Bring a ute: “And they are really going to come for me now”

CHANNEL Nine has tried to pull off one of those in-house builder’s bog PR patch-ups for Weakest Link host Magda Szubanski following her lightly criticised attack on Jenny Morrison. Instead, she went even more berserk. She now claims Mrs Morrison is a literal Nazi whose Christian comrades are a threat to her substantial person:

On Wednesday night, Szubanski appeared on A Current Affair to give her side of the story, saying her intention was to highlight the growing influence of ‘far-right Christians’ in political life.

“That was a mild way of drawing attention to the fact I do have concerns about, and trust me this is not about the majority of Christians, but the element of the far-right,” she said.

“And – they are really going to come for me now – I think that is a concern.”

She also thinks Mrs Morrison flashed a ‘white power’ sign in an official photograph with Harry and Meghan. Do Nine and its advertisers seriously want to go on sinking money into this lunatic? But hey, when nothing else is remotely viable as an excuse, when you’re facing well-deserved obloquy for disgraceful conduct, when you’ve attacked an innocent woman and can’t Holgate your way out of it, the “far right” dodge is the one for you. She would already be unemployed if she’d pilloried a Labor Prime Minister’s wife. Nine clearly hates its Christian audience.

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  1. Tim says:

    I very rarely watch 9 or listen to any of their radio stations.

    What would Kerry packer think of 9 now.

  2. Notafan says:

    And she departed from the truth.

    Didn’t realise it was Jen.
    Followed by
    Jen is a naxi

  3. Notafan says:

    It’s fantastic logic.

    Anyone who criticises me is a far right Christian.

  4. Roger says:

    You know, the first time I saw Jenny Morrison, I thought…

    Now there’s a dangerous far-right Christian.

  5. Dianeh says:

    Except the Morrisons are not far right Christians.

    They are Christians. There is nothing far right about them.

    Magda using the far right tag as though it is a get out of gaol free card.

    Being a religious bigot is not enough for her, has to throw in the political bigotry as well.

  6. Roger says:

    On the upside, Magda has undoubtedly generated some sympathy for the PM in what has thus far been an annus horibilis.

  7. Jannie says:

    “The Far Right” is ABC talk for anywhere to the right of the the Extreme Left.

  8. Roger says:


    Being a religious bigot is not enough for her,

    No, it’s clearly not.

    She wants to be the arbiter of which Christians can participate in public life.

  9. IainC says:

    I think women will feel a lot safer and more respected if Magda Szubanski gets off social media.
    And aren’t her comments about Christians Christophobic and racist, if we follow the current identity political paradigms? The majority of Christians are black or brown, with the fastest growth in China, so criticism of Christians is racist, correct?

  10. stackja says:

    Channel Nine had a vendetta against George Pell starting in at least, 2015. Scomo has good company. Of course, Nine has attacked the SAS. No surprise.

  11. Notafan says:

    I’ve run into some ‘far right Christians’ on Twitter, out and proud Hitler lovers ( among other things) and typically members of tiny wacko independent baptist pastor cults .
    Madga and many others of the progressive left bourgeoisie love labelling anyone who disagrees.

  12. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    People who criticise me are Fat Left Communists , so there ,have a look in theit garages ASIO . Chinese lanterns perhaps ? Little red books ? Photos of bod the poof brown ?

  13. Squirrel says:

    Things were so much simpler and happier in the days of Chenille, Michelle Grogan, Pixie-Anne Wheatley and Sharon – who instinctively knew that a good game of netty was the answer to every problem.

  14. H B Bear says:

    What is Magda’s focus group been smoking?

  15. candy says:

    She is obviously very overweight and that is a serious health issue as she is over 60 years, so I am sure that troubles and worries her. Perhaps she is saying stupid things because she is feeling out of kilter.

