Left-wing women’s briefs

ON the 700th anniversary of Divina Commedia, Mohammed has been sprung from Hell in a new translation of the seminal classic. The well-named Lies Lavrijsen says she wants Hades to be more accessible to “a younger audience.” Keeping Islam’s L. Ron Hubbard banged up in the cell to which Dante consigned him “is not necessary for the understanding of the literary text,” insists Blossom Books CEO and Stalinist Myrthe Spiter. “Mohammed is subjected to a cruel and humiliating fate, just because he is the founder of Islam,” Miss Spiter told De Standaard. He was therefore ‘deleted’ from the eighth circle.

Meanwhile in America, a court has ruled the First Amendment law suit of University of Virginia medical student Kieran Bhattacharya may proceed following almost three years of gaslighting by scatterbrained feminist academics. Bhattacharya’s problems began in October 2018 when he asked a few polite and intelligent questions during a “micro-aggressions” seminar presented by assistant dean, Beverly Adams. He was subsequently reported to disciplinary officials by assistant professor, Nora Kern, for being “antagonistic.” The exchange was recorded – beginning at 28:41. Reason has a good summary of what followed: an attempt to portray Bhattacharya as too potentially dangerous to be a doctor, a mandatory requirement he be treated by a psychologist and, finally, his expulsion from the university by campus police.

[Y]eah, we have a culture that accepts the murder of these defenceless animals.”

Speaking of police, call them now! Michelle Grattan ‘reports’ this morning that Scott Morrison has disagreed with two women in his career. It’s OK, though, because they’re “tough.”

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  1. min says:

    Well I would have thought that the Italians in various city states had suffered at the hands of Muslims / Saracens . Apart from the Crusades , they had overtaken Sicily , and Venetians etc were forever fighting off the Turks . So one can see where their dislike of the teachings of Islam come from as the leader of the religion Mohammad encouraged defeating other people.

  2. mundi says:

    The Bhattacharya case really makes we wonder what contract universities even operate under.

    It seems like students just have to bend to what ever edicts and rules the university set, with no ability to sue for breach of contract when they disingenuously bend rules to exclude people.

  3. Shane says:

    Going by the name, I was going with just another Stockholme syndrome victim from Stockholme, Islam being such an enthusiastic proponent of & expert in its implementation.

    but then I find out she is dutch, with a head tilted to the left & of course vision impaired.
    There is at least one RC pope in that circle , he & other historical political figures will of course will remain.

  4. Kneel says:

    “Mohammed is subjected to a cruel and humiliating fate, just because he is the founder of Islam”

    One wonders what the reaction would be were we to exchange Nazism and its WWII leader. I suspect Islam has executed many more people than that individual ever dreamed of killing.

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