A perfect storm brewing in Europe

Germany nearly went black in 2017 and again a few days ago.  Now the weather threatens to turn for the worse and the consequences hardly bear thinking about.  Apart from the disruption of everything electric that is not backed up by gas or diesel, think of the people who are in fuel poverty under normal circumstances.

Not to mention the airline flight disruptions around the world.

A winter blizzard is set to strike Central Europe, bringing with it the potential to wreak power outage havoc. Temperatures will plummet to as low as -15°C accompanied by bone-chilling high winds. Closed shops due to COVID-19 are leaving citizens unprepared. A protracted power outage would be devastating. 

In the coming hours, a high pressure system situated over Scandinavia and storm Tristan to the south will collide over central Europe and develop into dangerous weather conditions over one of Europe’s most populated regions, North Rhine Westphalia Germany.

Winter blackout not unprecedented

Such a blackout would not be unprecedented. In 2006, a major European blackout was caused by a disconnection of a powerline crossing in northwest Germany. The power outage quickly cascaded across Europe, extending from Poland in the north-east, to the Benelux countries and France in the west, through to Portugal, Spain and Morocco in the south-west, and across to Greece and the Balkans in the south-east.

Also just last month a major European blackout was narrowly averted. The cause: wintry weather, which was mild compared to what is forecast to hit soon.

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26 Responses to A perfect storm brewing in Europe

  1. louis says:

    The inner city Green lemmings will keep up their schtick until they can’t power up their Iphones anymore – death and destruction be damned.

    At this rate an invading China and Russia would be welcomed into the West with open arms if they claim to bringing about an end to Green induced poverty and oppression.

  2. Rex Mango says:

    Rafe, I hate to think enjoying the pain of others is good, but this song by Australia’s greatest band perfectly captures it:


  3. Rex Mango says:

    Just got on a couple of weather websites re Europe & v hard to understand. BOM does much better job here, (except for where they fudge the records for global warming).

  4. exsteelworker says:

    They’ll just blame it on big scary climate change, saying ” its because of fossilfuels especially coal from Australia that is causing these powerful storms, oh, and China good, West bad,oookkka”

  5. sfw says:

    Reality will always win in the long term, problem is that the longer the delusion goes (like wuflu) the more damage and more difficult to repair the problems.

  6. Mark M says:

    But, but … the 97% science …

    2018: “The warm water that the AMOC carries northwards releases heat into the atmosphere, which means it plays a crucial role in keeping Western Europe warm.
    Without it, for example, winters in the UK would be around 5C colder.

    Two studies, published in the journal Nature, use different approaches to show that the “Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation” (AMOC) is in a weaker state now than it has been for decades – and possibly even centuries.”


    via WEF, Davos: [Global Warming] will be sudden and cataclysmic. We need to act fast


  7. Scott Osmond says:

    Don’t worry, all the important people and their buildings will still have backup power. Weather is one way of reducing over population. Much better than what they did last time isn’t it?

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    At what stage, and at what rise in global temperatures, will these tipping points be reached? No one is entirely sure. It may take centuries, millennia or it could be imminent.

    But as COVID-19 taught us, we need to prepare for the expected.

    Even if the CO2 hypothesis was proven, which it is not, the sequence of events outlined in this Davos piece would still be most unlikely. What a load of unmeasured old catastrophism it all is. The Club of Rome has nothing on this sort of speculative fear-mongering. And using Covid as the excuse to push such a lunatic agenda? Lunatic.

  9. Up The Workers! says:

    If there was any European Leader with a brain and a modicum of testicular fortitude to call their own, they would use any such widespread power outages to oust the Leftards and the Apocalyptic Catastropharianists and the Green religious cranks out of any position of influence or power and put the grown-ups back in charge – much the same as the treasonous election-cheating Voter-Fraud Dementiacrats did to the Disunited States of America – only in reverse – a couple of months ago.

    Lefty heads should only ever be used for playing “whack-a-mole” with. Vigorously.

    Never give up, never give in.

  10. egg_ says:

    “Once you go black, you never go back”?

    We’re headed in that direction, too?

  11. thefrollickingmole says:

    Its peculiar.
    The boxheads in particular, and Euros in general appear to be deliberately making themselves vulnerable to Russia standing on the gas pipe whenever they feel like it.

    Bombed too much in WW2 or not enough?

  12. egg_ says:

    Two studies, published in the journal Nature, use different approaches to show that the “Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation” (AMOC) is in a weaker state now than it has been for decades – and possibly even centuries.”

    Things are running amuck with AMOC?

    Pardon my schadenboner.

  13. Farmer Gez says:

    There’s a huge swath of Middle America at 20 F below usual for this time of year. Biden’s energy plan might not be viewed that well around the kitchen table of working US families.

  14. Mark M says:

    Planet saver Ketan Joshi, sliding on ice in Oslo, thinks it’s too warm or something …


  15. Roger says:

    Meh…third world problems.

  16. Delta says:

    Here’s a nice summary: Historic Arctic Blasts Are About to Engulf North America, Europe, and Asia Simultaneously: Grand Solar Minimum.

    Says it all. And it looks like it’s just the start of things to come.

  17. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Going to be interesting to see what happens when paedo joes masters unleash the green crap on the Untidy States, all those guns can inflict damage on elitists , they had better do the dis arming first .
    They should get that littlecdisarmer Howard to help , he has a Kevlar vest and hes not doing much at the moment .

  18. Roger says:

    And it looks like it’s just the start of things to come.

    Let’s hope so.

    It would certainly put the kibosh on the AGW caper.

  19. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    When you are getting frostbite a mile from a decommissioned coal fired power station you will begin to think ,wont you ? All inners city areas should be pwered by solar and windpower in their gardens and parks ,practice what you preach comrades . They will enjoy the WHUMP WHUMP of the windmills 24/7 the brownouts local only when its overcast and calm ,reminding them of thir stupidity , nothing lie practical lessons beats theory every time . The power poverty might keep them off the internet and give them something teal to think about .+

  20. Baa Humbug says:

    I have a tip for all the Climate Change alarmists about to suffer this freeze in Europe and Canada.
    According to your bible the IPCC AR’s, doubling CO2 can cause temperatures to rise by as much as 8DegC.
    So, seal all doors and windows. Grab a couple of CO2 fire extinguishers and blow away.
    If you raise the level of CO2 in your house from 400ppm to 800ppm, that’ll warm the house by up to 8 degrees.
    Sheeet, if you keep blasting the extinguisher until the level of CO2 reaches 6400 ppm, you’ll be living in tropical conditions, wearing shorts and tee shirts and drinking pineapple cocktails while every other foolish “Denier” will be freezing his denying arse off.

    Go ahead, DO IT. You know it makes sense. Your bible says so.

  21. Paul says:

    The sick and the elderly have been under attack from the left and warmists denying them heating. Clearly that strategy wasn’t efficient enough, they opened their borders to the communist virus, far more efficient.

  22. Nob says:

    Please amend your headline.

    There are no storms, only “extreme weather events” which may also be “unprecedented”.

    The Krauts aren’t all stupid.
    They have two “Europipe” gas pipelines from Norway, gas storage wells in Bavaria and are building a massive LNG import terminal near Hamburg.

  23. politenessman says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  24. Yarpos says:

    Once again teetering on the brink, it will be interesting to see which domino falls first. Germany , UK , California?

    At home NSW and VIC are just one stupid Weatherdill style decision from grid carnage. I guess you could say SA fell already but they are to small and remote for anyone to care. Only took half a billion to patch that up for a summer election cycle, so all good, the charade can go on for a bit longer.

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