UGG mug plays the Oi Oi Oi card

The “quintessential David versus Goliath battle” or a man who didn’t do his homework?

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2 Responses to UGG mug plays the Oi Oi Oi card

  1. H B Bear says:

    The Xylophone is back.

  2. billie says:

    I was at a dinner in Sydney years ago, at a Whale Beach restaurant and was sitting opposite the guy who owns UGG USA, an American with his Australian wife. They had just paid a record price for a home on Whale Beach, it was in all the news.

    He seemed a nice enough guy, but it was a boozy dinner type affair, and he had just made his wife extremely happy with the purchase, so may have been in a different mindset. Good for him.

    Anyone in the industry who doesn’t know UGG is not an Australian brand overseas is either stupid or a liar, perhaps both.

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