Ricky puts QED into a gap

If I can’t have tough conversations with my better players, I may as well coach netball.”

– While discussing what has to be said and done to revive his struggling Raiders,
Ricky Stuart implies netballers are drama queens

Try time!

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3 Responses to Ricky puts QED into a gap

  1. Dot says:

    Okay Liz,

    Go out and tackle Sam Backhoe and Big Mal.

  2. Dot says:


    Many people probably don’t appreciate how damned good Ricky Stuart actuallly was.

    If he played union, he’d be thought of more highly than Johnny Wilkinson.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Ricky as half was at his best dodging and weaving through a pack.
    Hasn’t lost his touch.

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