WADA-CAS Tribunal for Porter

Sinc had a couple of posts (here, here) the last few days referring to the Coalitions poor record of defending basic legal rights in government.

Labor, The Greens, and the ABC are demanding a new investigation into Porter on the basis that due legal process has determined he has no case to answer. So bring on the kangaroo court instead.

I am partly sympathetic to this line of reasoning given the Coalition’s past form. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and all that.

Hence my suggestion (and one I think Sinc might appreciate) is for WADA-CAS to jointly run an investigation into Porter.

They are good at dispensing this kind of justice and Porter and the Coalition can’t really complain. They legislated this type of justice as fair for athletes. After all politics is said to be a blood sport, so who better than a fair minded, impartial sports regulator to resolve the matter.

The tribunal would go something along these lines:

  • WADA-CAS can pick two tribunal members and Porter can pick one with majority verdict carrying the day.
  • The “links in a chain” line of reasoning can be reduced to the lower standard of “stands in a cable” (i.e. don’t worry about critical gaps in evidence, its the vibe).
  • The tribunal won’t need to be inconvenienced by the trivial matter of actual physical evidence.
  • Nor will the prosecution need to sully the cause by corroborating their allegations with evidence of any kind.
  • Defendants will be denied the opportunity to cross examine key witnesses / figures relied upon by the prosecution.
  • Interviews relied upon by prosecutors won’t be sworn into evidence as affidavits and hence tested by defendants in court.
  • Guilt by association is fair game.
  • You won’t have recourse to the right to silence.
  • The public service can collude with CAS-WADA as it sees fit.
  • The burden of proof shall be reversed.
  • The burden shall be “comfortable satisfaction” (i.e. the vibe).

When the strand has spoken I am sure we will find that Porter is not a fit and proper person to hold any position in woke society. The only question is will Morrison stand firm or give in to the baying mob?

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20 Responses to WADA-CAS Tribunal for Porter

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:


  2. min says:

    I have been pondering the inquiry demands and have come to the conclusion that there should be one investigating the role of the ABC , journalists , and other media in the promulgating that fit and proper is more important than the law of the land .

  3. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Sounds like a Hulls appointed Victorian court , bit like the Pell trial (fit up ) ,
    The criminal will be given a fair trial and found guilty , (I mean we all know hes guilty ) . When convicted the criminal will have the right to appeal to a Hulls Appeal court and his Appeal be denied of course ,hes an extreme right winger .
    I hope ASIO and AFP search his garage .

  4. Shy Ted says:

    Come on, we all know he’s a witch. The ducking stool will prove it.

  5. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Justinian – check you email.

  6. David Brewer says:

    Even one of my old Labor buddies has had it with the ABC on this one. Ridiculous beat-up, refusal to leave it alone, purely political motivation, no prospect of any justice, just after a scalp. Oh, and total disregard for the feelings of the woman’s family.

    Decades of failing to restrain ABC journos produces this sort of nonsense. Just lucky so few people watch.

    For Labor and the Greens it’s just politics as usual, and while we would all like to see them raise their standards, we can hardly expect it of them. But the ABC journos are the onew who ought to be put through a WADA-CAS show trial. They are the ones that have earned the public shaming and long-term opproprium. There should be an enquiry into their behaviour over this, and Pell, and all the misinformation they put out about Trump’s Russia hoax. My money being spent on overpaid journos’ hate campaigns. I am sick of it.

  7. notafan says:


  8. miltonf says:

    The ABC has been doing whatever it feels like for decades. Because it gets away with it, it becomes even more emboldened. A decadent parasite poisoning the host off which it feeds. Just what one would expect from Canbra.

  9. Snotball says:

    Yes Morrison will eventually give in to the baying mob.

  10. Fair Shake says:

    The verdict to be decided by mail in ballot. No signature necessary.

  11. jupes says:

    The only flaw in the WADA-CAS process is that it will take three election cycles before the verdict is known.

  12. The Sheriff says:

    Morrison should announce the imposition of a statute of limitations for these crimes and tougher laws on those making or spreading false allegations.

  13. Bronson says:

    Bring back trial by combat I say! Could you imagine the impact on tourism to Canberrrra. Roll up roll up to see Christian Porter challenge all comers to a fight to the death to prove his innocence.

  14. Old Lefty says:

    Jeremy Gans of the Melbourne law school has been writing a lot of good sense on this as on other matters. His own political views are a bit lefty, but he is an independent critical thinker who understands the law.

    Here is a nice observation from him: how would the baying journos react if their managers set up an internal workplace inquiry to investigate rumours that they committed serious crimes 33 years ago?


    Image the howls of outrage.

  15. Bruce says:

    A Star Chamber?

    What could go wrong?

    More importantly, what is it that is intended to “go right”?

  16. Jannie says:

    make it one

    one investigating the role of the ABC , journalists , and other media

  17. Leigh Lowe says:

    An excellent example of corner cutting the principles of natural justice “for the greater good”.

  18. Leigh Lowe says:

    jupes says:

    March 5, 2021 at 7:52 pm

    The only flaw in the WADA-CAS process is that it will take three election cycles before the verdict is known.

    Time’s up.
    I remember Caro Wilson’s contorted dial on the TV in 2013 telling me all about it:-

    “The samples have all been sent to a top sports lab in Germany and will be periodically tested over coming years.
    I have it on good authority that within two to three years we will know exactly what substances were used and what their effects are.
    You can take that to the bank.”

    Eight years on, nada, zip, nothing.

  19. Tailgunner says:

    There’s not enough CAD on this thread

  20. Albatross says:

    Kek. Great post.

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