Fortunate Bum

I’m grateful to Tucker Carlson – American journalism’s equivalent to Will Smith in I Am Legend – for explaining why the raid on Rudy Giuliani by Democrat security police is even more sinister and disgraceful than I originally thought. Ace:

…Rudy Giuliani is the third Trump lawyer to have had privileged documents seized by the state, in contravention of established protocols.

In the interview below, two very interesting points are made:

1. The warrant authorized the agents to seize all electronics from Giuliani. But they refused to seize hard drives containing copies of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive.

Rudy Giuliani specifically asked, “Don’t you want these, too?” but the government agents expressly refused to take Hunter Biden’s hard drive in to their possession.

They want the government to be able to keep claiming “We’ve never seen the hard drives, so we have no comment…

2. Tucker Carlson points out that while they’re attempting to get Rudy Giuliani on a failure-to-file-FARA-disclosures rap — FARA requires people working as lobbyists or agents for foreigners to disclose this to the government, unless they’re Democrats — one person we know for a fact worked for the Ukrainians and the Chinese and never filed a FARA disclosure is Hunter Biden.

So they’re framing a man who exposed Hunter Biden on a FARA rap, while protecting Hunter Biden himself from a FARA rap.

Not since old Joe Kennedy’s well-paid team of fixers lied, cheated and bribed his youngest boy out of a prison term following Chappaquiddick has America seen such a contemptible son so corruptly rescued. Years after his media-endorsed rehabilitation, Senator Kennedy had himself become the grand fixer of things, of course, and masterminded the infamous lynching of Clarence Thomas in 1991. Realising he was badly placed to destroy a man for alleged maltreatment of a young woman, Kennedy needed an amoral imbecile to point the finger for him. Guess who.

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  1. Roger says:

    I wonder when the promised healing starts?

  2. Rex Anger says:

    Roger, my good fellow tea-drinking fellow.

    The Heeling of America has been ongoing since November 3rd.

    The Comrades just graduated up from ‘sensible’ shoes to hobnailed boots on January 6th.

    Unfortunately, the American polity’s collective face seems to be significantly harder to crack than first assumed, despite all the leftist voteherds and suspiciously well-co-ordinated ‘independent’ and ‘decentralised’ rent-a-feral collectives joining in the action…

  3. Roger says:

    The Heeling of America has been ongoing since November 3rd.

    Oh, he meant bringing them to heel?

    Pass the popcorn, will you.

  4. Ed Case says:

    Guess who?
    Joe Biden.
    Biden played both sides of the street here, he voted agaionst Thomas, but as Judiciary Chair, he didn’t help Anita Hill at a crucial time when it could’ve brought the Thomas nomination down.
    In hindsight, that looks like a canny move on his part, who remembers Anita Hill today, but stopping Thomas mighta thrown a stick in the spokes of his ambition to be President.

  5. Professor FredLenin says:

    The decromates have their own own Gestapo or KGB its called the FBI and used to be a criminal investigation group ,politicised by the magic half negro to persecute his opponents . They performed their political function during the short lived Trump regime . There is also the international group formerly the CIA which used to subvert foreign governments and kill supposed enemies of the US Gerontocracy .
    They are simple people ,they have this Russia thing on their little minds and gelignite wont shift it .
    They completely ignore the Real Threat China but China has been spreading the bribes around generouly ,its easier than fighting .

  6. Rex Anger says:

    Stick to Gypsum and crystalline salts, Grigory.

    You’re on safer ground than when you dabble in political disinformation…

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I was amused by the FBI guys refusing to take the Hunter hard drives. After all they’d be a watertight indictment of Giuliani for possession of extremely yucky photos.

    But to indict him on that slam-and-dunk offence they’d have to admit whose photos they are and what country they were take in…

    Must’ve been some interesting meetings in the Hoover Bldg before the raid. I like when you read the wiki for that building it aptly lists it as being Brutalist.

  8. Kneel says:

    “…their own own Gestapo or KGB its called the FBI…”

    Just when you thought no-one could be a worse, and more political, FBI director than one James Comey, Christopher Wray comes along to prove how wrong you are.
    Comey bragged on TV about completely by-passing standard procedure when interviewing White House staff (Flynn), and the hand written notes of one of the investigators reads “What’s the purpose? To charge him, or get him fired?”
    Then along comes Wray, and what does he do: executes a search warrant on a man who was not only governor of NY, but was also a US Attorney and had several other high-security, high trust positions after said “suspect” had already agreed to cooperate. The agents sent then completely ignore the warrant, which required they seize all electronic equipment, leaving behind several hard disks, the contents of which they did not personally examine, but instead took the word of the “suspect” about. Nothing sus here…

  9. Rex Anger says:

    I was amused by the FBI guys refusing to take the Hunter hard drives.

    Some folks are born
    Silver spoon in hand.
    Lord, don’t they know to wreck themselves!

