Rush Limbaugh 1951-2021

I’ve come back to Rush Limbaugh whose death was discussed yesterday by Currency Lad but I thought I would add something of my own since I bring a North American perspective as well. I also worry there may be insufficient appreciation of the tremendous loss that conservative thought has just experienced. There have been an astonishing number of pieces in the United States covering his death and for good reason. The left have, of course, made their usual hate-filled contributions but I have only reproduced posts that understood the good he did and the loss we have suffered.

First this from Mark Steyn: The Indispensable Man – Rush Limbaugh, 1951-2021 which you should read through yourself. I quote this part only because of the vague Australian connection.

Throughout his entire time on air, there were genius GOP consultants who, in reaction to any electoral setbacks, would insist that what the GOP needed to do was come up with a way to ditch Limbaugh. As I said on air many years ago: Really? For almost a third of a century, Rush’s audience was over half the total Republican vote. How many do all you genius “Republican reformers” bring to the table? I’ve recounted previously the first time I was asked to guest-host, back in 2006, when I happened to be down in Australia and the Prime Minister, John Howard, asked me to some or other event a day or two hence. And I politely declined, saying I had to get back to America to host The Rush Limbaugh Show. “I hear that’s a pretty big show,” said the PM.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Twenty-five, thirty million listeners.”

“‘Strewth,” said Mr Howard. “Rush has more listeners than we have Australians.”

Indeed. And all these GOP clever-clogs never explain, once you throw Rush and his millions overboard, what’s going to replace them.

Rush made a difference since he put things into context which is what we bloggers on the right also try to do but without the wit and the range of such a unique genius. Didn’t get to hear him often but read his blog posts almost daily. A great loss. Now let me add a few links so that you can follow up on the loss that conservative thought has just experienced.

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Rush Limbaugh, R.I.P.

A Radio Man and His Presidents

The post-Limbaugh era will be awesome

NYC Radio Station Honors Iconic Host With ‘Rush Limbaugh Day’

Modern politics is seldom about philosophy and mostly about giving away freebies to everyone “to reduce inequality”. Now the politics of the left are almost entirely about race, colour and gender, not to mention climate change, with never an ounce of thought about how a free society works or where our freedoms and prosperity come from. Venezuelans live in poverty which is the socialist endpoint, and Texas of all places is freezing without electricity, but who is there left to explain all of this to a population that is surrounded by ignorant lies?

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4 Responses to Rush Limbaugh 1951-2021

  1. stackja says:

    Donald Trump has not given up. His “deplorable” voters are angry.

  2. sabena says:

    Perhaps the Rush Limbaugh Show should be taken over by Donald Trump?

  3. C.L. says:

    A gigantic figure – very few bigger in the entire history of broadcasting. If you missed it yesterday, our own Tom posted a beaut comment on the occasion of Limbaugh’s death.

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