The Rudd-Turnbull axis strikes again

From Ace of Spades just now, under the heading, “Top Story”. I think they’re laughing at us.

  • Future tense, present tense, what’s the difference?

    “Today, approximately 3.5 million premises across Australia can access the NBN Home Ultrafast wholesale speed tier with wholesale download speeds of 500 Mbps to close to 1 Gbps, on demand.”

    Oh, really? I’d like to sign up then.

    I can’t? No fucking surprise, because it took you bastards twelve fucking years just to wire up suburban Sydney.

    I do at least have 80M down and 40M up now, though, which is a hell of an improvement from the 14/2 I had a year ago.

These are the people who saved us from Tony Abbott. What a pair of clowns they were are.

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2 Responses to The Rudd-Turnbull axis strikes again

  1. Megan says:

    NBN at Villa Megan is utter rubbish. Less than half the speeds we had with cable and constant dropouts. Like 6 times in a 30 minute period.
    Once my contract expires I’m switching to mobile broadband. The NBN is flaming unusable. Another great Rudd disaster.

  2. Albatross says:

    Is Ace an Ozzie?

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