Midgets overlooked

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  1. Paul says:

    Overlooked. And the perpetually angry left will never get over their superiority in telling us off, and making themselves the white supremacist spokespeople for the Aborigine.

  2. Snotball says:

    And each and every one of those minorities has a sense of entitlement and an axe to grind. Disgraceful waste of money and time. And that’s what our government has become.

  3. Tom says:

    “White surpremacy” is the dumbest junk propaganda device in the history of political disinformation.

    Its success depends on the wider population being as dumb as the activist human trash using it as a propaganda weapon.

  4. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    All this talk of Invasion Day has to be countered by one very pertinent fact.
    The official legal determination which occurred during the 1992 Eddie Mabo land rights case is that Australia was settled by Europeans, not invaded, therefore no conquest took place and that is the only reason it is possible for native title to be legally recognised anywhere in practice today.
    An invasion is a war of conquest in which the victor extinguishes the rights of the conquered, so if that’s what happened then all native title is null and void. Progressive agitators should choose wisely, lest they effect a disservice to their aboriginal compatriots.

  5. Mother Lode says:

    In spite of that, I am celebrating Australia Day.

  6. Dot says:

    Exactly right, Colonel.

    The Commonwealth Parliament could declare tomorrow that the conquest has just formally ended and all native title ends that hasn’t been claimed yet.

  7. ArthurB says:

    In answering the question “where do we start?” one person replies “by listening to each other”.

    Does the Hunchback listen to anyone else? Does their ABC take any notice of any opinion to the right of extreme Green-Left orthodoxy?

    This advertisement is a fraud on the people of our nation, and is pure left wing propaganda.

  8. Gorilla Dance Party says:

    If only we could go back and show the Anzacs this video so they could truly know what they were fighting for. This would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives from senseless destruction.

  9. Mother Lode says:

    I love how it starts off with littlebAnglo kid, then proceeds to a roll call of all the people she is responsible for and to whom she is meant to spend her life apologising.

    There really is such a thing as a “white man’s burden”, but while she is forbidden the uplifting satisfaction of provided unimagined opportunities to non-Anglo others, she is weighed down by manacles of blame.

    Every other person in the ad is conspicuous as the people we have to cosset until they gain a life of ease and fulfilment they could never have found back home and have no conception of offering to anyone outside their demographic.

    A sure fire recipe for a cohesive and successful society.

  10. Mother Lode says:

    I recall, years ago, ads which may have or may not have been connected to Australia Day, featuring among other things Italians or Greeks looking at the camera and saying with thick accent and broad smiles “Okay, mate!”

    They had come to Australia to start a new life and we’re glad of what they found.

    That is not the case any more. Any one who finds Australia different from their backward cousin-shaggin’ village back home is owed that same village by every Australian.

  11. John Michelmore says:

    This ad is based on a lie, that lie being Australia had inhabitants at the beginning of time! These must be the beings that came before aborigines. Anyone got any idea about these beings and if they were invaded by the aborigines?

  12. John Michelmore says:

    Silly me, these beginning of time inhabitants were midgets!

  13. MatrixTransform says:

    I kid you not.
    Midget on the beach today in a bikini
    skimpy, skimpy skimpy, nanna, skimpy, midget, skimpy, nanna, nanna

  14. Jock says:

    If they want to call it invasion day, does that mean we can call it Victory day??

  15. Rob MW says:

    Silly me, these beginning of time inhabitants were midgets!

    John, at the beginning of time they just popped up here, like germinating wheat seeds, they were here all the time they just needed a little water and a fucking lot of bullshit fertilizer.

  16. stackja says:

    NSW Settlement Day turned into Australia Day.
    Australia Day is really 1 January.

  17. DD says:

    1st January was already a public holiday and it would have been un-Australian to rename it and lose a day off.

    There were pygmy tribe(s) on Cape York in the early days. Well recorded in book and photos. May be hard to find as any reference has been anathema to the aboriginal industry for many years.

  18. Rossini says:

    Was going to comment on the carpet munchers but thought better of it!

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