    I thought she was a wonderful comedienne in her day and her characters in Fast Forward were so funny. She was terrific in that show. She made a lot of people laugh and that is a great thing, a gift. Perhaps because of that I feel I wish her well and get over this spell of ridiculousness about Mrs Morrison.

  16. Derp says:

    Someone is starved of relevance.

  17. Snoopy says:

    What is Magda’s focus group been smoking?

    Bacon. Lots of bacon.

  18. Des Deskperson says:

    ‘I thought she was a wonderful comedienne in her day and her characters in Fast Forward were so funny.’

    Funny, maybe, but basically always sneering at ordinary little Australians; as a genre, cheap, lazy, unoriginal and safe.

  19. luke73 says:

    Szubanski should have apologized for the original out of line “handmaidens” comment, logged out of Twatter and shut up for a while, instead she’s just digging a bigger and bigger hole.

    Attacks on family members of political figures who are not political figures themselves is not something we want to import into this country.

  20. Notafan says:

    We were laughing at ourselves though.

    Madga caricatured people she observed growing up, lower middle class, just like her.

  21. Des Deskperson says:

    ‘Madga caricatured people she observed growing up, lower middle class, just like her.’

    Nope, went to Siena College Camberwell, current fees for day students $16,560 pa, not many lower middle class kiddies there.

    Another posh private school missy punching down.

  22. nb says:

    I say watch channel nine!
    And note who advertises there.
    Then purchase accordingly.

  23. Scernus says:

    What do you expect. She needs to dig a rather large hole to disappear into.

  24. Infidel Tiger says:

    When one hasn’t wiped ones own arse in 20 years one becomes somewhat sour and deranged.

    Magda needs our support and so does her bed, chairs and commode.

  25. Notafan says:

    Sorry Des

    Back then Siena was a lower fee Catholic girls school and Madga trained it in from Croydon, way out in the sticks back then.

    I was two years ahead of her at another not so far away low fee Catholic girls school and a few girls I went to primary school went there.

    My girls could have gone there but as it was an awkward train trip I sent them to comparable Catholic college closer to home.

    In the 1990s fees were between $3000 and $4000 pa.

    Was always a struggle but lower middle like me and mine were always well represented.

    Incidentally me, my cofe private school and public school mates fully embraced the sharpie movement in the mid 70s.

  26. Des Deskperson says:

    Thanks, Notafan, I was wrong.

    I still contend that her shtick was and is cheap, mean and tasteless.

  27. a happy little debunker says:

    Anyone quoting ‘a handmaidens tale’ by Margret Atwood (or whatever it is called) as a source for ‘inspiration’ is really just embarking on their own fetish fantasies…

  28. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I am not surprised that Magda didn’t make a certain logical observation about a woman clad in a long black garment standing respectfully behind her husband.

    I wonder why lefties like her never seem to make connections like that?

  29. Notafan says:

    It was noticeable that Kath and Kim, eventually, had ‘Prue and Tru’ segments to poke fun at the upper middle.

  30. Des Deskperson says:

    ‘Thanks, Notafan, I was wrong.’

    But then, again, the fees at Siena these days still seem a bit high to me for lower-middle class school.

    St Eddy’s in Canberra is what I would call a middle/lower middle class Catholic Christian Brothers boys school. It’s annual fees are $11,200, more than $5000 less then Siena.

    Of course the socio-economic status of Siena and its students may have changed over the years.

  31. Gyro Cadiz says:

    The only realistic threats to Magda are:
    1. The Japanese whaling fleet
    2. Getting pushed out to sea by greenies when at the beach
    3. Diabetes
    4. Captain Ahab
    5. Collapsing into a ball of neutronium under the influence of her own gravity well
    6. Surprise rendering down by blubberleggers following a drastic and unexpected increase in the global price of lard

  32. Notafan says:

    As Markle did when Harry signed a condolence book?

    What annoyed me was it appeared to be a deliberately unflattering photo of Jenny Morrison.

