David Bidstrup guest post. This is what they trashed the country for.

The ABS released the final report for “Doctor certified deaths” in 2020, and given the ongoing lockdown dramas and displays of breathtaking incompetence regarding vaccination I offer the following, gleaned from that release and other sources, giving daily deaths and daily cases for the dreaded virus.  See these ABS statistics if you have some time to spare.

The daily “all causes” death rate for 2020 was 386 per day. The 5 year average is also 386, with a 5 year minimum of 369 and a 5 year maximum of 405. When these are plotted you get:

2020 is the thick black line. Note that is mostly below the maximum and for a good part of the year it is below the average. It is possible to look at changes to a number of causes, (e.g. cancer, heart disease, etc.), but that’s something to occupy your spare time if you wish – it would make this post too long and the reality is that 2020 fits closely with the 5 year averages for all.

The data on daily deaths and daily cases for the period 1 March 2020 to 31 March 2021 puts the virus drama in perspective, (in my view). The period is 399 days with total “virus deaths” of 909 and total “cases” of 29,304. There have been 15,613,220 tests done to root out the dreaded virus.

The last reported “Covid death” was on 28 December 2020, prior to that on 30 November 2020. Since 31 October 2020 151 days have passed with 2 “Covid deaths” and 1,682 “cases” reported. In that time, at the average daily death rate of 386, there have been 58,286 deaths from “other causes”. The ABS stats do not include coroner related deaths and I suspect suicide and road toll deaths are in this lot. At a rate of around 10 per day there have been around 1,510 suicides and 680 road fatalities since the end of October last year. The chart below shows the story. The second spike is all Victoria’s work.

It’s just nuts.

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32 Responses to David Bidstrup guest post. This is what they trashed the country for.

  1. duncanm says:

    Also pertinent — check out the UK Excess Mortality

    20% up for the entire year.

    The first link provides a somewhat filtered view of excess deaths, but is easily navigated.

    Couple of interesting data points, which I’m not sure I can interpret.

    There’s a very strong excess death pattern by race – Asians and Black up 60% (!), mixed/other 40-50%, white 18%. This is not wealth, as death by ‘deprivation’ band is flat.

    Place of death – home deaths up 34%. Only up 16% in hospital, down 20% in hospice.

    Diabetic, Dementia/Alzheimer’s deaths up significantly. (50%, 25% respectively).

  2. Alan says:

    The US Govt just updated its best estimate for surviving Covid-19 by Age
    [19 March 2021] See Table 1: Infection fatality ratio (Estimated number of deaths per 1,000,000 infections)

    Now do the ratio math:
    — 99.998% for 0-17 years
    — 99.95% for 18-49 years
    — 99.4% for 50-64 years
    — and 91% for 65+ years

  3. iamok says:

    For anyone with an ounce of nous it was clear from day one that this was as much about control as anything else, and that whatever the results of their actions the pollies would be able to defend them. EG their response to the graph above is that the daily death rate would have been off the charts if they had NOT acted with lockdowns and all of the other bullshit.

    Too many of us have been totally conditioned to accept that governments will always act in our best interests, when in fact our interests are way down their list which, of course, starts with their own interests.

  4. miltonf says:

    Exactly iamok- it was a response by the establishment to Trump and Brexit- Two things they never saw coming.

    Our pissy, deadbeat, treacherous political establishment have been right on board.

  5. John Bayley says:

    EG their response to the graph above is that the daily death rate would have been off the charts if they had NOT acted with lockdowns and all of the other bullshit.

    Indeed, there are plenty of commenters to that effect in The Australian with regards to the latest retardedness from the Headless Chook and her mad ‘scientist’ sister-in-crime, who only recently opined there would be ‘no need for further lock downs’ – only to slam one down, including masks for the entire state of Queensland.

    According to several of these Chicken Littles, if the lockdowns etc had not happened, there would have been ‘at least 100,000 deaths’ in Australia.

    You truly can’t cure stupid…

    And with regards to the UK stats, one just needs to go back 10-20 years to find out that the 2020 excess mortality per 100,000 population still did not exceed past figures.

    But, do shut up, wear a mask, even though there is no doubt whatsoever they are worse than useless, and line up for your ‘jab’ of an untested concoction which will not ever protect you from getting the dreaded ‘rona or pass it on to others.

    Because Big Brother loves you.

  6. miltonf says:

    It’s been obvious for decades that ‘democracy’ is a veneer and any dissenters who may pose a threat to the establishment will be dealt with. Imprisoning Pauline Hanson- a Howard-Abbott-Beatty project shows this.

  7. duncanm says:

    John Bayley says:
    April 3, 2021 at 8:18 am

    And with regards to the UK stats, one just needs to go back 10-20 years to find out that the 2020 excess mortality per 100,000 population still did not exceed past figures.

    yup – mortality rate about what it was in the mid 2000’s.

