Wait. There was a first wave?

Morrison: India ban “put in place to ensure that we do not get a third wave here in Australia…”

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  1. Infidel Tiger says:

    Covid is eventually coming to Australia whether we like it or not.

    The madness of zero Covid is comparable to zero net emissions.

  2. Roger says:

    I sense a backflip is coming up.

  3. Richard says:

    For mine, this man now ties with Turnbull and Rudd for the worst Prime Ministers this country has ever has.

  4. Bad Samaritan says:

    IT (9.59am) And the sooner the better, eh!

    This past year in Oz, I’ve known people who’ve lost a half dozen very old relatives who’d spent their final days hanging on by a thread in nursing homes or hospitals, after years of aimless lingering (stopped working decades ago, stopped most / all physical activities years ago, been on dozens of medications to just keep lingering). None of these deaths were pinned on Covid19….

    So what difference would it have made if, in addition to the diabetes and heart disease and hypertension and kidney malfunction and endless urinary infections and respiratory collapse and Alzheimers and dementia and cancers etc etc that did kill them , they also picked up CV19?

    It’s as if some huge blaze erupted in a heavily fuel-laden forest and some drongo was shrieking “This is made so much worse because there’s an ice-cream wrapper on the forest floor. If only we’d got it before the fire started, this would not have happened”

    FFS. Bring it on!

  5. Boxcar says:

    Poor Scotty, never disappoints at being disappointing.

  6. egg_ says:

    For mine, this man now ties with Turnbull and Rudd for the worst Prime Ministers this country has ever has.

    Beneath IMO.

  7. More like a ripple in a pond..
    % of population with Covid
    USA 10%
    Florida 10.5% (very little lockdown)
    Sweden 9.6% (very little lockdown)
    India 1.5% (expect this is out by a factor of 10….)
    Australia 0.1%………..built a wall…wait it already existed.
    My island home!

  8. Ubique says:

    Third wave? The only COVID wave we’ve had in Australia is the one engineered in Victoria by Desperate Dan.

  9. Entropy says:

    Scotty having a good time in Rocky this morning. People lining up for fan pics.

  10. ArthurB says:

    The attached link is to a posting by a British epidemiologist (now retired) about Wu Flu in Britain:


    The relevant article was posted on April 1. He has included a chart showing annual deaths in Britain over the past 25 years, for 2020 there was a brief spike for about six weeks, after which the gross number of deaths is no more than in previous years. What more proof could you ask for, that all the lockdowns, vaccines etc have been pointless?

    With regard to government actions in our own Oz, I think that the (alleged) pandemic has been manna from heaven for Dan, who has followed the maxim about never wasting a crisis. St Mark used it to win an election and to smash the Liberals, who may never recover and become a viable opposition.

    I have a certain amount of sympathy for Scotty, I think he has been wedged by the poor advice he has received from the medical establishment. As Infidel Tiger has said, we have to live with Covid, the lockdowns are pointless, and I myself am deeply sceptical about the vaccines, they may kill more people than the disease itself. If Scotty goes against the advice he gets, the ABC and most of the media will go ballistic, accusing him of ignoring “the science”, and causing the deaths of countless people, the ALP might run the mother of all scare campaigns in the next election, if they win, it will be the end of the Australia that we know.

  11. Leo G says:

    As Infidel Tiger has said, we have to live with Covid, the lockdowns are pointless, and I myself am deeply sceptical about the vaccines, they may kill more people than the disease itself.

    It makes sense for those over 65 who require aged care to be vaccinated. It makes no sense for most others to be vaccinated- the vaccination will kill more in most of those groups than COVID is ever likely to kill.
    If you choose to be vaccinated, the most important consideration may not be the small risk of dangerous side effects, but rather the possibly high risk that the vaccine will not be effective. Choose a vaccine with high primary efficacy, at least 90% efficacy in reducing risk of serious infection or death.

  12. Leo G says:

    Third wave? …

    Could be a reference to the book by US futurist Alvin Toffler. The Third Wave is the post-industrial society.

  13. Mark M says:

    Man overboard, waving: not drowning.

    Somebody better throw him a life preserver.

  14. Ozman says:

    If everybody were tested for the flu, there would be numerous waves. But they would not be called “cases”, just “tests”. The illusion used in the propaganda is in the terminology. If  news presenters, politicians and medical officers used the term ‘tested positive” instead of  “case(s)”, what a difference there would be in the public mood. The gullible would be thinking ,”So what!” rather than: “What do I have to do to be saved?”

    As Bradley Ashworth (12:07 pm) notes, Florida (pop. 22.2 m) remained open for business, even though there were 10.5% of the population who tested positive for this deadly virus that manifests the full range of flu symptoms. Florida is booming without mandates for wearing masks or lockdowns or injections. Not so here in Australia, 910 people die and test positive, average age around 82, that of life expectancy, and the economy has to be eviscerated.

    Governor Ron DeSantis is an intelligent Republican. One who recognizes people’s natural rights to make their own decisions. Someone who can identify a totalitarian con. We don’t have Republicans like DeSantis in Australia, instead there are plenty of control fiends, who are not so intelligent. If they were, they would dig deeper into the recesses of their minds and think of the consequences for their own family eventually being forced to take these experimental (mRNA, GMO) shots in the arm.

  15. Cardimona says:

    Covid is eventually coming to Australia whether we like it or not.