  33. Not Uh oh says:

    Such bigoted hate-speech from Szubanski. Shame on you channel 9.

  34. Notafan says:

    No doubt Des, Canterbury and Camberwell are far more upmarket than they were back then.

    Even my daughters’ school was described as elite in a herald sun hit piece a few years after they left.


  35. Notafan says:

    Yes there has been a significant widening in the differences in school fees since the 90s.

  36. Snoopy says:

    Pelosi Hijacks Everything for Her Agenda — Even the Holocaust

    What a disgraceful piece of work.

  37. Notafan says:

    Interesting Madga reportedly was paid $850,000 for her Jenny Craig advertising.

  38. Mick Gold Coast QLD says:

    Fatso Magda is yesterday’s news and will disappear from view quicker than she would have believed possible a week ago; the sinister sisters – Kristina, Our Britney / Bonce the Parliament House b0nker, shrieking harridan Not-so-Tame AO and that Wong chap have given her the swerve because she is of no further use to them; Scott Morrison’s wife has displayed her class and maturity by ignoring the slob; if Channel Nine has any sense the forthcoming new show for the chubster (I know nothing of it – a kindly lifeline to augment her modest pension?) will be shelved indefinitely – it’s all over bar the shouting.

    However …

    That, Currency Lad, was another virtuoso performance! The last couple of sentences finished it off splendidly well – had me laughing out loud, reminded me of the smooth, smooth saxophone solo at the end of Phil Collins’ One More Night – just perfect!

    I am impressed. “obloquy” … whoo hoo! 😁😂🤣

  39. Jo says:

    Magda your Tubbiness. “I don’t like extremes of any kind ” except for unlimited Krispy Kremes.

  40. Hasbeen says:

    I found it amazing that any company would use a fat slob in a food service commercial.

  41. Joanna Smythe says:

    Every time I see her she looks different. Not better, just different. She still spouts the same rubbish though.

  42. roman says:

    Issue with lefty activists is that they desperately WANT someone to attack them, because to be a victim would give them the ATTENTION they crave for so very very very much, and maybe some cash rewards too, you know, for their “bravery” in “speaking out”.

    Remember Rosie Batty? Her partner killed their kid, and she won Australian of the Year for it. This is her great accomplishement, from wiki:

    Batty has said that Anderson showed signs of sexual violence whilst they were together, including allegedly attempting to rape a friend of Batty’s, after which Batty ended the two-year relationship.[15] Almost eight years later she initiated contact with him and resumed a brief sexual relationship, which led to Batty’s pregnancy.</blockquote

  43. TBH says:

    I’m really enjoying the pile on against Magda on Twitter. You live by the sword, you die by it too. Her attack on the PM’s wife was well out of order and people were absolutely right to call her on it.

  44. Snotball says:

    Roll out the barrel!

  45. Fair Shake says:

    Cats Magda is correct. It was me and my fellow extreme far right Christians who brought her undone. It took years of planning, private donations and waiting. That was the hardest part the waiting. But we waited and waited until at last Magda stepped into our cunning trap. Her tweet, the perfect opportunity and we pounced. Her big arse was mine, all mine!! Bwahahahah! ( loud organ music, cape swish, runs off stage, trips on cape, music suddenly stops, sound of footsteps on floorboards and mild cursing fades).

    The final act will include a Walkley, AOTY and a position on the ABC Board.


  46. The Sheriff says:

    Why does anyone listen to the disgustingly obese Magda?

  47. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld says:

    Here we go again, loony leftist attacking conservatives again. As usual, everything they accuse us of is exactly what they do and are. Who gave them the ‘right’ to attack everyone and everything?

  48. Mark M says:

    Szubanski Handmaidens tale shaming: ok

    Fat shaming Szubanski: not ok

    Got it.

  49. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Who gave them the ‘right’ to attack everyone and everything?”

    We on the right did….

