We are experiencing difficulty …

As many now realise the Cat is misbehaving.

Even as we speak – or not actually – our dedicated team of experts are rounding up virgins to sacrifice to the volcano gods, who will then intercede on our behalf with the computer gods …

Failing all of that, we do accept Bitcoin.


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40 Responses to We are experiencing difficulty …

  1. Rorschach says:

    Failing all of that, we do accept Bitcoin

    Maybe some Doge for the Cat?

  2. Leigh Lowe says:

    It was foretold that I would wreck this blog.
    And so it came to pass …

  3. MatrixTransform says:

    so how am I gonna hang shit on the Numpties?

    kill joys

    moar ferrets!!

  4. Megan says:

    The ‘Woomba Weasel – his part in our downfall.

  5. Gab says:

    Invisible comments! Should happen more often 😀

  6. Steve trickler says:

    Gulag are playing games.

  7. Runnybum says:

    Any chance you can sacrifice biggles?

  8. Nick says:

    I nominate CL for the virgin sacrifice

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    The gods are not listening. Try pouring a few bottles of Four X into the sea as a libation if in Qld. That sometimes works. You may use double quantities of Vic Bitter in Victoria if you also want them to destroy the powers of Dan Andrews. Tooheys New in NSW and Boags in Tasmania will work in those waters. It’s something to do with the Pacific Oscillation Index and those cloud formations. Volcanos obviously come into it somewhere. No virgins needed.

    Glad to be of help. Hairy says this computing advice is better than my usual folklore, especially if Sinclair and friends drink the libations instead.

  10. feelthebern says:

    The newest crypto is Dingo Dollars.

  11. feelthebern says:

    Blind posting
    How exciting
    Imagine what’s being said over at the Big Website(s)

  12. incoherent rambler says:

    Try straightening the cables.
    It it easier for the 1 bits to get around the corners.

  13. Dot says:

    We are experiencing difficulty …

    So are others, even those in higher office.

    The only way to spare more pain and more loss, the only way, is Mel Stone’s No Longer Marker National Mourning.

  14. feelthebern says:

    Dot, CAN.
    Big dog !

  15. Scott Osmond says:

    Good luck finding a virgin in these enlightened times. Especially with the groper in chief in the whitehouse.

  16. MatrixTransform says:

    you guys must be having trouble finding a virgin

  17. incoherent rambler says:

    I have rounded up a few virgins.

    I found something else to do with them!

  18. duncanm says:

    send pics.

  19. Leo G says:

    Several hours ago ago, I was able to view comments on posts before 2pm on 12 February, but now I can no longer view comments on posts after 11 pm on 5 February.

  20. Knuckle Dragger says:

    This calls for a planned booing.

  21. feelthebern says:

    Blind posting.
    I love it.

  22. Leo G says:

    As of 10:40 pm only one comment of 36 remains on Alan Moran’s post “Attacks on low cost, reliable energy intensify but Jennie George speaks out” (Posted on 7:24 pm, February 4, 2021)

    36 Responses to Attacks on low cost, reliable energy intensify but Jennie George speaks out
    #3747029, posted on February 4, 2021 at 7:30 pm
    But Lithium batteries will fix it.

    Earlier postings had comments unaffected at that time.
    It seems posts are having their comments progressively removed.

  23. Leo G says:

    That one comment which remained on “Attacks on low cost, reliable energy intensify but Jennie George speaks out” (Posted on 7:24 pm, February 4, 2021 by Alan Moran), has now disappeared, as have all comments on the two immediately earlier posts.
    Looks like a deliberate unauthorised use of WordPress controls.

  24. Leo G says:

    Latest post to have all comments disappear:
    Black man told – Posted on 12:46 am, February 3, 2021 by currencylad

  25. Leo G says:

    Just lost comments on post: Out of control fake news flagship, Four Corners, does it again
    Posted on 10:01 am, February 2, 2021 by currencylad

  26. Michael says:

    Do not rule out a cyber attack. Your enemies have zero scruples.

  27. Leo G says:

    Comments now gone on all February posts.

  28. Leo G says:

    Comments now progressively disappearing from David Bidstrup guest post “Finding needles in haystacks”.
    (Posted on 9:35 pm, January 30, 2021 by Rafe Champion)

  29. Arky says:

    Figure it out Davidson.

  30. Steve trickler says:


  31. RobK says:

    The hamsters have done a runner .

  32. Steve trickler says:

    Wankers are in play.

  33. Steve trickler says:

    WordPress is now a Gulag.

  34. Steve trickler says:

    WordPress is now in the Gulag.

  35. Steve trickler says:

    Get off gulag and take the knowledge bass with you.

  36. tombell says:

    good luck to the virgins!!!!! never actually met one lol.

  37. Steve trickler says:

    Hey Sinc!

    All the best. Thankyou!

  38. maree says:

    Difficulty also with Oz and other News sites. Only since that bastard industrial psychopath Zuckerberg threw a hissy fit.

  39. maree says:

    This is ridiculous,. Are IT oligarchs having a collective hissy fit.?

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