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  1. Suburban Boy says:

    The Merseyside beat isn’t what it used to be.

  2. You, you, you,…swine!

    Is that allowed?

  3. Gorilla Dance Party says:

    Three fags and a dyke in front a really gay sign.

  4. Megan says:

    That’s it. I’m offended by this. I take MAXIMUM offence. Where do I arrange their arrests and my compensation?

  5. Leo G says:

    Merseyside Police Defensive on offenders?

  6. duncanm says:

    I find that offensive.

  7. Rex Anger says:

    We continue to await, with bated breath, the benificence and insightful commentary of our mighty Il Dunce, Benito M0ntylini, on this most pressing and serious of matters…

  8. nb says:

    Looks offensive to me.

  9. H B Bear says:


  10. H B Bear says:

    WorstVillage People tribute band eva.

  11. Albatross says:

    You’re on fire CL.

    m0nty delenda est

  12. rickw says:

    Finally some real Nazi’s.

  13. H B Bear says:

    Pommy thought storm troopers.

  14. Mother Lode says:

    There’s always forgiveness for those of the correct tint.

    I note it is Judge Sally Cahill, which makes me wonder if she was not appointed because she had the ‘right’ opinions.

    The judge explains the suspended sentence with “You are somebody previously of good character which makes this incident completely out of character and really quite inexplicable”

    So, having been told this:

    Doris rounded on her (the 60yo Lancaster), railing “you’ve met the wrong woman, you white bitch” and shoving her to the ground, according to a Court News UK report.

    Doris then lurked outside the Tesco waiting for Lancaster, shouting “watch what happens when you come out” into the store.

    Sure enough, and despite Lancaster’s efforts to avoid her assailant by walking around the back, Doris found her and shoulder barged her into the path of an oncoming bus. Fortunately she did not go under it, instead colliding with the moving vehicle “so that she hit her head against the front doors”, recalled John Livingston, prosecuting.

    From this the learned judge gleans that Doris is otherwise a person of good character. No reason to think she might have been as much a monster elsewhere.

    It is amazing how fast you can ruin a society from within.

  15. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Coming to a police force near you. This is the inevitable result when a police force is politicised…..over the last twenty years police forces across the west have been saturated with politically correct gunk….particularly alphabet and Islaaaaaaamist drivel. Police forces, acutely so in the UK, have gone from serving the public to serving and preaching sinister ideological agendas. As Harry Miller in the UK says….accurately…..the UK police have become priests of the new religion of social justice and its tenets….LGBTQRSTUVW, Islaaaaaamism, transgenderism etc. And since being offensive is now “an offence”….then they better criminalise most British comedy of the last half a century.

    This type of policing is probably most dominant in Victoria…and it will only get worse.

  16. Struth says:

    More public scrutiny of the forces used to control us, the Police needs to occur here, but we have a communist MSM.
    The police chiefs need a thorough grilling.
    And if anyone thinks I’m exaggerating there, I’m not.
    The result of at least the last 30 years of militant commos in Universities in charge of journalism.

    To actively fight this, citizens need to actively take up where our journalists have failed, indeed corroborated against us and the nation.

  17. Top Ender says:

    There’s now three threads which could be construed as Open Forum…

    Get it together people!

  18. Bronson says:

    FFS what the fu&k is offensive and who determines it? How does something become offensive or is just automatically offensive through some unknown process? What are the limits to offensive – grossly or major or minor? How are they measured? What happens if something goes to trial do you have offence experts called to describe why or why not something is offensive?

  19. duncanm says:

    From the link, facepalm.

    Merseyside Police were forced to respond after officers took part in an electronic ad campaign outside a supermarket which claimed “being offensive is an offence,” with authorities later clarifying that it is in fact not an offence.

