Leave the gong – take the cannoli

The ABC’s conscientious objectors never ‘reject’ any portion of their massive payouts, do they?

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26 Responses to Leave the gong – take the cannoli

  1. Epicurious says:

    Close down their ABC and stop pandering to these self opinionated Marxists.

  2. stackja says:

    Would he accept the Order of Lenin?

  3. The not very bright Marcus says:

    Is “Kerry” another Trans activist rejecting his/her award ?

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “The ABC’s conscientious objectors never ‘reject’ any portion of their massive ABC payouts, do they?”

    Of course not.

    Kerry can go get “effed”.

  5. Cui Bono says:

    Only wants to share the island with like-minded bigots

  6. G Pahoff says:

    Nominee for the Australia Day Dickhead Of The Year award.

    Kerry O’Brien!

    Other nominations called for.

  7. JC says:

    Why was this arsehole ever offered an award? The only thing he should be offered is a cell for being a dishonest, tax eating treasonous turd.

  8. John A says:

    Good. That’s two self-opinionated wankers off the list.

    a) who feels hurt by the views of the Bible that there are only two genders, they are complementary and that certain behaviours are contrary to function and purpose? The Bible has been around and publicly known for thousands of years.
    b) who exactly is making the issue divisive?

    Answer: (the same for both questions) Those who object to those views and wish to rebel against the natural functions and purposes of the human body.

  9. H B Bear says:

    He will be raging up and down the streets of Byron Bay. With all the other loonies and blowins who can afford a place.

  10. Snotball says:

    Another fantastic outcome. Two useful idiots deprive themselves of an award they probably didn’t deserve anyway while one truly great Australian has her achievements writ large. We are proud of you MC!

  11. H B Bear says:

    Has the Dumpster come out in solidarity?

  12. H B Bear says:

    With some sadness we note the “Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians” blog has passed.

  13. Grunter says:

    The intolerance for a different view is mind boggling, very dark times ahead.

  14. Amadeus says:

    Good stuff. Red Kerry obviously is a champion of free speech as long as people agree with him and his failed Marxist claptrap. Love his approach to diversity and tolerance.

  15. Dot says:

    If you really want to troll the left, tell them how insidious and crap filled “Behind the News” is.

    I told my nephew and it was hilarious.

    Poor kid, being fed lies like that, as we all were.

    The ABC is institutionalised child abuse.

  16. mundi says:

    Do the people who reject it get removed from the honor roll?

  17. Mark M says:

    Look at moi, look at moi.
    I’m virtue signaling.

  18. Bronson says:

    Relevance deprivation. So why was he getting a gong? As a paid public servant he did no more than his job. Surely just doing your highly paid taxpayer funded job doesn’t qualify you for an award? I mean the 6 figure remuneration alone was his reward surely?

  19. PB says:

    That will be a popular decision by Kerry. Very popular.

  20. Roger says:

    Most Australians responded to this news this morning with “Kerry who?”

  21. rickw says:

    Australia’s Broadcasting Communists can’t even fund themselves.

    If we stopped paying for Communism almost all of it would stop (ABC and Arts Grants).

  22. Vagabond says:

    If they were going to reject that award, anyone with a working brain should refuse it because Malcolm the Turd got one.
    But of course that could never cross the mind of a virtue signalling ABC apparatchik like O’Brien.

  23. Perfidious Albino says:

    Someone should now ask Malcolm if he is going to hand his back…

  24. Whalehunt Fun says:

    I teach my kids that the ABC, the Greens and the US Democrats are evil white-hating racist animals. That Andy Muirhead is a perfect example. That they are not to be listened to; not to be treated as human. Just to be feared and hated. I hope that the hate I instill will stay with them the whole of their lives. It will make them better people.

  25. Whalehunt Fun says:

    The ABC is institutionalised child abuse.

    Andy Muirhead, popular ABC personality. Popular at the ABC that is.

  26. Exit Stage Right says:

    G. Pahoff @ 11.10am

    Nominee for the Australia Day Dickhead Of The Year award.

    Kerry O’Brien!

    Other nominations called for.

    (2) Kelvin Dudd
    (3) Mick Trumble
    (4) Kylie Steggle

    Just for starters

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