    C’mon, man!
    The coof arrived here in January 2020 when infected Chinese-Australians hightailed it back here because of rumours the Chicoms were considering a lockdown in Wuhan.
    They dosed up on flu meds on the plane to suppress symptoms in case we were taking temperatures at arrivals, like Taiwan.
    We weren’t.
    They gave it to shop assistants who gave it to truckies who took it right across the country in about six weeks.
    However it was just the sniffles here because of our default good hand hygiene, good health, warm climate and strong sunlight.
    All the rest has been the centrally-coordinated scare campaign.

  16. Cardimona says:

    Here’s a four letters* I sent out to ten newspapers over the weekend – none have made print anywhere so far…


    The Editor

    The only epidemic going on anywhere today is rampant coordinated power-grabbing by Marxist governments around the world (ours included), all marching in global lockstep to the drumbeat of the UN’s WHO.

    This power-grab is enabled by the obediently manipulable legacy media pumping out the biggest fear campaign in human history, driven by the basest profit motives and justified by the ‘appeal to authority’ logical fallacy.

    This has been made possible at this advanced peak of civilisation by the widespread cretinism brought to us by failing education systems, dumbed down by discarding discipline, rote-learning, phonics, and the history of Western cultures.

    It’s all downhill from here. The only people who will be better off are a small club of elites – who promise membership to our elected officials with no intention of actually providing it. Admission to the club starts at one billion US dollars.

    If you’re not in the club you might want to start pushing back now.

    (158 words)


    The Editor

    The world has hundreds of thousands of professional journalists and almost everyone else has a video camera on the phone in their pocket.

    The world has a pandemic going on, too – allegedly. Hospitals overflowing everywhere – or so we’re told.

    Why then, when we see footage of a covid ward, is it always the same bit of footage that is now over a year old?

    Shouldn’t every new report carry fresh footage unique to the channel and its audience’s location?

    I’d hate to think that the media we pay for is falsely representing the covid threat – even by omission.

    (98 words)


    The Editor

    Would the media please ask our leaders some obvious COVID-19 questions?

    If masks work, why have social distancing?

    If social distancing works, why have masks?

    If masks and social distancing work, why have lockdowns?

    If masks, socialist distancing and lockdowns work, why push vaccines?

    If the vaccines are safe, why are manufacturers protected with “no liability” clauses?

    If vaccines have deadly side-effects, why not promote the known cures?

    If the known cures are well-understood drugs, why ban them for treating COVID-19?

    If the RT-PCR test works, why so many “asymptomatic” cases (false positives)?

    If we’re in a pandemic, why so many empty hospitals?

    If the pandemic is “deadly”, why are all countries’ annual death numbers within normal variations?

    If COVID-19 is “universally dangerous”, why are only elderly and comorbid patients dying?

    If the official COVID-19 narrative is defensible, why is Big Tech censoring people who dispute it?

    (147 words)

    The Editor

    COVID-19 is diagnosed using the ‘RT-PCR test.’ Its inventor, the late Dr Kary Mullis, designed the RT-PCR process to replicate DNA – not as a diagnostic tool.

    The ‘RT-PCR test’ is typically run for between 20 and 40 cycles, each cycle doubling the quantity of genetic material present.

    At 40 cycles, as the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommended in February 2020, the error rate is so high that any coronavirus fragment looks like active Sars-COV-2.

    All those mysteriously “asymptomatic” cases of “deadly COVID-19” were really just false positives.

    Under the guise of the “pandemic” many countries, including ours, sharply curtailed the freedoms of their citizens. Some US states even used it to change how ballots were cast.

    Now, with Trump safely out of the way and the Establishment back in power in the US, the CDC has lowered the ‘RT-PCR test’ threshold to 28 cycles.

    The panicdemic will now begin to ease so we serfs can get back to work to pay the Establishment’s bills and Biden can take the credit for saving the world.

    (176 words)
    Then – https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/27/2/20-3767-app2
    Now – https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/downloads/Information-for-laboratories-COVID-vaccine-breakthrough-case-investigation.pdf
    How it works – https://theinfectiousmyth.com/book/CoronavirusPanic.pdf

  17. Gorilla Dance Party says:

    If anyone believes what is coming out of India, I got a lot of junk in my shed to sell to you. There is no reason to rely on any of the data coming from there. Don’t forget, this is a country where people still defecate in the streets. Disease is part of life for them.

    And you can bet that the “third wave” will come here in plenty of time for the premier’s to further extend their emergency powers. And people will probably still vote for them too.

  18. Bas Samaritan says:

    F’ck the whole “Aussies stranded in India” BS. Nothing but emotional lying propaganda.

    These Aussies are 99% Indian Aussies who have heaps of relatives, friends and associates in India: who know the place inside out, and who speak the language, and who have an intimate knowledge of how everything works there. How is returning home to Grandma’s house, or staying with your old cricket mates you’ve known since kindergarten “being stranded”? Of course, there is one couple who got out of Oz somehow, who look non-Indian, and it’s these two the “eyewitness” lines up for a teary interview…as usual.

    This is all f’cking more leftist f’cking lies. That the MSM is running with it tells us very straightly they are lying scum, does it not?

  19. Marko says:

    Dear moderater- I used to receive all new Catallaxy posts by email, but this stopped some time ago. Any idea how to start this up again?

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