Politics of the absolutely lowest common denominator

First this: Americans Waking Up to Fact That Kamala Harris Is an Idiot. The astonishing part is how many still don’t know and will never know.

I am also on some mailing list from the Democrats in Florida. This is the latest note to me. Politics for idiots, that is for sure.

Stephen — this is a hard email to write.

But Democrats are about to lose our shot to pass H.R. 1, outlaw Republican cheating… and keep our progressive Senate Majority.

Almost no one — seriously, NO ONE — has donated to fund our ads to pass H.R. 1. We’re still 8,401 donations SHORT of our strict budget goal.

If we miss this goal, McConnell will BLOCK H.R. 1… we’ll LOSE our Senate Majority.

So this is your FINAL chance to do the right thing, Stephen! Generous Democrats are 250%-MATCHING all donations before our strict deadline at 9AM tomorrow.


250%-MATCH: $5 →
250%-MATCH: $25 →
250%-MATCH: $50 →
250%-MATCH: $100 →
250%-MATCH: $250 →
250%-MATCH: Another Amount →

Stephen — If we pass H.R. 1, we’ll BAN Republican cheating, BOOST Democratic Voter Turnout, and KEEP our Democratic Senate Majority. It’s that simple.

And right now, our expert pressure ads are WORKING!

That’s why we need to keep our ads up — but we need 8,401 donations by tomorrow morning to fully fund them.

We’ll use that money to prove to McConnell it’ll be a HUGE MISTAKE to block H.R. 1 — he’ll have NO CHOICE but to send H.R. 1 to President Biden’s desk!!

But Stephen, we’re still 8,401 donations short of our strict goal. So we need you to rush $5 to pass H.R. 1 right now →

250%-MATCH: $5 →
250%-MATCH: $25 →
250%-MATCH: $50 →
250%-MATCH: $100 →
250%-MATCH: $250 →
250%-MATCH: Another Amount →

Thank you!

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32 Responses to Politics of the absolutely lowest common denominator

  1. a happy little debunker says:

    Packing their Courts
    Packing their Senate
    Packing their Fudge

    The only thing Democrats wont pack – is their bags…

  2. cuckoo says:

    Democrats are about to lose our shot to pass H.R. 1, outlaw Republican cheating

    No comment possible.

  3. Kneel says:

    “…outlaw Republican cheating…”

    … and enshrine Democrat cheating.
    Hey, it’s only fair – there’s no way they can win on the merits of their policies, and it’s their turn (in perpetuity) damnit – just like it was HilBillaries turn to be chief thief. The only reason she didn’t win is because Repubs didn’t allow Dems to cheat enough. We HAVE to fix that!

  4. Paul says:

    Cackling Kamala can’t stop larfing that being one of the first turfed out in the primaries, she will soon be installed President once they over throw dementia Joe.

  5. Kneel says:

    “…she will soon be installed President once they over throw dementia Joe.”

    She needs Joe to last 2 years and one day – that way, after the fix the system, she can be Pres for 10 years.

  6. Paul says:

    outlaw Republican cheating
    But not soviet demorat cheating. We run the elections now its fair!

  7. Dave in Marybrook says:

    Easy with the links Steve, my computer screen is running out of blue ink

  8. Mother Lode says:

    Democrats are about to lose our shot to pass H.R. 1, outlaw Republican cheating…

    Just goes to show the Democrat party thinks the people on their mailing lists are stupid too.

    As usual, look at what a lefty is accusing other people of…

  9. Rt41Rebel says:

    We must pass HR-1 because everyone knows that black people are too lazy and stupid to obtain a free photo ID required for literally every other normal activity necessary to live in society. Also, how do you expect illegal aliens now streaming across our border to vote?

  10. Fair Shake says:

    Z @1:05

    Cmon man, where was the trigger warning ⚠️. That was just awful to watch and listen to. I may need therapy now.

  11. Ozman says:

    Foolish email. What a turn off!

  12. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    The corrupt grasping billionaires who own American politics and polliescum are surely taking the wee wee by foisting these useless articles on the long suffering populace . They have got to be kidding , out of the massive number of corrupt polliescum they own they picked these two .
    They coukd be doing it for a bet or more likely tgey are showing teir complete contempt for teir fellow Americans . Is there still a wall in Wall street they can be lined up against and removed from the scene?
    This is whats known as scraping te bottom of the cesspit .

  13. Mark M says:

    All those 81M+ voters for the most popular president. Ever, seems they have no money left to donate.
    Brother, can you spare a dime for 2 fridges Nancy and her ultra creamy ice Cream?

