Not For Everyone

We shouldn’t, once the pandemic finishes, just simply peel back the success we’ve had. I think the pattern we should be into is hardening the borders for drug trafficking, not for everyone.”


– Commissioner Chris Dawson believes abolishing freedom and nationhood is a small price to pay to save cops from doing their jobs

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  1. Judith Sloan says:

    Could be called Check Point Mark I guess

  2. Joanna Smythe says:

    WA have always stopped people at the border to check for illegal substances etc. Several years ago we were on a coach trip and when travelling back across the border from the NT to WA, border officials entered the coach and if I remember we had to sign declarations. If WA want to keep illegal drugs out, I don’t see the problem.

  3. stevem says:

    Why didn’t anybody think of this before?
    All that is needed is to stop drug traffickers and let everybody else through.
    Imagine how much quicker at airports it could be. No more immigration or Customs delays, just a line for smugglers! No more inconvenience for innocent travelers.


  4. Tom says:

    Give a low-IQ politician and an out-of-control public servant in a police uniform a sniff of total control – cheered on by hysterical de facto state media (Channel Stokes/The Worst Australian) – and voila! Fourth Reich pig state fascism.

    All the way to the next WA Inc corruption scandal.

  5. Lee says:

    The fascists have really come out of the woodwork since the coronavirus first hit.

  6. stackja says:

    Why not stop all business with and travel to WA? No need for any border or sea port or airport checks. WA can just be left to itself. What could possibly go wrong?

  7. Chris M says:

    Weirdos over there, they just love this mini dictator.

    Oh well, let them sail; own passports, defence force, currency etc. Another end result of the wuhan virus madness.

  8. jo says:

    The Drug of Power. Absolute arsehole.

  9. Papers please.
    Maybe a social credit system and a Room 101 are ideas Sneakers would like too.

  10. BrettW says:

    How about letting the police have total access to the info downloaded and location and time of visit to QR code premises as well. That would help police surveillance greatly.

    I think VICPOL should ask for 9m to 0500 curfews so that people can’t be out drunk, can’t causes traffic accidents, can’t assault anybody etc and more importantly police can work more convenient working hours.

  11. Chris M

    I’m here, I’d love to disagree but after more than a year of Mark the messiah saving us from bat vulvaitis and its attendant 24/7 drumbeat of paranoia any testicles remaining in the state have to be confiscated at the border
    For our own good.

  12. In sane times a declaration as fascist as that would see the bloke invited to resign.

  13. max says:

    We are told that the vast majority of Americans want our borders closed. When they say “our borders,” they do not mean the one with Canada — the longest undefended border in the world. They mean the one with Mexico.

  14. Bruce says:

    An actual “Checkpoint Charlie”.

    It is “Worst Australia” after all.

  15. Bronson says:

    What the length of coast line for WA? Don’t drug deals know how to sail?

  16. Publius says:

    silver lining…maybe, but not worth holding your breath over, the boomercon ‘back the blue’ types will finally wake up to the real threat these brown shirts pose to our liberties.

  17. calli says:

    This isn’t really for criminals.

    This is for us.

  18. duncanm says:

    “[Stopping] over half of the drugs that had been coming into WA, particularly meth, has resulted in 10,000 less burglaries in the past [few] months. That is half the number of burglaries that normally take place.”

    correlation is not causation, dickheads.

    Burglaries, and all crime in general, is down in every other state. Even NSW, which didn’t lock its borders.

    Break and enter down 30%.

    I’m not sure where they get a drop of 10,000 burglaries, either. The WA statistics say no such thing.

  19. Speedbox says:

    “[Stopping] over half of the drugs that had been coming into WA, particularly meth, has resulted in 10,000 less burglaries in the past [few] months. That is half the number of burglaries that normally take place.”

    How do they know that “half of the drugs that had been coming into WA” have been stopped?

    In any event, in the past few months/year crime generally has been lower Australia wide. Principally because the crims and other recalcitrants were effectively ‘locked up’ at home for extended periods (including curfews etc). Being out and about risked being stopped and questioned by plod. Having a crowbar and other tools in the car, without lawful excuse, was like asking for further enquiries to be made.

    Separately, I accept that most crims are not too bright but where a ‘professional’ drug runner was moving substantial volumes of drugs by road, surely that person would bypass the primary border crossing points – especially those that are known to have inspection points (for fruit).

  20. Texas Jack says:

    The consequences of treating the Constitution like 1-ply dunny-paper just roll on and on!

