Mad Snitch

VIA the ever-loyal offices of Samantha Maiden, Mark Dreyfus is demanding to know who is paying Christian Porter’s legal fees so Labor’s other media servants can set about destroying him, her or it too. “There are precedents of MPs declaring gifts such as receiving legal assistance free of charge,” Maiden claims – with only risible evidence. “For example, former Labor leader Bill Shorten always declared pro bono legal fees for the Royal Commission into trade unions and other matters.”

Ah yes. Bill Shorten at the Royal Commission:

Bill Shorten has told the trade union royal commission that his 2007 campaign to enter parliament received about $75,000 in previously undisclosed support, including a company-funded campaign director…

[Jeremy] Stoljar asked if the company’s contributions – understood to be approximately $40,000 – had been disclosed to the AEC.

“It has come to my attention,” Shorten replied, “that the declaration hasn’t been made until very recently … in the last few days.”

Bill Shorten: as transparent as a beer bottle – one of the old brown ones. Back to Maiden:

It’s the mystery that has intrigued political leaders, legal eagles and journalists for months. How is former attorney-general Christian Porter funding his blockbuster defamation case against the ABC in a trial that could cost millions of dollars?

Now, Mr Porter has fuelled those questions, declining to say if a mystery millionaire is bankrolling his expensive legal team featuring lawyers who don’t always get out of bed for less than $20,000-a-day.

No, the questions were fuelled by Mr Dreyfus’ office, Samantha. Declare that.

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2 Responses to Mad Snitch

  1. min says:

    What it his bills were paid the same way as Peter Ridd’s crowd funded .They would have trouble hunting all those people down.

  2. candy says:

    “blockbuster defamation case”

    Makes it sound like a TV show that is expected to rate highly, rather than about the potential loss of career and all the emotions that go with that, let alone the tragedy at the heart of the matter.

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