    See wiki for the UK

    2020 crude death rate – 10.4/1000
    It was 10.3 in 2003.

  8. duncanm says:

    change from last year (9.1) is 1.3/1000

  9. win says:

    I still have to lived with the Headless Chook and her wash rag partner in crimes Corona testing cross infection. But only thanks to immune therapy.

  10. Pyrmonter says:

    Rafe – you’re a writer on Popper and scientific method. Surely, you of all people can distinguish between a population to which a ‘treatment’ is applied and one that isn’t.

  11. Yarpos says:

    The option wasnt as black and white as lockdown or no lockdown. Rather than protecting those that needed protecting , they chose to lockdown/control everyone.

    They would say its too hard, but has been done elsewhere. But then they find everything hard when it comes to executing in the real world.

  12. bollux says:

    Just wait until everyone is “vaccinated”. It has only just begun said Karen Carpenter.
    From Euronews yesterday:
    “Hungary is suffering a devastating surge in COVID-19 deaths, despite the fact it has the highest vaccination rate in the European Union.

    It set a new daily death record on Wednesday with 302 fatalities and currently has the highest weekly death rate per one million inhabitants in the world.

    The country is in its fourth week of a new round of lockdown measures as the government tried to get hospitalisations and deaths under control.”

  13. John Bayley says:

    @bollux (9.12am):

    Same situation in Chile, which is apparently the ‘best’ when it comes to vaccination rates in South America.

    Of course, this is – entirely predictably – being blamed on ‘ceasing lockdown measures too soon’.

    I’m afraid everything is proceeding just as the ‘skeptical scientists’ – i.e. those who point out the past failures of attempts at coronavirus vaccines and the highly experimental nature of the mRNA approach – predicted.

    If this continues, things will turn REALLY interesting over the next few months, as Europe and North America move into their annual flu season.

  14. Gerard van Rijswijk says:

    How many false positives??

  15. Kneel says:

    “Just wait until everyone is “vaccinated”.”

    Don’t forget your “vaccine passport” app, which you will need to get on a plane, public transport etc, enter a Gov building, and so on.
    For your own good, of course.

    Yes, you’ll need to prove you have been given a vaccine of unknown efficiacy and unknown long-term side effects for a virus that is so dangerous most people need to get a test to know they have, a virus which only 99.9% survive, and even when you have proof you have had said vaccine, you will still need to “socialist distance” and wear a mask. If you don’t have your proof, you’ll be unable to operate in normal society. But don’t worry, Dementia Joe has assured us that it won’t be GovCo running the US “virus passport” program, it’ll be private companies, so no worries there, eh?

  16. Angus Black says:

    Not only can you not pick 2020 “deaths from all causes per capital of population” graph out of a set of 21st Century graphs for any country I’m aware of but you can’t pick a country (or American state) from the set on the basis of the COVID strategy (or its prevalence).

    Compare, eg UK vs Sweden (but any pair will do)…it’s also interesting to compare the “delta from the 20 year average” for, eg, the UK or Sweden (which has seen lots of COVID) against Australia (which hasn’t).

    Staggeringly similar.

  17. jo says:

    Facts and politicians are as distant as the earth and sun. The only conjecture would be which sun. Thankyou for your work David.

  18. Damon says:

    The mask business has got completely out of hand. Guidelines from Australian, and US governments dictate: do not touch the front of your mask while wearing or removing it; do not allow the mask to hang around your neck or under your nose; and, do not reuse single use masks. Biden routinely disregards this advice, rolling up his and putting it in his pocket, while lecturing everyone else.

  19. Flyingduk says:

    BUT BUT BUT……if it saves even ONE life????

  20. duncanm says:

    bollux, John,

    you can’t really say anything about vaccination yet. Hungary and Chile may be leading, but its still noise at 99% not vaccinated in both countries.

  21. duncanm says:

    Sorry – that’s daily. They’re at 50% and 30%. Still not super high.

  22. duncanm says:

    another correction — that’s “people vaccinated”, not “fully vaccinated”.

    Its actually only 20% for Chile and < 10% for Hungary

  23. Roger says:

    But don’t you see? It all worked!

    And most importantly, politicians got reelected with increased majorities.

  24. jupes says:

    Since 31 October 2020 151 days have passed with 2 “Covid deaths” and 1,682 “cases” reported. In that time, at the average daily death rate of 386, there have been 58,286 deaths from “other causes”.

    Great stuff David.

  25. Cynic of A says:

    The thing is, we can read all these charts, listen to the news about the deaths in Hungary, on and on and on, but….
    Are the figures accurate? If the U.S. election proved nothing else, it is that a very large number of people are quite prepared to commit fraud for money or ideology.
    There are examples. People shot but died of the Wuhan. People in accidents, but died of the Wuhan. There’s a drama to be perpetuated at all costs.
    I don’t believe any of these statistics, because time and time again, the provokers of the panic are proved to be frauds, or at least, mistaken.
    It’s like a lot of things. You pays your money and you takes your chances.
    Don’t want to get hurt in a car accident? Don’t get in a car. Sameo, sameo applies to flying, surfing, swimming, golfing, walking etc. etc.
    I have a legal arrangement with sharks. I don’t go in the water, and they don’t come out onto the land.
    In the so-called News, where are the daily figures of recovery? No, recovery is not to be mentioned. Only deaths. Deaths make the headlines, not the recoveries.

