarship’ that the commission says misrepresents the history of slavery and racial discrimination in the nation’s schools and colleges. It also likened American liberals to the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini, who the commission said ‘sought to centralize power under the management of so-called experts.’ ‘States and school districts should reject any curriculum that promotes one-sided partisan opinions,

Incoming White House Climate Team Blames Systemic Racism’ for Climate Change Washington Free Beacon, by Collin Anderson Original Article A pair of top incoming White House environmental aides has blamed “systemic racism” as a driver of climate change in an attempt to justify a government-led economic overhaul.President-elect Joe Biden named progressive policy adviser Maggie Thomas as Office of Domestic Climate Policy chief of staff and climate advocate Cecilia Martinez as “senior director for environmental justice” on Thursday. Both Thomas and Martinez have cited racial inequality as perpetuating climate change, arguing that the Biden administration’s environmental policy must be centered on “racial and economic justice.”

NY Times Says We Need A Return To Trump’s Booming Economy But CNN Admits Biden Has No ‘Magic Wand’ Hot Air, by John Sexton Original Article According to the NY Times, Biden’s incoming economic team has one goal: Get back to the booming pre-Covid economy of the Trump administration: As President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr. prepares to take office this week, his administration and the Federal Reserve are pointed toward a singular economic goal: Get the job market back to where it was before the pandemic hit. The humming labor backdrop that existed 11 months ago — with 3.5 percent unemployment, stable or rising work force participation and steadily climbing wages — turned out to be a recipe for lifting all boats, creating economic opportunities for long-disenfranchised groups and lowering poverty rates.

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18 Responses to What’s united about the United States?

  1. gavalanche says:

    despite the best efforts of the mockingbird media, at least 80 million american people are united to an unprecedented degree in peacetime.
    and this number may increase massively in a day or two
    and maybe it wont….
    exciting though isnt it?

  2. Rex Anger says:

    You’d think they’d have figured out by now that ‘Healing’ as per their propaganda and ‘Heeling’ as per their practice are two completely different things.

    And the polity are more than wise enough to figure this out for themselves, eh Steve?

    And good luck re-releasing that Economic (Orange) Genie after they declared it medically heretical and smashed the bottle…

    Maybe they can Build the Bottle Back Better? 🤪

  3. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    Jordan Rachel @TheJordanRachel · 10h

    Trump and Biden are both for walls, they each put one up around what they want to protect.
    Trump put up the wall around America and Biden put up the wall around the government.

    Noice, noice.

  4. Chris M says:

    60 million people need to rise up and demand a new election or the country stops. Hold government to the same standard they hold us (yeah, aspirational I know).

  5. Vagabond says:

    Joe Biden’s amnesty plan will reportedly provide the glittering prize of U.S. citizenship to everyone who can show they were in the United States illegally on January 1

    It won’t be such a glittering prize after a year or two of the Biden administration….

  6. Snoopy says:

    Thomas’s climate plan demands “trillions” in public investment—not only to “crack down” on oil production and shift away from the nation’s “fossil fuel economy” but also to fund welfare programs, including rent and utility relief.

    Why would you need ‘utility relief’ when alternative energy is cheaper than carbon-based?

  7. nb says:

    Where I am a dark storm is ushering the darkest of days, 20 January 2021. Along with 3 November 2020, this day will go down in infamy.
    Remember, remember, the 3rd of November.

  8. thefrollickingmole says:

    Let me get this right.

    Trumps fracking policy gutted the oil ticks super profits massively reducing their ability to shit stir around the globe.
    Boe Jiden will wreck that massively strengthening them, including Russia.

    But Trump is the one in Putin’s pocket.

  9. thefrollickingmole says:

    Actually that makes sense if you are looking for a new forever war to kick off. More money you can give to Aidan the more crap they can kick off to justify “security”

  10. miltonf says:

    Washington DC is a rotten place. An abomination like Canbra.

  11. Strayan Drongo says:

    So now all the leftists cleaners and gardeners will need to be paid minimum wage? Do they realise what this will do?

  12. max says:

    10 planks of the communist manifesto

    2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. 

    5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
    10. Free education for all children in public schools.

  13. max says:

    You can’t have your cake and eat it is not good enough,
    they want cake and they want to eat it– this is people fascism

  14. Watch Your Back says:

    It’s difficult to pick one policy area to focus on!

    This all reminds me of Mrs Clinton pushing the big red re-set button with Russia circa 2010?
    It’s back to the future, to all the wrong-headedness of Obama. Even the same old tired faces.

    This is bad enough. However, the frightening thing is the coordinated campaign to unperson 80 million Americans as white Supremacists and extremists.

    I simply cannot see how this will end well.

  15. Paul says:

    Enjoy it while they can.

    They know how to rig elections.
    The socialists will never lose.

  16. Mike Ryan says:

    The “Big Guy” has surrounded himself with some oddballs.

    A pair of top incoming White House environmental aides has blamed “systemic racism” as a driver of climate change

    Is carbon dioxide racist?
    Is water vapour racist?
    Is climate change the biggest boondoggle hoax the world’s taxpayer’s have ever funded?

    Does climate change increase stupidity?
    Let me consult some climate astrologers and some weather mystics.

  17. W Hogg says:

    They want the economy to look like it did in January 2020? Strange – such deep thinkers as Pete Buttitch told us that the economy was shit even before COVID, Trump666 destroyed the Kenyan’s miracle economy, and it was a white supremacist economy that harmed Blxck people to the benefit of white 1%ers (like Pete Buttitch). Why would they want to return to that horror?

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