Unity: when leftists can hate and harm anybody unopposed

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35 Responses to Unity: when leftists can hate and harm anybody unopposed

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    A boot on a human face forever is very uniting is it Ms Tingle?
    Do keep up lady.

  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    Like the legitimate recall petition of California’s Governor,

    California Democrats Liken Newsom Recall Effort to Extremist ‘Coup’

  3. Snoopy says:

    Australian politics is shit, but still miles in front of the miscellaneous whores of all genders who comprise the parliamentary press gallery.

  4. Eyrie says:

    A boot on a human face forever is very uniting is it Ms Tingle?
    Do keep up lady.

    Same thing Numbers wants for everyone, BoN.

  5. BalancedObservation2 says:


  6. egg_ says:

    ‘pretty ordinary’ politics

    A result of having ‘pretty ordinary’ Press!

  7. notafan says:

    Unity is the new left word for shut up.

  8. Roger says:

    I couldn’t get further than the first few sentences.

    The blood pressure spike wouldn’t be worth it.

  9. sparkx says:

    And their ABC tries to pass these ramblings to readers as “analysis”? Righto then…….

  10. Fat Tony says:

    The MSM is the true enemy of the people.

  11. BalancedObservation2 says:

    A really nice touch towards unity: rushing through the impeachment of your main political opponent.

    It took only four hours for the Democrat controlled chamber to do it the second time. Getting more efficient. Far more efficient than a Russian Show Trial.

    The Russians have a lot to learn from the Democrats.

  12. Bronson says:

    Ah laura anyone who calls Biden a leader and conciliator after zero evidence of either from a career of over 4 decades in Washington is merely an ideologue posing as a journalist trying feed people lies.

  13. BalancedObservation2 says:

    Laura, I wouldn’t say the tone of our politics is always working against unity.

    There’s been a wonderful display of unity in the main stream media recently, uniting to pressure the government to intervene in the market to extract money out of Google for providing links to media news stories.

    The left and right near monopoly newspapers have come together in a very moving display of unity. Forget principles, nothing unites better than money and vested interests.

    Google is now threatening to withdraw its presence from the Australian market.

    If our near monopoly newspaper companies want to stop Google using their news stories free, why don’t they invest in technology to block Google like they block the rest of us if we don’t pay to subscribe? Because they actually want the traffic from Google.

    There’s nothing whatsoever in this for consumers. Forcing Google to pay near monopoly newspapers money doesn’t do anything for consumers. It will mainly just put money in the pockets of Australian near monopoly newspapers and may result in about 19 million Australian’s a month losing access to their preferred search engine.

    It’s not a role for government and could wind up depriving ordinary people and companies of a very good search engine mainly to increase the revenue of a handful of near monopoly newspaper companies. 95% of internet searches in Australia use Google. That’s a lot of consumers who could be disadvantaged. A lot of voters to put off side.

    But the political unity involved in this extremely fraught move is quite breathtaking.

  14. wal1957 says:

    Bronson @5:06 +100

    The only thing Biden is good at is ensuring that he is at the feed trough of the Washington political swamp.
    The man has been a part of the swamp for nearly 50 years and NOW he wants to change things?

  15. a happy little debunker says:

    “Trump made 30000 misleading claims over 4 years”

    Biden lied to Georgia voters about $2000 relief cheques
    Biden now claims he cannot change the trajectory of Covid deaths & illnesses
    Biden signed a federal mask mandate – that he, his wife, his family, his grand-kiddies & his press secretary immodestly broke.
    Biden signed an executive order forcing the US into a treaty he has no authority to sign

    Not bad for his first 2 days, more to follow…

  16. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Did nadler shit his pants again with the excitement of impeaching Trump ?
    DoesPelosi keep spare botox in her office ?
    Is the retirement age of politicians reduced to 99?
    Are any US pollies free of bribe taking like the ratfaced paedo
    My spurious professorship matches the paedos womans doctorate .

  17. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Debunker ,the guy who counted Trumps 40,-00mistakes is now unemployed ,has he started enumerating ratfaced paedo joes stuff ups ?
    No? I didnt think so,he will get a government prey\tend job .+

  18. H B Bear says:

    The Liars are always very big on bipartisanship when in Opposition.

  19. Reagent says:

    Trump may have left the building but the vilification rolls on.
    Over at the SMH today the political editor writes ” … the monstrosity of Trump’s perversions of pandemic reality – that it would just ‘go away’ like ‘a miracle’ while 400,000 Americans died in the meantime”.
    Except that Trump said that last February when US deaths were two and the worldwide toll 2000.