  26. Rockdoctor says:

    Mask compliance is pretty poor in Cairns from the locals anyway. No-one seems to care. Where I have had to wear I have been experimenting with wearing inside out, so no one has corrected my error.

  27. Rafe Champion says:

    Thanks Pyrmonter, this is a guest post.

  28. Kneel says:

    “I don’t believe any of these statistics,… “

    Check the WHO stats on global ‘flu deaths – zero for months and months. Unprecedented!

    Clearly, we must keep up with the socialist distancing and face nappies to save lives – it’s obvious that these are the only explanation for zero ‘flu deaths in all that time.

    And also lockdowns – we need one every two years in order to save the planet from CO2.

    So suck it up princess. It’ll continue until everyone is broke and China “saves” us. On the bright side, once they do, at least the real enemy will be mostly obvious, eh? And I still have my US Army “Improvised Munitions Handbook”…

  29. Robber Baron says:

    I will wager the survival rate with vaccine will be the same as without vaccine.

  30. John Bayley says:

    @duncanm: 11.12 am:

    You are correct that it is too early to draw any solid conclusions, but even so, the reports of new ‘cases’ after having been vaccinated are numerous already.

    And going by the number of vaccine-related deaths, via both VAERS and its counterpart, the European Database of Suspected Adverse Reactions, it appears rather obvious already that in several age groups, the vaccines cause more deaths per 100,000 than the WuFlu; cooked statistics along the lines of ‘with’ or ‘of’ notwithstanding.

    As I said above, and paraphrasing numerous ‘skeptical’ virologists/immunologists:

    The real test will come in 6-10 months, when those vaccinated get to be re-exposed to the wild virus. If previous attempts at a vaccine are any guide, we will see an explosion of deaths from ADE and similar reactions.

  31. Tel says:

    See Table 1: Infection fatality ratio (Estimated number of deaths per 1,000,000 infections)

    That’s not infection fatality ratio, because a lot of infections went past undetected with very mild symptoms.

    That’s observed infection fatality ratio, necessarily higher than the real ratio.

    How much higher is hard to say, but given the strong evidence of the protective power of Vitamin D, and the fact that the worst-hit city (Melbourne) also has the highest incidence of Vitamin D deficiency, it’s likely that the number of Australians with reasonable innate defenses is quite high … therefore a significant number were exposed but shook it off easily.

  32. DP says:

    Dear Mr Bidstrup

    I’ve been plotting England and Wales all-cause mortality using ONS data.

    The latest 4 graphs to Week 11 ending Friday, 19 March 2021 are at:

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

    Note on the first graph how excess deaths compared with the average of the previous 5 years stack up by age. It is worth tracking the 2020-21 85+ group through the entire sorry saga. It will look very interesting starting in a couple of weeks. A large number of elderly people died last year and a lesser number this year. They cannot die again, so there will be significantly fewer deaths among that cohort for the remainder of this year and the next ‘flu season. All down to the vaccine, of course.

    The seasonality of covid is also apparent from June to early October. Face nappies were made mandatory on 24 July – Face Nappy Day – just when they were not needed, so their purpose was what? A public display of obedience? A fine opportunity for our enforcers? A bit of corony corporatism for that nice Mr Johnson’s best mates who went long on face nappies?

    The second graph shows all-cause and “with covid” mortality and the difference – mostly negative. Covid stops old folk from dying from everything else.

    The next two show all-cause and excess deaths for 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2021. This year is looking quite normal apart from a slight elevation compared with 2015 and 2018, the last two bad ‘flu years.

    There were 65,000 extra deaths in England and Wales in 52 weeks of 2020 (a 53 week year) compared with 2018 (+12%), almost exclusively elderly with co-morbidities. Is that a reason to cripple an entire economy?

    The Diamond Princess demonstrated who was vulnerable and who wasn’t weeks before the UK’s first lockup on 23 March 2020. Lessons learnt?

    Oh yes. How easy it is to subjugate entire countries and destroy centuries of hard-won freedoms.

    The vaccination programme has been rushed out with indecent haste. Is this so that the seasonal decline can be claimed as a victory for Science, Medicine and Government? Mr Legiron has commented on potential problems with the vaccines at:


    The link may not get you directly to the comment, which is a reply to Ed P on March 23, 2021 at 7:33 pm.

    In the long run we are all dead, therefore according to the governments of the entire Western world (except Sweden) in the long run we should be locked up forever.


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