Copper Don’t Preach

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  1. cuckoo says:

    Why am I reminded of that moment where Doctor Evil terrifies the assembled world leaders by showing them the clip of the White House being blown up (from Independence Day)?

  2. Turtle says:

    Emmanuel Goldstein

  3. Baa Humbug says:

    Been losing sleep?
    It’s OK. JoBama will let you have a free abortion.

  4. Mother Lode says:

    It is hilarious – every time they refer to the breach of the Capitol they ramp up the language a bit more.

    Now it is militias that stormed the Capitol.

    I also notice that US Police Chief (Chief of the US Police Department?) wears two masks. How can you trust a person who so uncritically bows down to what was a nonsense when it was first aired and since been laughed off.

    Besides, if she is wearing a mask and the person she is talking to is wearing one, then that is two layers between the supposed source of virus and her panic-breathing lungs.

  5. Paul says:

    and they were armed with flags and bear spray, not bombs

    The Capitol police were the ones with weapons, and the antifa fascist.

  6. Roger says:

    A recent survey found the number 1 concern of Democrats was…

    No, not the economy and job security.

    No, not covid or the health system.

    No, not the possibility of war with China.

    No, not even the possibility of Kamala Harris becoming POTUS.

    No, their number 1 concern is… Trump voters.

  7. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld says:

    Anyone who saw videos from the January 6 protest would know the police opened more than one set of doors and let people in. Better still was the Trump supporter who fronted 3 cops leaning against a wall while the protest was on asking them why they were not calling for re-enforcements and they ignored him totally. The Leftists lies and hypocrisy is at an all time high. No lie too big, not statement too outlandish, they are really going for broke!

  8. Michael K says:

    The “armed insurrection” had no guns and the only gun victim was a Trump supporter named Ashli Babbit who had lost her small business and was angry enough to risk her life. A survey this week shows the Democrats #1 concern is Trump voters. Nothing about policy, even global warming.

  9. jupes says:

    No, their number 1 concern is… Trump voters.

    I’d be worried about 80 million people who have had their votes stolen too.

  10. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    It’s always different when they do it, when they fantasise about blowing up the Capitol or doing a mock up of cutting off the President’s head.

  11. Mark M says:

    1 month into the presidency and Bombing O’Biden is back bombing the middle east again.

    Trump haters must be pleased with themselves now.

  12. Roger says:

    It’s always different when they do it…

    Using off label medications to chemically castrate confused children? No worries!

    Using HCQ to treat covid? The horror!

  13. PB says:

    I thought Madonna would be more likely to blow the White-house rather than blow it up.

  14. Kneel says:

    “It’s always different when they do it…”

    But of course – look what they stand for:

    Free and fair elections – that’s why they opposed any investigation into the results when they won, but spent three years and millions of dollars chasing the rubbish, non-existent “Russia collusion” hoax.

    No racism – that’s why the training you get about not being racist depends on what colour your skin is.

    No more wars – that’s why they opposed “bring the troops home”.

    Plan for CV – they DO have one, it’s “do nothing”. Or, if pushed, follow Trump’s plan and claim any problems are because of bad orange man.

    Social justice – that’s why a few hundred unarmed protesters out of a group of several hundred thousand is an “insurrection”, but thousands who burn, loot, pillage, murder and do hundreds of times more damage get a public request for bail support and are let go uncharged within hours.

    For the people – that’s why there’s a razor wire fence around the Capitol. Nothing says you are “of the people” and “on your side” better than protecting yourself against attack from the unwashed masses with 25,000 armed troops. Can we get a machine gun or six too? No? Oh, I guess a small nuke is out of the question then.

    Democracy – that’s why Biden has signed more EO’s in his first month than the last 4 presidents combined did in their first months. That’s after he claimed you only did EO’s because you didn’t have the numbers to legislate, legislation being more “democratic” and “representative” of what the people actually want.

    For the “little guy” – that’s why they shut down the “mom and pop” businesses and forced you to buy from multi-nationals. Because in times of a pandemic, forcing everyone into one Walmart to buy essentials is safer than spreading them out over hundreds of small businesses.

    Equity – everyone should get the same outcome, regardless of talent, aptitude, skill, intelligence, diligence or determination. Except politicians, of course – they deserve the best of everything and damn the expense (providing your are of the correct political tribe, of course).

    Climate change – we need to jack up the price of fossil fuels to keep the plebs off those airplanes. It’s so demeaning needing to wait in your private jet for take-off, because a 787 full of deplorables is in the way! It’s such a waste of your valuable time having the limo stuck in a traffic jam – ban the personal transport for those plebs and reserve it for their betters (ie, ME!) And if we don’t ramp up the panic, well that beach-front property I have my eye on might go up in price before I can buy it.

    Don’t concern yourself with messy reality and actual outcomes, think about the intent! They mean well. And that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

  15. Whalehunt Fun says:

    Please don’t link to the ABC. It is the most untrustworthy cesspit of peed oh files liars and taxsucking parasitic filth currently on the planet outside of Pelosi’s family.
    Biden is bombing brown people who own a few rockets while the whiteys at the ABC destroy a whole society.

  16. Dot says:

    Madonna is still pissed that she missed out on the Tailhook Scandal.

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