Where’s America headed?

Two items just picked up from Lucianne.com and both are part of the picture of an America in free fall into some kind of totalitarian adventure that will cause no end of harm before we are done. The first deals with the covid hysteria that is leading us into at the very least a passport-requirement future which is an essential element of The Great Reset. The second is an assessment of where current trends will leave us if nothing is done to put things right. Where America goes we all go. Where that is no one knows.

What’s Behind Vaccine Hysteria?
If you are reluctant to get the COVID vaccine and beginning to feel overrun by forces pressuring you to get vaccinated, you aren’t alone and you aren’t crazy. There’s a reason you feel the way you do. You are being manipulated. We are being bombarded with commercials pushing us to be socially responsible. Medical professionals, celebrities, and folks in our communities admonish us not to shirk our civic duty. Suddenly, the vaccine is the only way to normalcy. Friends and family openly brag about their vaccinations and gasp in astonishment when they find out you haven’t decided or, worse, that you will not get it.
The Left-Wing Putsch
We are in a dire and extreme condition as a country, where one of our two major parties is moving toward a total power-grab and a re-directing of our entire system of government. The left is positioning itself and has made significant headway already to control all branches of government in perpetuity. The days of “thinking through” differences are over as far as the Dems are concerned. (snip) What we now see is not just a 50-50 split between two parties (which have an underlying consensus about the socio-political unity and purpose of our country), but a 50-50 split between Americans and an anti-American, despotic mentality.
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15 Responses to Where’s America headed?

  1. TailgunneR says:

    Headed where?

  2. Fair Shake says:

    MSGA. Make Shitholification the Goal Again!

  3. Rex Anger says:

    Yep, Gunner.

    Whether it is internal or external, a slow burn of lots of little brushfires or an apocalyptic conflagration remains to be seen.

  4. Boxcar says:

    When Erdogan came to power, he cleaned out the Judiciary and bureaucracy.
    Had Trump got similar advice, he may have had a chance, but their politics is sold out.
    If the states can clean out the voting system, there is hope, but not much.

  5. caveman says:

    I was thinking Inflation , but they are trying to styme that word.

  6. stackja says:

    USA Democrats started with Wilson then FDR. Resumed with JFK LBJ, then Carter, Clinton, Obama now Biden.
    Bureaucrats and MSM like Democrats. USA voters have to decide what they want. Yes, I know, elections are not safe.

  7. Eyrie says:

    “Normalcy”. fuck. The word is “normality”.

  8. Bruce says:

    Some numbers from Pommiestan:

    Illness in the UK:

    – Average age of death with Covid: 82

    – Average age of death without Covid: 81

    Hove you ever felt you were being unduly alarmed?

    Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8821113/The-average-age-death-coronavirus-82-4-years-writes-DAVID-ROSE.html

  9. old bloke says:

    In the US the Judiciary is stuffed, law and order is stuffed (FBI & DoJ), and the elections are rigged. They are on a downward spiral that even a determined and well-intentioned President couldn’t change.

    Things came to a head when Jeffrey Epstein “killed himself.” Someone somewhere has his stash of blackmail tapes, he wouldn’t have “killed himself” while those tapes were safely stored somewhere, whoever has them now calls the shots.

  10. MatrixTransform says:

    some kind of totalitarian adventure

    little by little … and then all at once

  11. Lee says:

    Normalcy”. fuck. The word is “normality”

    You wouldn’t say or write “formalcy” instead of formality.

  12. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Old bloke, I have been saying Ghisland Maxwell has all the dirt on the elites tucked away in some solicitors safe in the UK where the FBI and CIA cant get it to destroy it for their billionaire masters on Wall street . That is why she hasnt “killed herself ” in prison . They are in no hurry to take her to trial ,keeping her in prison and tryingto psychologically damage her to render her evidence null and void .
    They must be nervous that if anything happens to her the London solicitor will release the damning information . Maxwell was brought up in the newspaper trade ,she knows how to spread a good storyand damage miscreants . And the gulty are the owners of the old child molestor biden and the corrupt swamp .

  13. Ozman says:

    Professor Fred Lenin,
    May 7, 2021 at 9:12 pm

    Making statements suggesting Maxwell has a kill switch and biden is a child molester will upset the conspiracy theorists who claim that such facts aren’t real.

  14. egg_ says:

    I was thinking Inflation , but they are trying to styme that word.

    Isn’t Stagflation the concern?

  15. Kneel says:

    “I was thinking Inflation , but they are trying to styme that word.”

    The US is in a unique position – they borrow in their own currency. So if they “print, baby, print!” their way out of it, their debt pretty much pays itself off when the inevitable inflation happens, as is happening right now.

    More concerning (for them) is the Bidet’s insistence on “taxing the rich” to pay for his spend-a-thon. Trump’s tax cuts not only got multi-nationals to move back to US soil, it also got “Main St” pumping and increased tax revenue. The last time capital gains tax went up (under the Ray Gun), capital gains tax revenue fell, and that rise was minuscule compared to the Bidet’s plan.

    To mix TV show lines: “I have a plon”, says the Bidet. “And a cunning one too, my Lord” says the Kamel toe, other sycophants, hangers on, grifters and assorted ill-educated “experts”. “Tell me what it is, Witchy-poo” says the Bidet. “It’s too soon yet, my pretty” says wicked witch Pelosi, “I’ll write it in 16 point font on small cards for your next speech my dear one, never fear”. “You’re so good to me – do I have time for a nap?” Bidet responds. “Yes dear, your next press conference is 3 months away – I’ll circle back before then” says Gen the Saki bottle.

    But what do you expect when “peaceful protests” involve rioting, looting and arson; when “insurrection” happens with not a single armed insurgent; when people caught on video throwing bricks at police are let go with no charges while someone charged with misdemeanor trespass at the “insurrection” spends 3 months in solitary confinment; when failing to support racially segregated “training” makes you a racist; when actual violence is speech, while speech is violence. Just a sampler, but you get the idea. And the Yellow Stream Media and big tech collude to suppress the speech of the right – and even the sitting President of the USA! – as well as any potentially damaging stories about the left (Hunter Biden anyone?)

    Oh, there’ll be reckoning all right – the only questions are when, how long will it last, and will it be violent. Hopefully the answers are “soon”, “not long” and “no”, but I am far from confident of that.

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