UGG mug plays the Oi Oi Oi card

The “quintessential David versus Goliath battle” or a man who didn’t do his homework?

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  1. H B Bear says:

    The Xylophone is back.

  2. billie says:

    I was at a dinner in Sydney years ago, at a Whale Beach restaurant and was sitting opposite the guy who owns UGG USA, an American with his Australian wife. They had just paid a record price for a home on Whale Beach, it was in all the news.

    He seemed a nice enough guy, but it was a boozy dinner type affair, and he had just made his wife extremely happy with the purchase, so may have been in a different mindset. Good for him.

    Anyone in the industry who doesn’t know UGG is not an Australian brand overseas is either stupid or a liar, perhaps both.

  3. Stanley says:

    Fremantle Deckers had betta chek there speling.

  4. Mother Lode says:

    I was in America-Mura in Osaka a few years ago – it is the young fashionable area (which happened to be where the restaurant I was going to was located) and saw a large stylish corner store above the entrance of which was a gigantic “UGG”, and immediately below which was (in smaller but plainly legible font) “AUSTRALIA”.

    I was kind of chuffed to see them doing well.

  5. Behind Enemy Lines says:

    This fool is almost certain to lose everything he has by pursuing a poorly-considered action that runs opposite to US trade mark legislation, related case law and the facts on hand. Sure, now that we no longer operate under the rule of law, the justices may grant him a win due to the vibe. But Deckers own the rights clean and above board. The statutes don’t include provision for appeals to emotion. Naturally, I expect the US attorneys to ride him like a pony. But if locally registered trademark attorneys are advising this poor chump, they need to be run before the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Disciplinary Tribunal.

  6. Primer says:

    Bad legal advice costs the same as good legal advice in Phillip St.
    This clown is dreaming.

  7. duncanm says:

    he’s dreaming.

    Every other ugg seller in Australia knows that the ugg brand is trademarked in the US.

    They even use it to distinguish themselves from the “ugg Australia” brand that Deckers makes.

  8. Mother Lode says:

    It is an interesting point though – whether Ugg was known generically in the US before it was trademarked.

    You would think someone had thought of that before, but if they had why try it again now.

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