    1. By constantly turning the other cheek to their smears and lies;

    2. By deliberately ignoring their smears and lies;

    3. By always being nice and dignified in the face of their smears and lies….because as you know, we on the right are always nice and dignified….or we on the right are expected to be always nice and dignified….and thus we always readily comply.

    Imagine, just for one small second, the scenario if someone on the right…be it a celebrity, comedian or just an ordinary person…publicly said the same about a Labor woman or the partner of a Labor PM….as Magda the Obese has about Jenny Morrison? The ensuing screams, screeches, shouting, denunciations, silencing and cancelling would be front page news for days and weeks…Twitter would be awash with outrage and calls for this person on the right to be “disappeared”.

    But not Magda the Obese….she gets a soft interview with Channel Nine and doubles down, refusing to apologise to Jenny Morrison…and remember…she inferred Jenny to be like a woman from The Handmaid’s Tale and a religious zealot and worse, she implied that Jenny Morrison is a racist. Magda the Obese is an ugly, offensive liar and when called out for her offensiveness and her lies, she plays the victim.

    The truth is that the the silent majority have allowed this to happen…by remaining shtum. We should do what the left do… on advertisers to refuse to advertise on her forthcoming television programme (which will no doubt tank)….but no, we sit back and continue to be passive and nice and the likes of progressive scum like Magda the Obese et al will happily continue to babble on and post lies and other offensive rubbish about people on the right….because they can, we allow it.

  50. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    Funny, in my far-right Christian church, we don’t have any N#z1s. Plenty of our forebears fought against them though. Does that make us communists?

    I always thought we’d find more N#z1s on the left as Adolf was not overly enamoured with the church and thought Christianity was a threat.

    We tend to put our faith in Christ, not the failed ideology of a socialist.

  51. Shy Ted says:

    Someone needs to start making MAGDA baseball caps. Made A Ginormous Dinner Again.

  52. Des Deskperson says:

    ‘Interesting Madga reportedly was paid $850,000 for her Jenny Craig advertising.’

    Call it what you will, but Jenny Craig’s business model is basically ‘fat-shaming’.

    For the former face of Jenny Craig to be complaining about being ‘fat-shamed’ shows a gargantuan level of stupidity, hypocrisy and lack of self-knowledge. She’s certifiably hopeless and her views should be of no interest to anyone.

  53. The BigBlueCat says:

    Magda says Jenny Morrison is “fair game” on the basis of her husband being in public life … on that basis, Magda is also “fair game”. Magda’s comments were repugnant and correctly criticized for being obnoxious and extreme. But she can’t handle the heat, and cries “victim”. Magda, you’re the biggest loser here … goodbye.

    And props to the Morrison’s for ignoring Magda.

  54. Iain Russell says:

    Go with Cadiz [email protected]

  55. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Call it what you will, but Jenny Craig’s business model is basically ‘fat-shaming’.”

    Quite so DD.

  56. Ubique says:

    The Nazis were lefties no doubt. They operated the world’s most extensive welfare State. Membership of a trade union was a prerequisite for employment. The Nazis set prices and dictated production. Everything not prohibited was compulsory. Nazis worshipped nature and the environment. They outlawed and murdered any opposition and confiscated their property. How is this any different from the US Democrats or the ALP?

  57. Bruce says:

    Last time I looked, in the Western canon, black is the traditional “mourning” colour.

    In most of Asia, they use white for the same job.

    Traditional social decorum and protocols have been getting systematically shredded for decades; to what end, I will leave to the imagination or educated guesses / actual knowledge.

  58. Robbo says:

    Szubanski has revealed herself as a complete nutcase. She is no longer funny, she is just another left wing lunatic who should be fitted out with a straitjacket and put in a padded cell.

  59. calli says:

    But she can’t handle the heat, and cries “victim”.

    It’s called “cry-bullying”.

  60. miltonf says:

    “Who gave them the ‘right’ to attack everyone and everything?”

