Is the smart money on global cooling + SA importing power + the Great Reset

A cooling turn has been expected among the Five Dock Climate Realists for years so it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up.

Bert Dohem, the founder of Dohmen Capital Research Group referred to NASA predictions of cooling that appeared two  years ago and he has turned up the heat on the conventional wisdom to start looking for investment opportunities in a cooling planet. One of his predictions is higher food prices as shorter growing seasons lower food production that has been booming lately.

Why should investors be concerned about this topic? Because whether there is global warming or global cooling is very important; it can help forecast the areas of the economy, and the geographic regions of the world, that will outperform or underperform. Since governments and the masses are usually totally wrong in predicting disasters, we decided some years ago to gather evidence that Al Gore’s war on the climate was a hoax. When politicians go to such an extreme effort to convince the people of something, you can be sure that the only motive is MONEY.

If the evidence we have gathered from sources such as NASA, and if “global cooling” could be the true long term problem, we have to consider the enormous effect on the economies of the world.

He noted that NASA had backed away from their cooling prediction lately, but of course they would do that, being part of the Government narrative.


Business as usual you might say, and they were importing at breakfast when they had a wind drought for several hours until mid-morning.


First we get 100 pages of planetary crisis, the usual litany of computer projected horrors to come. Then on Page 102 we find eight “Key areas for transformations change.” Most of these are the usual empty, feel good stuff, but two are not. Here they are:

2. Consumption, population and waste: Reduce the negative global effect of human needs and demand – a function of consumption and production rates, population size, and waste – by reducing per capita consumption and production in some regions and human population growth in others. (Emphasis added)

“4. Inequalities: Systematically reduce inequalities in income and other forms, including across gender, race and class.” (Emphasis added)

Get on with social justice on steroids to fight climate change!

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13 Responses to Is the smart money on global cooling + SA importing power + the Great Reset

  1. Muddy says:

    “4. Inequalities: Systematically reduce inequalities in income and other forms, including across gender, race and class.” (Emphasis added)

    I’ve never hid my economic ignorance, so forgive me if the following is an eye-roller, but if, hypothetically, there was a universal basic income, what use will that be if (a) the price for goods and services differ (as they do now) between locations/regions, and (b) some of the less financially-literate choose to throw away their share (All Praise Opm!)?

  2. PK says:

    Faecesbook has blocked links, What to do?

  3. BrettW says:

    I can get the non Open forum threads but not the main one. If I click on a post at right hand top it only brings up that one post.

    Might it be a good idea to start new Open thread ?

  4. win says:

    Warning . Trigger alert. NASA has developed an AI program to predict solar flares ácuratley “And yes we are expected says the wizard operating behind his curtain that there will be more solar flares as we are coming into a hotter period. Sorry cant copy and paste but its in solar flares.

  5. Mark A says:

    BrettW says:
    February 25, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    Click on “Home” on the main menu.

  6. mundi says:

    Notice that it’s technology agnostic.
    Even if we go green for everything with batteries instead of fuel and nuclear fire grid, they will still want lower production and equality: ie mandatory poverty.

    Of course there will need to be a ruling class to ensure compliance and run the important things…

    Hot much longer before the UN can be declared a terrorist organisation.

  7. RobertS says:

    Their ABC has an article on their Friday news feed about wonderful South Australia.
    Written by a couple of social scientists.

  8. Angus Black says:

    So basically the UN is recommending a combination of eugenics and communism?

    No surprises there then.

  9. Pyrmonter says:

    ‘Importing Power’ – as if each network should be autarkic.

    Is this Catallaxy, or Club Troppo or the comments on ABC social media on a bad day?

    Repeat after me: ‘Trade is mutually beneficial, otherwise it doesn’t occur’.

  10. Rafe Champion says:

    Why don’t you use your normal screen name “Barry Bones”?

    As I pointed out the other day this is not about trading power, it is about SA’s absurd claims that RE can work without conventional power standing by to step up when required to keep the lights on.

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Mat Canavan and David Adler both have excellent articles in this week’s Spectator about the lunacy of relying on renewables. Canavan is especially scathing about how zero emissions notionally simply kicks the can for elite emissions down the road to the rural areas where no-one really cares; until the great re-set removes elite steaks of course, but that will be the last thing to go, long after the plebs have been priced out of meat.

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