    But when the Lawman come to the door,
    He won’t take the proof of their sins, no! No! No!

    It ain’t me, it ain’t me.
    I ain’t no Democrat’s grifting son, no! No!

    It ain’t me, it ain’t me
    I ain’t no Protected One…

  10. Rex Anger says:

    ***Driving guitars and UH-1 Iroquois sounds intensify***

  11. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    FBI, wasnt that J Edgar Hoover a cross dressing old poofter who blackmailed the polliescum?
    The file on the old child molestor in the Shite House would need a barrow to carry it in . The fruit didnt fall far from the tree with that druggie son of his .
    There is no shortage of assholes amongst the US polliescum.

  12. Struth says:

    What have you done with the real Prof Fred Lenin?

  13. BorisG says:

    Since Trump dumped Giuliani I can’t wait until this corrupt comic character turns on (and in) his former client. I expected the fallout to happen much earlier but now it is pretty close.

    Giuliani had a choice of been remembered as a mayor who turned NYC around. Now he will be remembered as a clown in a Borat movie (and that was before he promoted a coup).

  14. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Go away Boris, your lefty swill is execrably boring. Giuliani is actually a patriot albeit with rough edges. He did good for NY, unlike his successors who’ve turned it into a dangerous rat-infested human garbage dump.

    The tell is the Hunter laptops. The entertaining alarm of the G-men means this is totally political. A complete tell. It also shows the FBI have been absolutely corrupt for two decades or more, and are now effectively identical to the Stazi.

  15. BorisG says:

    He did good for NY, .

    I absolutely agree, and on these pages I strongly supported his presidential bid back in 2008… I think this position is hardly a lefty one, is it?

    But he has become a clown, quite likely due to corrupt dealings in Ukraine. He needed Trump to protect him and give him pardon if he got in trouble. Can’t wait for the next act.

  16. Lee says:

    But he has become a clown, quite likely due to corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

    Unlike your mate Biden and his son, Hunter?

  17. Frank says:

    What were his corrupt dealings in Ukraine?

  18. Albatross says:

    If only there were some Based TrueCon ™ Troon about on Sky News to tell me how to feel about this latest outrage…

  19. Rex Anger says:

    @ Frank-
    What were his corrupt dealings in Ukraine?

    Do you remember all the accusations that the Dems made against Donald Trump bacm during Impeachment Mk1 in 2018 or so?

    Review them word for word, then swap all references to ‘Donald Trump’ with Hunter and/or Joe Biden.

    Andnthat’s before you get onto China…

  20. Rex Anger says:

    Less anklebiting and more lurking for you, BolshevikG.

    Citing propaganda in support of your own propaganda is Collaborator Bob-level craven…

  21. Albatross says:

    BorisG says:
    May 3, 2021 at 12:07 am
    see for yourselves:


  22. Herodotus says:

    another thread elevated to ethereal lefty madness by the usual suspects.

  23. Fair Shake says:

    Xiden has more hair now. But no ridicule there from medja. Unlike the treatment of Trump.

  24. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “But he has become a clown”

    So writes a clown.

  25. Clam Chowdah says:

    Great title.

  26. Paul says:

    Don’t forget 8 interrogations of Cohen, who is co operating, and they still have nothing, the stasi FIB still cannot link their lies.
    They are desperate to show their attacks on Trump are justified when they know these are actually baseless.

  27. Kneel says:

    “They are desperate to show their attacks on Trump are justified…”

    Ya reckon?
    I think they know there is no there there.
    But they can “leak” confidential information to their Dem masters and show how bad anyone who supported DJT is. At least, that is the goal, IMO.

  28. BorisG says:

    Don’t forget 8 interrogations of Cohen, who is co operating, and they still have nothing,

    He was jailed all right. Are you saying he was innocent?

    As for Giuliani the clown, read the transcript.

  29. BorisG says:

    Citing propaganda in support of your own propaganda

    It is a transcript! How can a literal transcript be propaganda?

  30. Albatross says:

    BorisG says:
    May 3, 2021 at 12:09 pm
    He was jailed all right. Are you saying he was innocent?

    You have no morals.

  31. Rex Anger says:

    It is a transcript! How can a literal transcript be propaganda?

    The same way the alleged hectoring phonecall ‘transcript’ to the Georgia Governor by POTUS 45 was propaganda.

    Don’t you go wasting time on appealing to authority at me, BolshevikG.

    Buzzfeed was among the stooges that pushed the peepee dossier as ‘reely reel, guyz…’

  32. Cassie of Sydney says:

    So BolshevikG, now your favourite fool is in the WH signing anything that is put before him….and evil Orange Man is gone, the screws are being turned tightly on Israel, the state department is being filled with nasty anti-Semities as I write….and John Kerry is being accused of leaking information to Iran…an accusation I can easily believe. Donald Trump was the best friend Israel and the Jooish people have had in a long time. Hope you’re happy.

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