    We on the right did….

    Not just us Cassie- the meja gives these misfits a voice, bolsters them and channels them into our cars and lounge rooms.
    Who the hell does she/he/it think she/he/it is to critique and lecture Mrs Scomo.

  61. Up The Workers! says:

    Magda’s problem as Labor’s favourite “pin-up girl” is that she extends from far right, to far left and all the acreage in between.

    Try Ford Pills.

    Maybe her unpopularity might decrease in direct proportion to her surface area?

  62. Daily llama says:

    Really, Workers! Ford pills. We’re showing our age. Reminds me of MacKenzie’s Menthoids. “That’s M E N T H O I D S.”

  63. Up The Workers! says:

    My telly only has a standard-sized screen.

    Do I need to invest in a wide-screen T.V. to watch the new Magda Show?

    For decades she has made her money out of exploiting her size and shape…and now she is playing the faux Leftard victim and blaming everybody else for it?

    How many of her most famous roles would she have had, if she was the same size as everybody else?

    I don’t know how rich she is, but if she is rich, then she has her size to thank for those riches. Without it, she would never have had the roles she has had.

    Vive la difference!

  64. Luke73 says:

    How is this any different from the US Democrats or the ALP?

    Look I get no-one wants to claim the Nazi’s, they were some of histories biggest assholes, probably the biggest, but to claim the ALP or U.S Democratic party are somehow aligned is preposterous.

    All credible historians, political scientists etc. record National Socialism as an offshoot of Fascism, a movement of the far right.

    For the record I do NOT equate conservatives with Nazis, a conservative (Churchill) was the 20th centuries greatest hero in taking the fight to the evils of fascism (and communism).

  65. Boambee John says:

    offshoot of Fascism, a movement of the far right.

    Founded by a former communist? Mussolini was a man of the left until he became the fascist leader.

    “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”, hardly the rallying cry of a conservative, libertarian, or even an anarchist.

  66. Mark M says:

    Did somebody say, “Magda’s a flog”?

  67. Bad Samaritan says:

    Luke73. Do we need go through this every few weeks.

    National Socialism is socialism aimed at sharing the nation’s wealth with that nation. Italy for the Italians: Germany for the Germans etc. In Germany they were the NS German Workers Party. International socialism was for all the world’s workers to unite since “the workers of the world have no country”.

    The founders of each fascist party in each country were all dedicated socialists, including Adolf. Other clear examples: Mussolini was the editor of the Italian Socialist Newspaper, Oswald Mosely was a British Labor Minister, and a long-time Fabian; Jacques Doriot the founder of the French Fascists was the communist mayor of Paris.

    That all these leftist fruitcakes approved 100% of Adolf and Stalin joining up to start WWII is all any normal non-Lukist needs to know FFS.

  68. Luke73 says:

    “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”, hardly the rallying cry of a conservative, libertarian, or even an anarchist.

    Agree 100%

    But a political system in which the state has a high level of centralised control over social and economic affairs doesn’t necessarily preclude an ideology from being considered “right wing”, specifically when it goes hand in hand with an emphasis on notions such as authority, hierarchy, duty, tradition, order and nationalism.

    That’s not me talking that’s political science.

  69. Rex Anger says:

    So Moby Luke,

    Are the Chinese ‘right wing?’

  70. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Look I get no-one wants to claim the Nazi’s, they were some of histories biggest assholes, probably the biggest, but to claim the ALP or U.S Democratic party are somehow aligned is preposterous.”