  20. duncanm says:

    .. meanwhile, in just one of the ten precincts in Merseyside, there are over 400 violent and sexual offences per month, and in the last three years, more than half of all crimes are “can’t find the suspect”, or “unable to prosecute”

    Even if being offensive was a crime, I wouldn’t be worried about it in Merseyside. for all crimes – 0.3% of offenders are fined, 0.2% community service, 0.2% prison, 0.1% suspended prison,

  21. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    From Spiked:

    after a huge backlash superintendent Martin Earl has had to put out a statement. ‘We would like to clarify that “being offensive” is not in itself an offence’, he said, which was not so much a clarification as the total opposite of what his officers had emblazoned in all-caps, foot-high lettering.

    Dishonest morons who would be quite sinister if they weren’t such preposterous laughable idiots.

    The paramilitary wing of the Garudain, indeed.

  22. Robbo says:

    I think that the moron who dreamt up this rubbish is a complete halfwit. Is that offensive and will it lead to the coppers pursuing me and charging me? What a bunch of dickheads.

  23. egg_ says:

    Pommy thought storm troopers.

    Is that the baton swallowing F.A.G. unit?

    Frog van – did the wheels fall off the jerrybuilt Pommy one?

  24. Kneel says:

    “FFS what the fu&k is offensive and who determines it?”

    I would argue that people do not give offense, people take offense. Which means that “offensive” is subjective not objective, and therefore it is impossible to be inoffensive.

    Why, oh why do you clowns not consider traditional Australian culture? In that culture, anyone may make fun of the perceived foibles of any other individual or group. Furthermore, it is not only expected but encouraged that those who are the target of said mirth respond in a like manner, preferably as offensively as possible. Note, offensively, not angrily – one can be offensive and keep good humor.

    We need more offense – yes, more I say! Much, much more. So much it becomes water off a ducks back and nobody even cares. As a bonus, since snow is a thing of the past (thanks climate change!), snowflakes should now melt away and never return.

    Phew! Fixed it. Next… now serving number 7… number 7 to counter 3…

  25. Dr Faustus says:

    “FFS what the fu&k is offensive and who determines it?”

    The UK CPS tells us:

    “criminal behaviour where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility towards the victim’s disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity”

    So, if you mutter something audible that could be construed as disparaging against one of the victim classes, and the victim identifies you and complains, you can definitely expect a visit from PC Plod and the threat of prosecution.

    And it really works like this in practice.

    The result is perfect harmony.

  26. Mother Lode:
    If “You lot” haven’t worked out it’s open season on Whites throughout the West, then you are stupid.
    Now try this on for size.

  27. Ozblogistan is broken again?

  28. incoherent rambler says:

    disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity

    I guess I can’t say “white, methodist, hetero retard!”

  29. Mother Lode says:

    then you are stupid.

    How dare you, sir!

    Red Velvet Cupcakes at 20 paces in front of the Barcaldine Bakery!

    (They really did do the best egg and bacon rolls but.)

  30. Dr Faustus says:

    I guess I can’t say “white, methodist, hetero retard!”

    I think you can in private. Providing you are referring to yourself in an ironic, or non- hostile manner.

    Quite seriously, this has become a major weapon in Brit culture wars.

  31. Jock says:

    My parents brought 4 kids to Australia in 1963. Even then they discerned that Scotland and the UK had problems.
    But to me it is incredible what a complete sh*thole they have made of the place in the last 50 years. immigration, loss of culture, ridiculous leftist inspired laws, climate change delusions,. the list goes on. this can sound any way you like, but i fail to see how britons benefited from a massive increase in immigration, particularly muslim. the multi culti experiment has been a disaster. britain is a crime infested first world country impersonating an energy poor crime ridden third world country.

  32. Lee says:

    The current British police forces are (and have been for a number years) an “offence” against the British history of justice, free speech, fair play, democracy, and everyone being equal before the law.
    The rot possibly set in when blind eyes were repeatedly turned away from M u s l i m rape and virtual slave gangs targeting young females, for many years.
    The situation is Orwellian, and would be a joke if it weren’t so sinister.

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