  21. Tintarella di Luna says:

    The consequences of treating the Constitution like 1-ply dunny-paper just roll on and on!

    Thanks to a feckless, clueless and spineless governing class

  22. duncanm says:

    I do love the picture of WA as some virginal land of Eloi’s frolicking in their bounties, while the other states try to corrupt them with evil drugs and diseases.

  23. PB says:

    I wonder if at some point beyond this, they find a way to levy a fee or excise on out-of-Staters and WA returnees at the land borders for the purpose of paying for what will effectively be an extension of WA customs and excise services.

  24. Ozman says:

    Don’t look over there, look over here: drugs coming in at the border via interstate highways. Long time rumour regarding the importation and distribution of drugs is certain players in the police force and government are controlling operations.

    As for the pandemic being over, there never was one. Just a myth created for the introduction of the Great Reset.

    Currently, headed by Reiner Fuellmic, who successfully sued Volkswagen, an international network of business lawyers will plead the biggest tort case of all time, the Covid-19 fraud scandal, which has meanwhile turned into the biggest crime against humanity ever committed.

  25. rickw says:

    Some fuckers really want to get strung up by an angry mob.

  26. Fat Tony says:

    Lee says:
    March 4, 2021 at 2:53 pm
    The fascists have really come out of the woodwork since the coronavirus first hit.

    I thought that was the reason for the COVID “pandemic”

  27. H B Bear says:

    As a legally trained person (who didn’t really practice law) I would say a useful rule of thumb is to oppose anything proposed or sought by the police. Also the Greens and the Liar Left.

  28. H B Bear says:

    Sneakers should be celebrating the drug trade. WA FIFOs pay world leading prices for their drugs.

  29. covid ate my homework says:

    As far back as I can remember the west have been pissing into the wind but this is something different. Although it’s a disease that seems to have gripped the entire nation and I don’t mean “the covid”. Fascisti in large numbers.

  30. John Bayley says:

    Also the Greens and the Liar Left.

    Which of course includes the Stupid F*cking Lieborals.

  31. We can sneak in to WA from theTerritory through to Giles weatherstation and on to Kalgoorlie . I went to Giles oncewith the old NativeWelfare Department interesting trip looking for Munjong Aboriginals ,we only foundaco a couple , we gave then some flour ,sugar dry tea leaf and Tom Pipers Camp Pie, tins they much preferred that to burnt goanna tey usually ate, must have been likea top retuarantmealto tem , tey had an old billy and Tom piper tins for cups . Teywereactuall real black skinned not like modern “aboriginals “

  32. duncanm says:

    guess sneaker’s needs to do something.

    WA does have the highest rates for meth usage across metro and regional areas

  33. twostix says:

    One of the cries to action for Brexiteers was a country isn’t really a country if it has no control over its borders.

    I.e borders and border controls and passports and visas and the power to stop people coming in and out are one of the things that make a country a country and not merely an administrative area inside another country.

    These premiers know what they’re doing.

  34. twostix says:

    Labor can’t win federal elections.

    It can win state elections handily.

    So Labor states, sensing the total and utter collapse in power in the commonwealth, are trying to use this moment to reconfigure the country into a more suitable arrangement.

  35. Fang says:

    Ok! Fine! No more federal or gst tax from me! And I think a rent service tax from WA for the very large border, to pay for non existent French subs and av gas for the three fighter jets we have!

  36. Jannie says:

    WA has always wanted to separate from Eastern Australia. We were not mentioned in the original constitution, although New Zealand was. We voted to secede in the 1933 referendum , but the Brits ignored us and Canberra bribed us to stay. We stayed in because for about 110 years we got more money back from the federal tax system than we paid in. For the last ten years or so we have had to subsidise Tasmania and South Australia in the GST distribution arrangements, and the ugliness of Canberra has become unbearable.

    We want our own Police state, and our own Fascist elites to do a special deal with China, we have mountains of iron ore, which the Chinese will pay ridiculously inflated prices forever. We can always be bribed again if you think you can afford us. And if the price of iron ore crashes, or if the Chinese get nasty, we might get cheaper. We have our principles.

    But we don”t like drugs and filthy eastern diseases, though rich tourists are ok if they can afford the privilege. We will stay in the Footy Comp but.

  37. A reader says:

    Which police commissioners are the most insufferable? Cornflakes, the true premier of SA or the WA bloke? NSW one clearly got told to pull his head in

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