    I’m sorry but there’s simply no difference…both Nazism and Communism are equally evil and both were forms of socialism. Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Pot Pot were, along with Hitler, all “big assholes” in history. I regard both as equally evil however I don’t see the same censure towards Communism that I do with Nazism. Communism is routinely given a free pass…..and we’re seeing this daily with the MSM and the progressive left either actively ignoring or running cover for nasty sinister groups like Antifa and BLM…and BLM is an avowedly Marxist doesn’t even hide it. We now have a compromised media, made up of indoctrinated activists, who are either ignorant of far-left totalitarianism or whitewash it. So you have examples where it’s okay for the former head of St Vincent de Paul here in Oz to be pictured, smiling, wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Lenin emblazoned on it. There was no social censure, outrage or opprobrium. Imagine someone wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Hitler on it? Or Mussolini? A week or two ago there was a Marxist conference in Melbourne… media covered it….it’s as though they regard Marxism as benign. Let’s forget about the one hundred million dead. I didn’t hear any condemnation from the “moderate” left. No censure from Wong, Keneally, Albanese (who was and is always happy to catch up with his mate when in London……the Jooo hater called Jeremy Corbyn). Yet when the first CPAC was held here in Sydney two years ago (I attended), Skank Keneally and other progressive scum tried to make out it was a conference for far-right neo-Nazis and so we had middle class university activist scum turned up to threaten attendees such as myself.

    Oh and both the modern ALP, the US Democratic party and much of the progressive left are tolerant of a modern day “Nazi” state….that state is called China.

  71. Luke73 says:

    Are the Chinese ‘right wing?’

    I’m guessing the Chinese are like any other nationality, some are right, some are left, some are middle and most don’t give a shit.

  72. Rex Anger says:

    Yep. Troll confirmed.

  73. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “I’m guessing the Chinese are like any other nationality, some are right, some are left, some are middle and most don’t give a shit.”


  74. Luke73 says:

    Cassie, I don’t disagree with most of what you said.

    Communism DOES get a pass from many quarters that it should not considering the death toll it has inflicted on the world.

    The hammer and sickle is just as evil as the swastika in my eyes.

  75. Richard says:

    The hammer and sickle is just as evil as the swastika in my eyes.

    People who do not agree with this have never read a history book.

    For those people, may I suggest the book ‘Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties’ by Paul Johnson

  76. calli says:

    The hammer and sickle is just as evil as the swastika in my eyes.

    They are both perversions of good things.

    – the dignity of work for mankind
    – prosperity and well-being

    Curious that they appeared within a very short time of each other to pervert a world newly emerged from a devastating war. It isn’t just conflict that’s terrible but what arises in the ensuing vacuum.

  77. Lee says:

    I never saw Magda as the least bit attractive, but she is a horrible woman on the inside.

  78. PeterW says:

    The lie is to claim the Nazism and Communism are somehow opposites.

    They are both totalitarian regimes, ruled by an oligarchy and insisting the all forms of Production, Distribution and Exchange are controlled by government. The only differences are in symbols and slogans. Prior to WW2 it was not controversial in the least to maintain that Stalin and Hitler were philosophically aligned. They differed only in who they believed should be in charge.

    After the Germans invaded Russia it was politically necessary to distinguish our “ally” from the greater existential threat of the day, but it was a distinction without real difference.

    Good luck with finding genuine Christians in either group. There is simply too much in the writing of Jesus and the Apostles that contradicts the leftist ideologies. As it is written, “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, “hypocrites ( Greek actors who wore masks when on the stage.)” and “by their fruits you shall know them”.

  79. Des Deskperson says:

    ‘ Reminds me of MacKenzie’s Menthoids. ‘

    One of Dr MacKenzie’s ads showed the naked back of a young blonde lady, and a hand – presumably the Doc’s – using a pair of spectacles to indicate some or other problem area for back pain.

    Even as a kiddie, it struck me as risqué for general viewing.

    The ‘Doc’ himself spotted an impossible and obviously faked beard.

  80. Des Deskperson says:

    err, sported.

  81. rickw says:

    Except the Morrisons are not far right Christians.

    I would have said they’re far left Christians.

  82. Slim Cognito says:

    …should be fitted out with a straitjacket and put in a padded cell.

    There is no need for padding. She comes self equipped.

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