  14. Baa Humbug says:

    By and large Democrats are stupid, but they are also evil people. Abortion at 8.9 months is the proof positive of my claim.
    The most stupid seem to be the black democrats. There is not a single intelligent, articulate black democrat in congress. Not one.
    You can take the savage out of the Get-Tow, but you can’t take the Get-Tow out of the savage.

    The GOP on the other hand are feckless cowards of the highest order. Elections are the domain of the states. Federal Congress can’t make election law. If the roles were reversed, the Demonrats would have stopped HR1 in its tracks via court order.

  15. Herodotus says:

    They need more money; why? To buy Mitch, or someone else?

  16. Herodotus says:

    The dems and assorted allies, not least those in the media, are destroying America.
    There is now no legal, justice or electoral remedy. If Americans want their country and their freedom back they’ll have to do it the same way they saw off the British in the 18th century.

  17. thefrollickingmole says:

    Mark M says:
    April 29, 2021 at 3:35 pm
    All those 81M+ voters for the most popular president. Ever, seems they have no money left to donate.

    Precisely my thinking.

    That mystery “huge groundswell of support/ highest approval ratings evah!!” doesnt seem to be working.
    Almost like its not really there.

  18. thefrollickingmole says:

    Joe then went on to describe what he called, without cracking a smile, the ‘American Rescue Plan’. In essence, it is the same plan that was outlined, but in more modest terms, by a certain Italian politician in the 1920s. ‘All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.’

  19. Ed Case says:

    So, uh, … how much did you end up donating, Stephen?

  20. Rex Anger says:

    Your entire gypsum ration, Grigory…

  21. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    The Paedo inherits $228,000,000,000,000 in debt created over te years by incompetent corrupt polliescum .

  22. Rohan says:

    Foolish email. What a turn off!

    I received one from the ROP from the opposite side of this very same argument. Very similar in how it was structured. It’s a feature, not a system.

    I have no idea why I received the email. I don’t subscribe to any ROP newsleter. None. I’ve never visited the US.

  23. Exit Stage Right says:

    Cmon Man,
    Cough up $5.00 -its for a good cause.
    These people are despicable fuckwits without any shame.
    It’s anything goes in the mighty US without The Donald.

  24. Eyrie says:

    I have no idea why I received the email. I don’t subscribe to any ROP newsleter. None. I’ve never visited the US.

    Browse enough US political websites and you’ll get an email.

  25. Rod W says:

    I guess those “Generous Democrats” had better put their hands in both pockets and cough up a 500% matching.

    What a bunch of stingy bastards. Don’t they care about those ‘cheating Republicans’?

  26. Up The Workers! says:

    Maybe multi-squillionaire Old Nancy Gin-Bottle needs to start up an “Ice-Cream Kitchen” (modern day equivalent of a depression-era “Soup Kitchen”) flogging high-priced flavoured ice creams from her $24,000.00 ice cream fridge out the back door of her mansion kitchen to raise sufficient funds?

    Alternatively, equipped with a shovel, she and her comedy-team pal, Senile Old Paedo-Joe, could do the rounds of the local boneyards trying to raise sufficient cash from the 80 million maggotty, invisible 4.30am voters they raised all their votes from – but maybe Banks prefer money they can actually see, as opposed to the invisible votes that emanate from Chinese Cheating Machines?

  27. Andre Lewis says:

    No doubt Hunter Biden puts his hand in his pocket regularly – not to get Democrat donation funds out though.

  28. luke73 says:

    Now do the GOP ones Steve, they are ten times dumber, sneakier (pre checked recurring donation boxes in tiny print) and more desperate.

    “If you UNCHECK this box, we will have to tell Trump you’re a DEFECTOR.”


  29. Herodotus says:

    Is Numbers doing sock puppets now?
    It certainly lukes like it.

  30. Rex Anger says:

    Oh Luke1337.

    Dear, sweet Luke1337.

    The whole “See? SEE!?! Themz doin’ it too, so you lot are hippocyptz!!!1 ambit is not going to get you far.

    Leave that degree of derivative stupidity to m0nty.

    Political hyperbole is political hyperbole.

    And pushing for money is bog-standard amongst any fundraiser.

    At least they didn’t include sad-eyed puppies or kittens. You might otherwise blow a foofer valve in your TDS-derived apoplexy…

  31. Rex Anger says:

    Clever pun, Herodotus, but Luke1337 doesn’t refer to ‘dingbats’ or Menzies enough.

    His opinions are totally his own, though. Honest…

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