  20. JohnJJJ says:

    Do I have to read it? I’m sure it is a blamonge of concern.

  21. NoFixedAddress says:


    The two letters sent to President Trump in June and October by Carlo Maria Viganò, Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana and Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America will certainly stand out in history.




  22. C.L. says:

    NoFixedAddress, thanks.
    Your comments seem to be getting caught in moderation all the time.
    Not sure why.

  23. BalancedObservation2 says:


    I can’t see Biden doing any better than Trump with the virus. The rhetoric will probably improve but not the outcome.

    Vaccines might do the trick but it won’t be Joe Biden.

    The states run the response in the US and the Democrat state of California for example is doing very badly. It has huge resources to fight the virus but hasn’t done well at all.

    Americans also favour individual liberty very strongly. For them it trumps most other things. That’s great most of the time but not fighting a pandemic.

    Just looking at the photos and videos a friend is sending back show they really aren’t taking it too seriously even with the high death toll. I can’t see Biden changing that.

  24. Buccaneer says:

    Leftist hasthe gall to tell us that Trump is Satan incarnate for the last five years, now we find out all that time that despite theses assertions it’s Aussie politics that is pretty ordinary. What a maroon

  25. Scotty says:

    Geeez, if that’s what passes for journalism at the ABC, I’m glad I don’t read/watch/listen any more. High school standard being generous. Just awful.

  26. Chris M says:

    Well at least we don’t have this left and right thing in AU politics since Liberal moved firmly left and the minors mostly got dispensed with. So no real divisions to treat.

  27. John snowy Bowyer says:

    Google is not any sort of real search engine! It puts it’s paying customers front and centre every time. If you don’t pay you are relegated to page 100. How can that give me any sort of “Search” and it get’s worse every day.
    Australian Government should block Google until they pay some sort of GST.

  28. Squirrel says:

    Skimming through that waspish article, I am reminded of the observation, over the last few weeks, that the coverage of the transition and inauguration on PBS has been far more balanced and professional than the tendentious ABC coverage of the same events – which took me to this –


    and this –


    – models, perhaps, for dealing with a partisan public broadcaster. Not perfect, but surely an improvement on what we currently have.

  29. Entropy says:

    Australian Government should block Google until they pay some sort of GST.

    the Australian Government should not impose regulations it doesn’t understand. If you don’t want to use Google, go right ahead. I use DDG for example.

    And nobody has to pay Google anything. In this instance The MSM want to still get traffic from Google, but also get paid for the direction. In any just world something the a SM should pay Google.

    A pox on both houses I say, and the SFL should just stay out of it.

  30. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    Observations from inside a Spanish prison.

    John McAfee @officialmcafee

    A culture where business leaders are forced into hiding, credentials are threatened, political leaders are expelled or censured, people fired for their beliefs, witch-hunts for dissenters …
    This was life under Stalin’s soviet politburo.
    This is happening
    In America.
    1:00 AM · Jan 18, 2021·Twitter for Android

    In a country where political leaders deceive, line their pockets, smear their opponents, give contracts to supporters, create propaganda … the censuring of someone on social media for suggesting election fraud exists will go down as one of the greatest absurdities in history.
    5:00 AM · Jan 19, 2021·Twitter for Android

  31. Tel says:

    And nobody has to pay Google anything.

    If you want to advertise you need to pay Google to get your ad in the list. The people using Google to search are the product, not the customers … these people are sold to the advertisers on a pay per click basis.

    The Australian government would theoretically be within its power to block all payments from Australian business to Google if that’s what they wanted to do, however I doubt they will. Pretty sure that GST does get collected by the Australian branch of Google when payments are made … Google Australia Pty Ltd has both ACN and ABN so you would expect them to be compliant with Australian tax law … they would be paying company tax, payroll and income tax, and all the bits and pieces.

  32. max says:

    left Unity means gulags and gas chambers.
    Under Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and other communist crackpots there was 100% unity

  33. Fat Tony:

    The MSM is the true enemy of the people.

    Yes. Who would have thought the “Free and Unfettered Press”, one of the major support structures of the democratic nation would also turn out to be the most destructive?

  34. Struth says:

    Just looking at the photos and videos a friend is sending back show they really aren’t taking it too seriously even with the high death toll. I can’t see Biden changing that.

    Please show me the data that shows deaths from, not with Covid 19.

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